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FORKNI-L Digest - 11 Jul 2001 to 12 Jul 2001 (#2001-215)

Thu, 12 Jul 2001

There are 7 messages totalling 319 lines in this issue.

Topics of the day:

  1. Change of NA command structure
  2. Overload!!!!
  3. hi
  4. War: Cousins: A Chaos of Cousins (1/1)
  5. More Prodigal Children
  6. WAR: Ratpack Tunnels
  7. YKYB.....


Date:    Wed, 11 Jul 2001 17:54:15 -0500
From:    Drew Nix <snix@a.......>
Subject: Re: Change of NA command structure

-----Original Message-----
From:   Patt Elmore [SMTP:patt79ad@j.......]

>I'm having to withdraw from the war, due to personal stuff.

Dude!  Take care!  Hope everything gets sorted out!


>Direct all questions regarding NA to Christy at Nunketeer@a.......

Hey Christy!  Is the bar fight still happening?



Date:    Wed, 11 Jul 2001 10:48:38 -0700
From:    Moni <moni9611@y.......>
Subject: Overload!!!!

Hello everyone!  I'm coming out of lurking to re-introduce
myself.  I was a member of this list and the FKFIC-L list
about a year and a half ago.  Things got hectic in life and
I had to unsubscribe for a while. :( Things are somewhat
normal and I'm back.

I was excited that I happened to subscribe right before the
war started!  I am SOOOO overloaded with War posts (I'm not
complaining--it's GREAT!) right now.  I don't see how all
the writers keep up with their writing, I'm struggling just
to read everything!

Sorry, I AM getting to a point here...How long is this war
scheduled for?  or How much longer will I be joyfully
overloaded with the War stories? :)

Knightie & FoD


Date:    Wed, 11 Jul 2001 18:00:11 -0700
From:    Jenice Coffey <jenice_coffey@h.......>
Subject: hi

Hello I am new well sort of. I used tobe on this list but had to get off it
but I am back now. I just want to say I lovew Forever Knight and I miss the
show alot.

Jenice Coffey


Date:    Wed, 11 Jul 2001 20:42:00 -0700
From:    Cousin Tserisa <headpigeons@h.......>
Subject: War: Cousins: A Chaos of Cousins (1/1)

Title: A Chaos of Cousins (1/1)
By Cousin Tserisa (headpigeons@h.......) with input from others Time:
Wednesday Evening
Place: CERK

     * * * * * *

     chaos: (n) 1. a state of utter confusion 2. a congregation
     of Cousins (a herd of deer, an unkindness of Raven(ette)s, a chaos
     of Cousins)

     * * * * * *

A few extra chairs had been added around the large, dark cherry table in the
War Room, and Cousins were gathering.  In an effort to control Cousinly
chaos, Cerberus had called for a traditional Cousinly Meeting to keep the
others apprised of the situation and ask for feedback.

Usually such meetings were held at the beginning of the War, but due to the
shock of hearing Screedspeak on the CERK airwaves, they'd only had an
impromptu and unofficial meeting in the limo returning from the Raven, and
while they were milling about the lobby.  Most of the information the
average Cousin had access to was communicated through a system of post-it
notes at the front desk.

This was not without it's problems, it seemed, as anyone who looked at the
Ever-Squeeky Jess (acting Cousinly Receptionist formerly known as Poe Frog),
could ascertain.  There was a square of yellow paper stuck in her short,
wild brown and blonde hair and her eyes looked half-crazed.

Tok and Tserisa waited as the Cousins drifted in and sat.  Perky Cousin Will
grinned at each Cousin as they entered, dressed in a vertically striped
shirt (definitely not black).  Rhonda (looking much better than when Tser
had encountered her and Vachon-LaCroix in the Salon) sat near the door, as
if ready to escape.    LaCroix sat in a chair near the back of the room, a
pained and distracted look on his face.

"Is everyone here?" Tok asked, standing at the end of the table.  A mental
tally seemed to affirm the fact.  "Good.  As you all know, this is an
official meeting to get everyone up-to-date and develop strategy for the
remainder of the War."

"I'm sure you all know that a very distressing problem has been interferring
with our usual Cousinly Plotting," Tser said, looking over the assembled
faction.  "Although Cousins Shelley and Arletta did organize a very nice
attack on the Unnamed Faction."  She grinned at the two, Cousinly evil
shining in her eyes.  There were several appreciative nods and smiles.

"And don't forget Vachon," Bree said, and giggled.

Tok glanced at LaCroix, but his expression was unreadable.  She turned back
to the other Cousins.  "Which brings us to the issue at hand.  Most of our
effort this War has gone to attempting to solve the enigma of the apparent
personality switches affecting many of our factions' patrons," she said.
"It has been a deplorable situation, touching both humans and vampires.  As
you well know from the notes left at the receptionist's desk --"

Tok as interrupted by a piteous squeek from Jess, who shuddered slightly.

"Or," she continued, glancing over at the Receptionist warily, "from
experience, LaCroix has undergone two such switches.  Once with Screed and
once with Vachon."

"Freakin' weird stuff," Celeste said.  Cousin Stan/Agent Talon, who was
sitting next to her, nodded.

"Our main objective has been to find a reason and a cure," Tser said.
"Jess' idea, that water would initiate a change, proved to be ineffective.
However, Shelley and Arletta have been hard at work and, though we're not
sure, their remedy may have worked."

Tok nodded.  "Vachon and LaCroix switched very quickly after LaCroix
returned to his own body," she pointed out.  "Since trying Shelley and
Arletta's antidote, he's been himself since early Monday."

"And what exactly is this cure?" Cousin Deb asked.

Tser nodded at Shelley, who turned towards the others self-consciously. "Um,
garlic-free tofu souvlaki from the Happy Souvlaki Deli."

Several Cousins thought they heard a grunt from LaCroix, but none would
admit it afterwards. He bowed his head, massaging the bridge of his nose as
if coming down with the start of a migraine.

"It contains vitamin U, a deficiency of which is thought to cause
Personality Switching Disorder," Tserisa said.

"So, it worked?" Brandi asked.

"Let's hope so," Tok said.  "We have no way of knowing for sure."

Jess looked a little disappointed, a slight pout on her lips.

"On to other topics," Tser said, trying not to roll her eyes at the
Receptionist with DieHard tendencies.  "We've all been invited to a birthday
party at the UF's Hive on the 15th."

"That'll be fun!" Shelley said.

"What if they know it was us who attacked them?" Arletta asked.

"How could they?" asked Shelley.  "C'mon, it's a party!  We've been so busy
most of the War, I feel like it's been a whole two weeks already.  It'll be
great to unwind."

Arletta shook her head stubbornly.  "I'm staying here."

Tok cleared her throat.  "We need a restock of the Cousinly Treasure-trove
of Analgesics. Could you take care of that Jess?"

Jess nodded, the post-it note stuck in her hair flapping free and fluttering
to the table.  She let out a shriek and jumped up away from the offending
piece of paper, breathing hard.

The Cousinly Receptionist shook her head and seemed to compose herself.  "I
also ordered black po-- post--"  She cleared her throat. "Some sticky paper
message conveyers in black, and some of those neato red gel pens that write
on black paper."

Tok nodded, appreciative of the Receptionist's office supply savvy.

"Oh... I got a call from some Brenda chick earlier that LaCroix's credit
card was used to charge a large wad --" here she held her hands in a sort of
blob shape and squinted, "of money at some restaurant.  The reciepts were
signed by a certain Cousin Shelley, who shall remain unnamed.  Not the
faction.  Brenda wanted to know, is she authorized?"

Tok frowned and looked over at LaCroix uneasily.  His face was contorted in
a grimace, but she couldn't tell if it was anger or gas.  She turned back to
Shelley.  "We'll talk, after the meeting," she said lowly.

Tserisa cleared her throat.  "Does anyone have anything else to add before
we conclude this meeting?" Cousin Tser asked.

"Umm," LaCroix said, and all the Cousins' eyes were immediately on him.  "I
do," he finished uncertainly.

Tok sat down into her chair heavily.  "Yes, Sir?" she asked tiredly.

"I -- I don't think I'm who you think I am."  His usually fierce blue eyes
were darting over the assembled Cousins almost anxiously.  He'd heard
stories of this group.  Horror stories.  Almost all the Knighties were
convinced of their evil.  He'd even met some of LaCroix's followers in the
past, and he could vouch for their strange and obsessed ways.  His eyes
focused on the woman with the mohawk.  He started to slip into a series of
flashbacks involving marmite baths and stolen donkeys, and was fully under
by the time he got to soggy pink lederhosen and pitchforks.

Celeste noticed the distant look on the General's face and placed the manner
of speaking pretty quickly.  "You're *Nick*, aren't you."

LaCroix looking slightly startled as he emerged from his reverie, then a
guilty look flickered over his face.  "Yes," he admitted.

"I guess the garlic-free tofu souvlaki from the Happy Souvlaki Deli didn't
work after all," Shelley said in a distressed tone.

"Ugh," Nick-in-LaCroix's body said, his face contorting into a grimace.  "I
don't feel so good."

As the Cousins exchanged stunned glances, Nick sprang from his chair and ran
from the room.  Tok called after him helpfully, "You need to activate the
palm reader in the elevator to get to the penthouse."

"Meeting adjourned," Tser announced with a shrug.

# # #

Cousin Tserisa & the Cousinly Critters
- headpigeons@h....... -
Cousin, Ratpacker 8:>X and CaddyWhack
FK Stuff: http://geocities.com/tserisa/
CaddyWhacks: http://velvetdragon.com/caddy/


Date:    Wed, 11 Jul 2001 23:39:10 EDT
From:    Jennifer Lee <JenJinn@a.......>
Subject: More Prodigal Children

Hey folks.  Former member of NA showing her face again after being lost in
the mire of the first two years of college.  :-)  Glad to be catching some of
the war before it's over and to be hopping back into the world of FK, and
much thanks to LCN for letting me know there's a war going on.

Must run now and check out that sleeping thing everyone is talking about.

Site Currently Undergoing Renovations


"I weighed the eternal, it called my soul,
I died, I adored, I knew nothing more."

~~from "Philosophical Sonnet"
Attributed to Ragoczy, le Comte de Saint-Germain (c. 1710? - Feb. 27, 1784?)


Date:    Thu, 12 Jul 2001 06:50:11 EDT
From:    FK Warmistress <FKWarmistress@a.......>
Subject: WAR: Ratpack Tunnels

The Ratpack Tunnels MAY NOT be used without permission of the Ratpack
leaders, for attacks or anything else. Please do not write stories involving
the tunnels before checking with and getting permission from the RP.



Date:    Thu, 12 Jul 2001 15:30:37 -0400
From:    Amanda Berendt <debrabant@h.......>
Subject: YKYB.....

Hi all -
OK I guess this will have to be You know you've been thinking about FK too
There is this doctor at the hospital where I work (no idea what departmen he is
in - I only see him at lunch) that looks so much like Nigel.  So when he wears
his scrubs I keep thinking of NiQ.
And...... at the front of the building just when you walk out of the parking
garage there is a huge sign that has "Emergency" with an arrow, "Front Entrance"
with an arrow and...."MEDICAL EXAMINER" with an arrow.  I almost laugh everytime
I come in.  That isn't usually the place that most people need directions to
when first entering a hospital.
"Peace over anger. Honor over hate. Strength over fear."


End of FORKNI-L Digest - 11 Jul 2001 to 12 Jul 2001 (#2001-215)

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