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FORKNI-L Digest - 24 Oct 2001 (#2001-321)

Wed, 24 Oct 2001

There are 6 messages totalling 206 lines in this issue.

Topics of the day:

  1. I Have a New Question For You <g>
  2. Question of the week
  3. Query
  4. Location help
  5. New KTK Video Project
  6. FK Board games


Date:    Wed, 24 Oct 2001 13:55:06 EDT
From:    Libratsie@a.......
Subject: Re: I Have a New Question For You <g>

What would Screed say to a therapist?

Wot h'am Ol' Screed h'even doin' 'ere, eh? Got me fiesty wenches when Oi wan'
them. H'ain't tied down by no ball n' chain. Squeakers h'at h'every corner.
This h'iz the type o' loif fer a man, h'it h'iz! Oi'll sendcha *ME* bill fer
the session. Haf'-feedin'-h'on-Jane!



Date:    Wed, 24 Oct 2001 17:58:08 +0100
From:    Kezia Hepden <keziahepden@h.......>
Subject: Re: Question of the week

Well, since I started it all by asking Tracey the question about who bathes
how, I suppose I'd better throw in my twopenn'orth!

Natalie - bubbles, a glass of wine and Sydney sitting beside the bath
absolutely *demanding* that she stop pampering herself and rub his belly for
him right this very second - but not with a wet hand, thank you very much!
(So says the ownee of two demanding kitties who think they have a captive
petting audience when I try and take a soak in the bath!)

Schanke - definitely a soap and rubber duck man - unless he and Myra are
saving water by having a romantic bath for two, in which case it's bubble

Tracy - quick shower usually, too much to do to waste time soaking in the
bath, unless she's pulled some muscles and needs to soak in a muscle
relaxant bath - in which case, she'll have some nice perky music playing in
the background as she sings (wince!) away to it.

Nick - candles all around the bathroom, scented bath oil, classical music
playing in the background and a *really* good angst.  <G>

Janette - has the works, spa, whirlpool, masseuse, hot tub, some extremely
expensive aromatherapy oils - and a glass of the Raven's finest vintage.

Vachon - a shower man - but don't forget the soap on a rope!

Screed - 'Ere, 'oo are yous insul'in', ma'ey?  I 'ad a barf las' monf, and
I'se sti' cleen, fank yer very much!

LaCroix - I have to agree with Molly about the masseuse, and he, being a
Roman, also has the works, including a seperate shower cubicle where he
scrubs the dirt off first before soaking in the bath.... But....

Once he's sure everyone is out of sight/hearing, and the door is safely
locked, out of his secret cupboard comes the toy submarines and boats as he
plays 'battleships' in the bath! <WEG>

Did I miss anyone?



Date:    Wed, 24 Oct 2001 12:35:24 -0700
From:    "K. C. Smith" <tigrlady2u@j.......>
Subject: Query

 How long would it take a private plane (say, a Lear jet) to reach Paris
from Toronto?  Would they have to make any stops along the way (New York
or Boston or London)?
 I need the info for a fic I'm working on.  Thanks!

KC Smith
"I've never met a chocolate I didn't like."


Date:    Wed, 24 Oct 2001 16:09:33 -0400
From:    Will Steeves <goid@i.......>
Subject: Re: Location help

Nichole A Knight <cdisiere@j.......> writes:
>Anyone that is familiar with Toronto, I am enlisting your help.  I need a
>name of a large park within the city's limits, as you may have already
>guessed it has to do with my current story.

(As usual, I'll answer this on list in case anyone else is working on a
similar story...)

Well, High Park is the first big park that comes to mind.  It's largely
forested, but that's part of its charm.

There's also Morningside Park, which I seem to recall was used as a filming
site (of course I don't remember what episode(s), but I'll look it up if
anyone is interested), and it's not quite as large or as well known.
Morningside Park also isn't as ... notorious, by which I mean to say that
while High Park is essentially a nice, safe place, you just don't want to be
in the more remote areas of the park at night unless you deal in drugs, are
looking for sex, etc.



Date:    Wed, 24 Oct 2001 15:31:26 -0500
From:    Kristin Harris <kris1228@s.......>
Subject: New KTK Video Project

To all Forever Knight fans:

Kickstart the Knight has come up with a new, very special project. This
project has never been done before and is quite unique. Kickstart the Knight
will be sending a special fan video (both on tape and CD) to Sci-fi and
other important powers that be. It will be composed of pictures and videos
of yourself, family, and friends wearing FK clothes, at FK locations in
Toronto, and anything else fan-related. It can be of yourself or with groups
of friends holding up signs. In other words, it can be anything you feel
representing your longing for TPTB to return Forever Knight. This video will
be about 15 minutes in length and have special music in the background,
along with some glamorous touches.

I will be putting together this video and need any videos and/or pictures
sent to my address. If you'd like to contribute, please e-mail me at this
address: kris1228@s....... and tell me what you plan to send. It will be
approved before I send you the mailing address.

If your item is approved, you will be sent my address and you will also get
a waver that you must print out and sign your name for legal reasons.
Otherwise, I can not use your video(s)/image(s).

Deadline: January 1, 2002

I hope to see many participate in this new project!

Thank you,
"When you only have eyes for the Knight..."


Date:    Wed, 24 Oct 2001 16:43:10 -0400
From:    Patty Costantino <psmoot43@h.......>
Subject: FK Board games

Kezia wrote:

Once he's sure everyone is out of sight/hearing, and the door is safely
locked, out of his secret cupboard comes the toy submarines and boats as he
plays 'battleships' in the bath! <WEG>

I could just envision LC doing this as he sinks another battleship.  <LOL>

Your humorous comment also gave me an idea for another question which is:

What board or card games would each of our FK characters pick as their game
of choice?

LC:  Risk, the game of global domination!

Natalie:  Operation

Just to name two!  Any ideas?

Patty (http://www.expage.com/patty43)  N&Npacker, Knightie with Dark
Tendancies, occasionally LightCousin, COTK


End of FORKNI-L Digest - 24 Oct 2001 (#2001-321)

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