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FORKNI-L Digest - 18 Jan 2002 to 19 Jan 2002 (#2002-19)

Sat, 19 Jan 2002

There are 4 messages totalling 161 lines in this issue.

Topics of the day:

  1. Ben Bass ALERT
  2. KC
  4. I am temporarily leaving both lists


Date:    Fri, 18 Jan 2002 18:22:54 -0500
From:    Doņa Angel <donaangel@h.......>
Subject: Ben Bass ALERT

Greetings! I do not know if this has been mentioned here -- I'm WAAAAYYYY
behind reading lots of my mail, but taking a quick look at the most recent
few FK-L Digests I've received, I did not see this particular up-comimg Ben
Bass ALERT mentioned.
this is just to add to/explain/clarify what Jean [a.k.a. Prez of the BBFC
{Official Ben bass Fan Club}] has said about the upcoming appearances of the
EXTRAORDINARILY Awsome and Extremely Talented Mr. Ben Bass -- a.k.a. FOREVER
KNIGHT's ETERNALLY AWESOME 500 year old GOOD GUY Spanish Vampire and
[SHOWTIMES] BEGGARS & CHOOSERS Brian Pesky --who still looks sooo veerrry
good - even with short hair, but is rather difficult to describe, right B&C
fans? :)

***Mr. Ben Bass*** will be in STARGATE: SG-1 ep "The Curse" --- and looks
sooo Absolutely WONDERFUL in it [as he usually does! ::vvvBVG::] in my
UNbiased humble dedicated BBFCer/VaqDreaming Vaquera Opinion!!! --- this is
NOT the current-new eps on SHOWTIME cable channel(s) but re-showing oof
previous/last season's SHOWTIME's Stargate: SG-1 series on
REGULAR/Non-Cable television stations -- so DO NOT WORRY if you do NOT get
SHOWTIME! :) It really IS an awesome ep, and ya really MUST see it from the
very beginning -- and if at all possible, tape it!

~~~In the Phila. PA area, USUALLY these Stargate:SG-1 eps airs sometime
Saturday --- starting anytime from 12 noon to 5:00 pm -- and then in the wee
hours of the very next morning -- 4:00 AM Sunday -- repeats the ep shown on
the Saturday afternoon A WEEK AGO -- so, under [relatively] normal
circumstances, Ben's ep "The Curse" -- in the Philly area -- would be one of
the FOX channels [{channel #29} this one is NOT one of the FOX CABLE
Channels] this Saturday afternoon, and then REPEAT NEXT Sunday morning at
4:00 AM [a week from THIS coming Sunday]~~~

~~~HOWEVER, there's a bit of a complication for THIS SATURDAY~~~ [from the
point-of-view of an NON-Football Enthusiast] {and NO offense intended to
Football Fans!!!} ~~~ there is to be a Football-Playoff game -- which
includes the Philadelphia Eagles Football team, which MAY be why the weekly
local t.v.guide-type book does NOT list STARGATE: SG-1 during the day
Saturday --- but DOES show 4:00 AM Sunday/Night-Owl listing -- but that
MIGHT be repreat of LAST Saturday's ep. Cannot say for sure.

* So, FOX non-cable channel has "To Be Announced" and the Football Pre-game
and  the game itself listed for Saturday afternoon...

** And, probably just to make life more spontaneously interesting, my
Digital Cable T.V.Guide is not showing STARGATE: SG-1 AT ALL right now --
neither the FOX Saturday and Sunday eps NOR even the eps that should be on
tonight and this weekend on the SHOWTIME cable channels...

*** SO, that means those of us who are devoted loyal faithful fans of Mr.
Ben Bass --- in his various long-haired and short-haired versions in which
he, for some inexplicable reason somehow manages to look so wonderful in
just about every way, shape, and form {!!!} [again, my totally UNbiased
opinion! :) ] will just have to be alert and keep "on our toes" and
hopefully --- in an UN-slackerly manner -- at least set up our VCR's to tape
ANY Stragate ep that shows up this and next weekend, okee dokee?
Angel {a.k.a. Doņa Angel}=Devoted VaqDreaming Vaquera/Willing Slave of THE
Glorious Spaniard/INCArnate/with Urchin,DarkHearts,ImmortalBeloveds & Light
Cousin Tendencies/"ALL FOR JAVS AND JAVS FOR ALL!"//
Check out BBFC Web site: http://www.benbassfanclub.com

Originlly from BBFC List:
jmtof@j....... wrote:
>The Curse is listed on at 10PM EST on Saturday the 19th. It's also on
>several other times:
>First Wave: The Harvest is listed as being on 2/28/02 at 3PM on the Scifi
>The Curse has some nice scenes in it with Ben and Michael Shanks (Dr.
>Daniel Jackson). And, of course, the First Wave ep has "the T-> shirt."
>Jean Check out the BBFC Web site:http://www.benbassfanclub.com (Please
>note: if you are not a paid member of the Official Ben Bass Fan Club, you
>will not be able to access the "Photos" section of the Web site


Date:    Fri, 18 Jan 2002 22:41:48 -0500
From:    Emily Lacey <laceye@a.......>
Subject: Re: KC

>Anyone that sends an e-mail to this addy specifically for KC, I'll print
>it out and give it to her. She is taking them with her to USC to help
>encourage her while she's undergoing treatment.
>Thanks to EVERYONE for your love and support.  It really means a lot to

Please tell her that she is being prayed for in the deep south! Also,
ask her to take a pad of paper and pencil with her. Maybe she'll feel
like writing a story to get her mind off how wretched she feels.
She's important to all of us.
Emily Lacey


Date:    Fri, 18 Jan 2002 19:55:46 -0800
From:    Lady Ariake <lady_ariake@y.......>
Subject: YKYBWTMFKW....

You are watching "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" and the
category is "Least Likely First Lines of Love Songs"
and the joke is: "It was just another autopsy...." and
you say, "Well, hey, that's actually true for Nick and Natalie!"

"If you're going to have delusions of grandeur, go for the really satisfying
ones."  (Marcus Cole, Anla'shok, or my life motto.)

"...In all things trust the Weyrfolk, for their cause is just and true."



Date:    Sat, 19 Jan 2002 02:09:42 -0600
From:    Nichole A Knight <cdisiere@j.......>
Subject: I am temporarily leaving both lists

I am sad to say that I will have to leave both of the lists (fkfic-l and
forkni-l) temporarily, so I will set my address for no mail.  I am moving
away for four months and will not have access to a computer regularly,
but I will continue to write my stories with pen and paper.
Unfortunately, I will have to postpone finishing up 'Nuclear Dreams'
until I return.  Please forgive me for making you wait longer for the
finished story.


"I am what I am, and I don't think Betty Ford takes vampires."
               ~Detective Nick Knight/Nicholas de Brabant "Forever Knight"


End of FORKNI-L Digest - 18 Jan 2002 to 19 Jan 2002 (#2002-19)

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