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FORKNI-L Digest - 27 Oct 2001 to 28 Oct 2001 (#2001-326)

Sun, 28 Oct 2001

There are 21 messages totalling 799 lines in this issue.

Topics of the day:

  1. Religious symbols (3)
  2. vampire limitations
  3. How to shoot yourself in the foot
  4. Cork Duty?
  5. Top ten ways to get yourself noticed on forkni-l
  6. How to get yourself noticed on forkni-l (2)
  7. Ger!
  8. Can we stop this gender debate please?  Don't give up on the love,
  9. Birthdays This Week Oct. 29-Nov. 4
 10. Admin: Rules
 11. Admin: Gender debate goes off list NOW!
 12. Religious symbols other than crosses (4)
 13. Jen, Queen of Inquiries, Inquires
 14. Ger! (in TRACKER)
 15. Blu Mankuma & Pete Wingfield ALERT


Date:    Sat, 27 Oct 2001 22:12:06 -0400
From:    Emily Lacey <laceye@a.......>
Subject: Re: Religious symbols

|>LC wasn't Christian by birth--did he dislike crosses?

>Lacroix is definitely susceptible to crosses, I think we've seen that
>in a handful of episodes.

The one that comes to mind is when LaCroix returns in Season 2 and
Nick fends him off with two sticks held together.

>Nick's almost non reaction to the Buddah statue (as a religious icon)
>is what always stumps me.

Did he maybe not acknowledge Buddah as a religious figure?
Emily Lacey


Date:    Sat, 27 Oct 2001 22:09:43 -0400
From:    Portia <portia1@m.......>
Subject: Re: Religious symbols

Maybe the "black" Buddha -- an artifact of bad luck, something cursed -- was
more a symbol of evil, and so was something he could easily handle?  Maybe,
being a vampire, it would have less affect on him....


----- Original Message -----
> Did he maybe not acknowledge Buddah as a religious figure?
> --
> Emily Lacey
> laceye@a.......


Date:    Sat, 27 Oct 2001 19:38:16 -0700
From:    Liz the Lucky <luckyliz@m.......>
Subject: Re: Religious symbols

Anne responded to Janice by saying:
> >Can some kind soul tell me if FK vampires are susceptible to religious icons
> >other than the cross?
> Nick's almost non reaction to the Buddah statue (as a religious icon)
> is what always stumps me.

It's always seemed to me that the FKVamps have problems with light/sun
symbols more than the religious good vs evil factor. Or rather, they
both have to be involved. The raven dagger's the kicker here. The
writers deliberately pick the myth where he's stealing the sun, yet I
wouldn't call Raven a representative of "Good". He's the Trickster and
would fall more easily on the other end of the spectrum. Also, in FIHS,
Nick grabs onto a statue of the Madonna without any problems. (Yeah, I
know there's all those shots of different parts of the church. But if it
was just the religous Good factor, the confessional also should cause a
problem. The statues might have reflected some of the power of the
cross, but I doubt they _caused_ any of it.) But there has to be some
religious factor, otherwise they wouldn't be able to look at a picture
of the sun without burning.

As for the Buddha, I admit I'm not a great expert on him, but isn't he
seen more as a figure of Enlightenment rather than Light. No, "I am the
Light of the world" or similar statement?

Hugs and Kisses,
Liz the Lucky
Butt-kickin' for Goodness!!!!!!!!!!


Date:    Sun, 28 Oct 2001 00:52:18 EDT
From:    BrandyKitt@a.......
Subject: Re: vampire limitations

In a message dated 10/27/2001 12:00:07 PM Central Daylight Time,
MLCVamp@a....... writes:

Where do you live?  Here in Annapolis (and every other city we've lived in
for the past couple of decades) all those facilities have evening hours,
usually till at least 9.  Not to mention the grocery stores, many of which
are open close to 24 hours a day.

I live in Tulsa, OK.  The malls stay open until 9, but a lot of businesses
close at 7 or 8.  Most buses stop running by 6:30, although there are
four nightline buses running between 9 and midnight (before a couple
of years ago, there were no buses after 6:15 or so).  Restaurants do
stay open until 9 or so, FK vamps wouldn't be interested in restaurants
(although Spike would go after buffalo wings and beer).

Evelyn Duncan


Date:    Sat, 27 Oct 2001 22:03:17 -0700
From:    Sunny LaCountess <countessa2000@y.......>
Subject: Re: How to shoot yourself in the foot

Kyer wrote:
>Only you didn't do one for the Cousins of the Knight.
Shame on you! <

Well, I figured, since everyone else seems to forget us--or
perhaps not even noticed us during W11--I should follow the
example. But since you insist, here is one for CotK:

You go to war11, are confused out of your brain most of the
first week, loose your leader around the same time and have
no idea where to look for her, end up spending your entire
time just hanging out with your own team 'talking' about
what you’d do instead of 'doing' anything. Finally you get
frustrated and shoot yourself in the foot and declare
yourself a KotC instead of a CotK.

Of course, this is all highly tongue in the cheek :) I did
have a great time afterall.

>Do I have to assign cork duty? (*grumbles....get bogged
down in RL and the youngsters lose all sense of

Uh, actually, I'm not under your command anymore, since, as
off September 4th, I've switched to being a Lurker due to
enormously chocking RL. I still have to find out who the
leader of that one is.

Switch off delurking


Date:    Sun, 28 Oct 2001 01:08:49 -0400
From:    Portia <portia1@m.......>
Subject: Cork Duty?

Kyer, are you still assigning this duty?  I thought I found all of the ones
hiding in the Loft, and Det. Knight promised me he was gonna aim for the
trashcan from now on!

Hugz to you, it's been a while, oh mentor! "g"

----- Original Message -----
> >Do I have to assign cork duty? (*grumbles....get bogged
> down in RL and the youngsters lose all sense of
> priorities..*)<


Date:    Sat, 27 Oct 2001 22:15:06 -0700
From:    Sunny LaCountess <countessa2000@y.......>
Subject: Re: Top ten ways to get yourself noticed on forkni-l

Molly/StormBorn wrote:
>Top ten ways to get yourself noticed on forkni-l:

You left an important one out:

"Post to the list the top 13 things you don't like to read
in fanfiction."

Believe me Viv, you'll get so much attention, you'll go
running and screaming in the streets :)


Countess -- Twilight Knightie,IB,DT,UF,Cotk
"What time is it, what day is it, what century is it?"


Date:    Sun, 28 Oct 2001 01:25:19 -0400
From:    knightfangs <knightfangs@h.......>
Subject: Re: How to get yourself noticed on forkni-l

Molly, my apologies for accidentally sending this to you privately. Don't ask
me how I goofed the opposite way; it was suppose to be on the list for all to
see, and hopefully enjoy.

----- Original Message -----
From: "StormBorn" <stormborne@e.......>
> Top ten ways to get yourself noticed on forkni-l:
> 10.  Refer to LaCroix as "Q-Tip Head"...repeatedly
> 9.  Debate whether 'brick' means solid and reliable, or just a dolt
> 8.  Post...a lot...every day...
> 7.  Ask if this is the Red Cross Donor's Group List
> 6.  Open a discussion on automobile color names of the 50s and 60s (San Remo
> Turquoise?!  Really?!)
> 5.  Scrutinize every episode until you discover a long-overlooked Nick-Knack
> 4.  Make PG-13 allusions to the desirability and/or state of un-clothed-ness
> of a major character
> 3.  Accidentally refer to LaCroix and/or Nick as (pick one) Prince, Kai,
> Krycek, Mulder, Angel, MacLeod--or Buffy
> 2.  Choose a character at random to pick on, just to stir things up a little
> 1.  In your very first ever posting, engage Mary Combs in a discussion about
> the Middle Ages--in which you are *wrong*. <raises hand and cringes>

I noticed ol' Q-Tip head looking like a brick. 'Hmmm,' I thought to myself,
'Ol' Q-Tip head must be working out'.

I figured I'd check with the Red Cross Donor's Group List.  While I'm here I
figured I'd ask if anyone's seen a 1966 Turqoise, or as I like to call it,
Seafoam Green, Caddie with a white Rag Top, but since we all know that the only
reason anyone would own it is because their a pragmatist and like a lot of
trunk space, and not because of it's fins and that it's a real chick mobile.
I figured I'd drop it.  I mean there's plenty of other stuff I could ask this
group, like why Natalie never tried the same cure twice, etc.  I mean there's
Nick in those black silk PJ's with little else on and she never thought to take
advantage of that.  What about all the times she had to remove some bullets
from that beautiful body and he must have had to take his shirt off at least a
few times?  I mean it's not like she had to worry about him dying from them;
just take advantage.  It's what Prince would do.  Ah, the dead....Nick,
Q-Tip Head, Kai......then, of course, there's the other one....Screed.  Yuk!  I
mean who'd want to be around that rat- drinking, sewer-stalking, Kojak-looking
vamp?  He may as well just hitch up with Tracy.  Talk about both ends of the
spectrum.  With those two you'd have the full range.  As a matter of fact, I
don't know how Nick deals with her.  It must go back to his mortal life in the
Middle Ages.  Ya know his upbringing and dealing with women and all.

What do you think, Mary?  Middle Ages upbringing, right?


P.S.  Sorry, I'm on a roll lately and I just couldn't stop myself.  tee hee


Date:    Sat, 27 Oct 2001 23:25:37 -0700
From:    "K. C. Smith" <tigrlady2u@j.......>
Subject: Ger!

I just watched a hilarious movie that starred Ger and Jean Stapleton.  It
was called 'Bury Me In Niagara'.  We rented it from Netflix (an online
DVD rental site) and I LOVED it!!
Not only did I get to see my favorite blonde, but it really funny. :)
Also, I saw my first episode of 'Tracker' last night... two hotties in
one show!  I didn't get it, though. Probably because I missed the first
eps.  And Ger was only in it briefly a couple of times... couldn't see
his face too well because it was on a small computer screen.
I've had a good couple of evenings. ;-P

KC Smith
"I've never met a chocolate I didn't like."


Date:    Sun, 28 Oct 2001 03:13:31 -0500
From:    Will Steeves <goid@i.......>
Subject: Can we stop this gender debate please?  Don't give up on the love,

Casting T.F. Stone wrote:
>Men are more trouble than they are worth, according to my
>divorcing friends. He's just another mouth to feed and
>another load of laundry to do as far as they can tell.

Okay, I know that others are being quoted here, so this probably isn't the
writer's own opinion, but what does this male bashing drivel have to do with
Forever Knight and/or its actors and/or its fandom?

I'm not the ListMommy or ListDaddy or ListGardner, but I just wanted to
suggest that perhaps we seem to be getting WAY off topic in this discussion
of whether Janette is a "good girl" or "bad girl".

By way of comparison to a similar situation: When I first joined this list
in 1994 (Tar-nation, I must be OLD!!), I and perhaps everyone else on the
old FKSPOILR list briefly had to put up with a woman named Karen Kasting
(Kasting or Casting?  I don't remember.  I really am old - and I'm only 34,
dang!) writing hateful nonsense comparing men with horses (here goes:
apparently, male horses in a race with females in heat will purposely run
behind them, or can be conditioned to do so, or at least that's what I think
that she said?  I spent a year in Kentucky.  I went to the 2000 Derby.  I
ought to know this stuff, geez!  :-) ).  She then used the comparison to ask
why it is that if male horses can be so conditioned, why can't male humans
(and specifically a male former-human vampire named Nicholas) be conditioned
to respect women?!?  What does an off-topic dissertion on the habits of male
horses' have to do with conditioning vampires not to attack humans, and what
does this have to do with whether men respect women or not?  Clearly to me,
the lady doth protest too much.

Naturally, given my involvement with the men's movement (feminists for the
21st century before the fact, who knows?), I chafed at this and suggested
that it was sexist not to mention absurd and obscene to be comparing men
with horses.  Well, she was a feisty one, and I'll leave it at that, but
suffice to say, neither her bizarre comparison nor even my calling it into
question, nor her undeniable passion in defending the validity of feminist
women's countless claims, historical and otherwise, of group oppression at
the hands of men (even powerless ones, evidently?) were germane to the list.

I'm not Eric (and I'm not in his employ in case anyone is asking :-) ), but
from what I could see, he was making perfectly valid references to how some
men feel about women (the "Madonna-Whore Complex", I think that it was
called - where a man finds a "good" woman to marry and have children with
and a "bad" woman for sex and possibly other children who will likely be
abandoned).  It's unfortunate, but it happens.  I really don't know why
there was so much anger directed at him for having pointed this out.  Shoot
the message, not the messenger, I say.

I don't recall if Eric mentioned this, but I recall reading of a similar
parallel in women - "Svengali Complex", or "Stud Complex", I think - where a
woman finds a supportive and/or powerful man for marriage and finds a "stud"
for sex and possibly to father children who will be unknowingly raised by
the supportive male.  It's unfortunate too, but these things happen.  Am I
going to be called a woman-hater for mentioning that a parallel exists for
the Madonna-Whore Complex?  Again, please don't attack me for mentioning
that a problem exists - attack the problem!  But never mind that, why should
someone who simply mentions that the Madonna-Whore Complex exists be
pummelled into submission as I've been seeing here?  Cheese and crackers!

Let's all try to relax here, wow!  Please!!!!!  Let's feel the love!



Date:    Sun, 28 Oct 2001 11:35:57 -0600
From:    eowyn3@j.......
Subject: Birthdays This Week Oct. 29-Nov. 4

Hi Y'all!

Ta Daaaa!
This is the first announcement from the new birthday list.  Having a
birthday this week is:

October 30      Brianna-Bree                    Echo Tiarra@a.......

Please send birthday wishes to Brianna-Bree at the above address and not
to the list.

Anyone who wants their birthday announced can send their birthdate (no
year), their name and their e-mail address to me at eowyn3@j....... and I
will be glad to add you to the list.

eowyn3@j......., eowyn@w.......
GWDFC, G-IV Attendee, Knighties Listowner, TKD,
FK X-Stitcher, Proud Survivor of Fk-fic  Wars 8-11,
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Date:    Sun, 28 Oct 2001 13:07:19 -0500
From:    Mary Combs <mcombs@e.......>
Subject: Re: How to get yourself noticed on forkni-l

> Grace wrote
> As a matter of fact, I don't know how Nick deals with
> her. (Tracey)  It must go back to his mortal life in the
> Middle Ages. <snip> What do you think, Mary?  Middle Ages
> upbringing, right?

Possibly, although I think perhaps a post-Freudian interpretation of the
psychological ramifications of Nick's interpersonal interactions with Tracey
Vetter would suggest the presence of an avuncular interest born out of his
unsatisfactory experiences as a pseudo sibling and pseudo-parent, combined
with an unconscious yearning to recapture the positive relationship with his
deceased younger sister.....<vbgr>

mcombs@e....... N&Npacker
"RL=Real Life. It's that stuff that keeps happening that gets in the way of
that other stuff."--Sue Clark


Date:    Sun, 28 Oct 2001 11:57:04 -0500
From:    mclisa <mclisa@m.......>
Subject: Admin: Rules

Assuming that the line to my ISP stops being busy soon, here are the rules
for Forkni-l.  H'mm, maybe LaCroix has had Larry Merlin hack Mindspring? :)
-- McLisa

If you need a hand or have any questions please don't hesitate to
contact Don Fasig <Argent@e.......> or Lisa McDavid

For tips on managing your Forever Knight subscriptions please visit
Don's page at: http://www.geocities.com/Athens/7139/fk-lists.htm

List digests are archived at:



2. Please don't quote more than four lines of a previous post in
replying. If you have more than one point to answer, then you may
quote the relevant four lines for that point also.

3. Limit sigs to 6 lines. This includes all information, decoration
quotations and blank lines. Your name and address count as part of
the six. If you sign your name on a separate line above the body of
text, your name and the blank line or lines between count as part of
the six line limit. If you have one of those services that insists on
putting an advertising tag on the end of posts, don't worry. We
realize you can't control that and it doesn't count as part of your

4. Please don't send to the whole list when you are only talking to
the person who wrote the post you are answering.

5. Advertising on list is on a case by case basis. Please consult the
listowners, Lisa McDavid, <mclisa@m.......> or Don Fasig,
<Argent@e.......f> or permission.

6. This list is for the discussion of Forever Knight. Cast, crew,
staff and producers in connection with what they're doing now or have
done in the past are ok. So are list members' FK- fannish activities
and arrangements to meet. Cons should only be announced on Forkni-l
if someone from the show is appearing, or if you're going to be
there. Non-FK vampires, or vampires in general, are _NOT_ ok.
Vampyres@t....... does that. McLisa can tell you how to
subscribe. . 7. Off-topic posts are _NOT_ allowed, no matter what
they are about or how urgent the warning may appear. If you have an
off-topic post which you think should appear on the list, ask one of
the owners for permission.

8. The private lives of the cast are not a discussion topic.
Occasionally one of the fan club presidents will make an
announcement, but other than that, we leave the cast their privacy.

9. Only fan club presidents or other designated spokespeople may make
announcements of future projects for FK cast, crew and staff, before
said projects have been released or written about in the media.

10. No role-playing on Forkni-l. This includes no character names as
pseudonyms or posing as a character.

11. Each subscriber is limited to five posts per day on Forkni-l.


Date:    Sun, 28 Oct 2001 14:38:08 -0500
From:    mclisa <mclisa@m.......>
Subject: Admin: Gender debate goes off list NOW!

Guys, please, it's time the gender debate went offlist. It's completely off

So no more gender debate posts, please, unless it's tied in really solidly
to Forever Knight.

As Stonetree says in Cherry Blossoms, "these are not suggestions."

Thank you.

McLisa (Lisa McDavid)
"That will be trouble".
Listowner, Forkni-l and Fkfic-l


Date:    Sun, 28 Oct 2001 14:53:41 -0500
From:    mclisa <mclisa@m.......>
Subject: Religious symbols other than crosses

We saw Nick react to a menorah in the episode where the victim was Jewish
and Nick and Schanke arrived at the house to question people.  In Blackwing,
Nick reacted to the fact that the dagger (I think it was a dagger?) was a
sacred First Nations object although he didn't know what it was at the time.
The Egyptian sun god's symbol worked on Divia. We saw LaCroix react to a
cross twice and we  saw the Vietnamese vampire in Can't Run, Can't Hide
react to a cross. He may have been a Christian -- Vietnam had a large
Christian minority, but it's just as likely that he was a Buddhist.

Linda Roth, who alas is no longer on the list, suggested at the time that
crosses and other sacred objects absorbed vibrations from those who did
believe in them. These vibrations then affected vampires who came in contact
with them, no matter what the vampire believed.

I think the First Nations knife and the sun symbol are in favor of this
point. Nick probably knows what a menorah is, and certainly LC knows about
crosses, but both reacted even though the religious object wasn't part of
their beliefs as mortals.

I've never been comfortable with the Black Buddha thing precisely because of
its religious reference.  Yes, it's true that Buddha is not a god, but a
figure of Buddha is an object of veneration. (Correct me, please, Buddhists
on the list if I'm wrong.) The only thing I can suggest is that this
particular Buddha never was venerated because it seems to have been made for
a non-religious purpose. An analogy would be all those garden statues of St.
Francis. Certainly a statue of the saint may be an object of veneration, but
to most people who have them in the garden, they're primarily a decoration.
So, the figure never absorbs enough religious vibes to make it a vampire

Just my two cents.

McLisa (Lisa McDavid)
"That will be trouble".
Listowner, Forkni-l and Fkfic-l


Date:    Sun, 28 Oct 2001 14:05:24 -0600
From:    Jen Harding <jensharding@h.......>
Subject: Jen, Queen of Inquiries, Inquires

It's a bad idea for Jen to be alone with the computer with nothing to do....

I have several FK vampire inquiries!

1) When they're brought across, do they do the pale thing right away?  I
remember when Urs was brought across I didn't notice a change, and I
wondered if someone had said something about it.

2) I know special effects budgets made canon shaky on if vampires appear in
mirrors, but assuming the norm was those episodes where they didn't, do
their clothes show up?  The Invisible Vamp?

3) Is there a memory cap?  For example, would a vampire from back in, say,
the Stone Age have much memory left?

4) Do the vampires remember everything as a change when they're brought
across (do they remember long-lost childhood memories)?

5) Would plastic surgery do a vampire any good?  Say that in several hundred
years, people all have teeny-tiny ears and those with big ears are horribly
persecuted.  Could a vampire get an ear-reducing operation?  Or, in a
scenario where the sizes are reversed, could a vampire get an ear-enlarging
operation?  ('Course, being so different already, they may not care....)

6) Was Jody Fraser from Blind Faith made into a carouche or a regular

Jen Harding, jensharding@h.......
Attracted to older men.  Like, say, Lacroix.


Date:    Sun, 28 Oct 2001 15:07:15 -0500
From:    Quinn <quinn@g.......>
Subject: Re: Ger! (in TRACKER)

>KC Smith (tigrlady2u@j.......) said:

>Also, I saw my first episode of 'Tracker' last night... two hotties in
>one show!  I didn't get it, though. Probably because I missed the first
>eps.  And Ger was only in it briefly a couple of times... couldn't see
>his face too well because it was on a small computer screen.

There are Ger/Zin screen caps and Quicktime movies available on the
GWDFC web site at www.gwdfc.org. Click on the link on the left. Enjoy!
GWDFC officer              quinn@g.......       ocaoin@e.......
Send a GWD e-card at http://www.gwdfc.org/
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Date:    Sun, 28 Oct 2001 15:13:11 EST
From:    DanaKnight@a.......
Subject: Blu Mankuma & Pete Wingfield ALERT

I was flipping channels and came across Blu Mankuma in Halloween Town II:
Kalibar's Revenge. I watched a few minutes and saw him as normal, but white
hair, and as a bizarrely dressed guy.

And just as I was about to change channels I saw Peter Wingfield in a frog



Date:    Sun, 28 Oct 2001 15:41:23 EST
From:    Billie Lee <McCelt2000@a.......>
Subject: Re: Religious symbols other than crosses

In a message dated 10/28/01 11:51:25 AM Pacific Standard Time,
mclisa@m....... writes:

> Just my two cents

Worth a whole lot more than 2 cents, IMHO, McL!!

That Black Buddha thing has *always* bugged me too......what you posted is
the best possible explanation (and no cheese even <g>) I have yet to hear.
Every time I watch that ep I am thinking " !!!!!!!!! " "Why isn't that thing
burning Nick???"  Because, as you said, the Buddha, though not a god is
indeed venerated.

So, you were saying about Saint Francis as decoration not having absorbed
enough religious Believers' vibes to be venerated........do you think then,
(and I am not being facetious, honest) that a Vampire could have a statue of
Saint Francis in his/her garden?

For instance, (it seems to me, YVMV -->) that Nick is something of an animal
lover, witness "Blind Faith," Perry and Raleigh (don't remember him
interacting with Nat's cat Sydney, though I could be misremembering).  If
Nick were to place a purchased, non-blessed (say from a garden shop?) statue
of Saint Francis (BL, former Catechism teacher, hopes sincerely she is not
mixing up her Patron Saints <LOL>) that had not absorbed the religious vibes
of Believers in his garden (or wherever) would he be able to touch it without
it hurting him do you think?  Or would he have to give it something of a wide
bearth just in case?

BTW, my Icons, Saints, Angels and other (Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Crucifix, etc.)
figures and symbols have not all been "blessed."  Neither have all of my
Rosaries (but most have).  I am curious to know though, since I do hold them
in veneration (I do not worship them, no, I consider them Sacred Tools, and
sorry, didn't mean to stray so much there)....are they then filled with the
vibes you are talking about?  For instance, my antique Rosary that is not
(yet) blessed........could Nick touch that, or would my feelings and beliefs
about it make it indeed venerated, and therefore harmful to Nick (or any
other FK Vampire........though I think Nick is the only FK Vampire who would
even have the slightest desire to touch it in his quest to become mortal)??

This brings up another question for me (it has probably been discussed and I
missed it <g>).  Javier Vachon lived (lives, he is not dead, **none** of them
are dead!! <g>) in an abandoned Church.  Does the fact that the Church is
abandoned make it no longer venerated and therefore harmless to Vachon?  Also
(and I might be wrong, often am <hehe>) it seemed to me Vachon was something
of a Holy Warrior when he was mortal.  Could this have contributed to his
tolerance as a Vampire? That is, if the abandoned Church is still venerated
and/or Sacred, does what he was in mortal life contribute to what he can
do/touch/tolerate as a Vampire?

Also, Nick was a soldier in the Crusades. !!!!!!!!!!!! Nick seems to adjust
(e.g., to the Crucifix the young lady gives him in "For I Have Sinned,"
and/or Joan of Arc's wooden cross) to Holy articles more quickly than any
other FK Vampires.  Does his having been a (supposed, I am not wild about
what my Church did during the Crusades, gracious!!) Solider for God while he
was mortal, make it easier for him to adapt to venerated things as a Vampire?

Wow, what a great thread................finally I have a **real** FK question
or two to ask, thanks McL (and **all**).

And that is just **my** two cents :)=

Forever Yours,
"Oh, Master grant that I may never seek, so much to be consoled as to
(Saint Francis)


Date:    Sun, 28 Oct 2001 14:11:30 -0800
From:    Janice Cox <jancox@m.......>
Subject: Re: Religious symbols other than crosses

What great answers this thread has received! Thanks to all.

So now I'm thinking (everyone step away carefully)... That might mean that a
holy symbol such as a cross might not actually affect a vampire physically
if bought and used by a non-believer. Of course, the vamp in question might
jump back out of habit or his/her own personal guilt/beliefs, etc. <g> Why
is it every time I say the word guilt I think of Nick?

Back to work I go,


There's something very weird going on here...

Fan Fiction and Internet Humor at:


Date:    Sun, 28 Oct 2001 13:56:05 -0800
From:    Emily <emilymhanson@y.......>
Subject: Re: Religious symbols other than crosses

Which is possible, since cross jewelry is sold in major department
stores.  General vampire mythology has it that faith is what actually
makes the crosses or other religious icons dangerous to vamps.  In
fact, there was a cheesy vampire movie made awhile back which stated
this...was it Dracula?  I can't recall at the moment.

My personal theory is that it's a little of both...the power of
suggestion to the vampire, who believes that the cross can hurt him,
and the actual belief of the wearer/holder.


--- Janice Cox <jancox@m.......> wrote:
> So now I'm thinking (everyone step away carefully)... That might
> mean that a holy symbol such as a cross might not actually affect >
a vampire physically if bought and used by a non-believer.


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