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FORKNI-L Digest - 30 Nov 2000 to 1 Dec 2000 (#2000-368)

Fri, 1 Dec 2000

There are 12 messages totalling 809 lines in this issue.

Topics of the day:

  1. YKYBThinkingOnFKTooMuchWhen...
  2. Help!  Need quote (2)
  3. Trouble in Toronto (0/13) (2)
  4. Trouble in Toronto (01/13)
  5. Trouble in Toronto(02/13)
  6. Top of the Food Chain / Invasion!
  7. YKYBWTMFKW.... (4)


Date:    Thu, 30 Nov 2000 15:13:06 -0700
From:    Kyer 
Subject: Re: YKYBThinkingOnFKTooMuchWhen...

Margie wrote: >LOL! LOL!  What a wonderfully, horrible thought! [Divia
making Chucky Doll comeback] Maybe you two could collaborate on a fan
fiction about it?

I know nuthin' about Chucky, not being a horror fan.  Although...I do
remember reading a Chucky/FK crossover.

Portia wrote: > I think if we did pit the Fractured Knightie against the
Divia doll, Kyer would win -- she's got the numbers on her side, and is a
twisted genius when it comes to fighting dirty.... "g"

You're confusing me with a Presidential candidate (unnamed). 
But the meanest thing I can think of to do to a 'Chucky/Divia' doll is to
spray Instant Super Glue on it, and then start tossing Talking Barney dolls.
Let 'em fight it out for all eternity like in that Star Trek: The Original
Series episode.

> (Nyah, nyah, Kyer!  Ya can't get me -- this is the forkni list!!

I've got at least 18 Fan Personalities.  There is no where you can run.

Kyer, kyer@p.......
Over the Hill?  When?  Where?  I don't remember any hill...


Date:    Thu, 30 Nov 2000 16:33:55 -0700
From:    Kyer 
Subject: Re: Help!  Need quote

Thanks for all the quote help!
I want to see if I can get a t-shirt or polo done with it.  It would be
perfect for desert living.  Bwahahahaha!

Hey, Knightraven!  can this be done?

Kyer, kyer@p.......


Date:    Fri, 1 Dec 2000 01:35:04 -0000
From:    "David J. Duncan" 
Subject: Trouble in Toronto (0/13)

"Trouble in Toronto" (0/13) (xover)
By David J. Duncan

Fellow Listmembers:

Greetings and thanks for taking a look at this email and the story
that follows.  "Trouble in Toronto" was actually written two years ago
as a part of an ongoing storyline involving David and Angela Dubois.
While I had originally had intended it to be a "One and Done" story,
something happened: I got hooked on this crossover storyline.
Consequently, this tale and its sequels will include the FK-Xena
crossover in all of its unique implications.

By the way, I wanted to mention that this story is actually Part 25 of
the Dubois chronicles.  In these stories, I deal with various topics
such as light and darkness, parent-children relations, etc.
If you want to suggest a topic, I'm all ears....

In addition, look for various characters from the FK storyline to pop
up as the new stories come out.

I hope that you enjoy these tales as much as I am enjoying the
opportunity to share them with you.




Date:    Fri, 1 Dec 2000 01:39:11 -0000
From:    "David J. Duncan" 
Subject: Trouble in Toronto (01/13)

Novus: xover: Trouble in Toronto (01/13)
By David J. Duncan
Originally Written April 1999.  Revised  November 2000

Copyright Notice:  Certain characters in this story are borrowed from others.
Nick, Natalie, LaCroix, Joe Reese, Janette, Tracy (and all other scenes and people
from "Forever Knight") are the property of Sony-Tristar.  Xena and Gabrielle are
from the show "Xena Warrior Princess" which is a product of Renaissance Studios and
Studios USA.  They were created by Rob Tapert and John Schulian.

The other characters are of my own creation.  Any use of a real name is only

My thanks to Portia and Jenieve for their careful beta-reading of this text.
Their insights have greatly improved the story that you are about to read.

I give permission for this story to be archived on the FKFIC ftp site and
fkfanfic.com.  Anyone who is interested, please feel free to send me an email
(just so I know who's interested! :) )

Chapter 1

Always busy with the task of chasing criminals, it had been a long week for
everyone in the department for all concerned.  For example, five murders had
occurred in the city over that period,  forcing every homicide detective to
scramble for clues.  Nick and his partner, Tracy Vetter, were involved heavily
in this activity.  With persistence and instinct, they had deciphered the clues
and hunted down their suspects.

But, in one case, the perpetrator was a thirteen-year old gang member.  While
attempting to rob an elderly Jewish gentleman about 10 PM one evening, the kid
decided that his victim struggled too much and shot him dead. He took off with
the two partners in pursuit.   Eventually, after a running chase that covered
several blocks, they cornered him in a dark alleyway.  The kid fired and winged
Tracy with a lucky shot.  She aimed for his leg and returned fire.  However, as
he attempted to duck the shot, their quarry put his chest right in line with her
bullet.  Eventually, Rogers and Wilkerson from Internal Affairs cleared her of
any wrongdoing.  But, Tracy's forced desk duty increased Nick's load a great
deal.  As he discovered, even vampires could get tired from too much stress.

One night late in the week, he entered the precinct building after checking out
a crime scene.  Heartened by the lack of paperwork on his desk, Nick set himself
down behind his desk and reviewed his notes.

Just then, across the room, the door to Captain Joe Reese's office opened and
he walked out into the bullpen with a cup in hand, heading for the water

Nick shook his head.  "Some people never learn," he mused while continuing to
study his notes.

Reese put the cup under the spout and pushed the button.  Nothing came out but
then, nothing ever did where he and this particular fountain were concerned.
The captain silently fumed over this continuing development.  "Okay," he sighed.
"This just fits right in with the rest of this week.  What's going to happen
next?"  Then, he noticed Nick and walked over to where the detective sat.

"Are those the notes to the Horowitz homicide?"   Reese inquired.

Nick looked up from his reading.  "Hmm?...They are the notes from that case.
Just putting together some observations for profiling," he explained.

The captain nodded.  "Great!  Get these sleezebags off of my streets and I'll
give you that vacation that you wanted."

That remark brightened Nick's mood considerably.  Despite the best cajoling of
the Human Resources office, he rarely took any time off.  Usually, he enjoyed
his job and his friends.  However, as Nat had noted lately, Nick was suffering
from burnout.  He needed a break...desperately.

"Hey Nick.  Are you okay?"  Reese probed.  Nick had been wandering deeper
and deeper into that Twilight Zone lately.  Too deep for his captain's liking....

"I'm fine.  Really." Nick grinned cheerfully.

Reese nodded and sat down on the corner of the desk.  "I'm glad to hear that
Nick.  I know that these past two weeks with Tracy's situation and the workload
have been tough.  I gotta commend you for getting through it.  But, even you
have your limits,,"  he told his detective.  "Give yourself a break".  Then, he
remembered something.  "By the way, Natalie wanted you to check in with her.
She said that there was something about the case."

Nick jumped up and grabbed his coat.  "Thanks Cap.  I'll see you later."  He
hurried towards the door.

Reese watched him leave and shook his head.  "I do hope that he takes my
advice,,"  he muttered and walked back into the bullpen.

Dr. Natalie Lambert stood over the latest victim of the mysterious murder spree.
Dr. Ephraim Horowitz, one of Toronto's finest and most respected physicians,
had  recently accepted an award from Harvard University for his research on
white  blood cell counts and combating rare diseases.  Natalie had found some
promising  leads for Nick's situation in his notes and had set up an appointment
to discreetly talk with her medical colleague about various possibilities.  That
is...until he had been found stabbed to death and bereft of his wallet and
golden  pocket watch in the warehouse district.

"Boy, you never know, do you?"   she pondered.  "We were supposed to meet
tomorrow in your office and here, probably because of your watch and money,
you are in mine  What is this world coming to anyway?"  She moved the lamp over
his  corpse and picked up the tiny handheld cassette recorder.

"Subject's name is Dr. Ephraim Horowitz.  Male Caucasian, about 5 feet, 7
inches tall, weight at about 170 pounds.  Subject is 54 years of age and seemed
in good physical condition.  Cause of death seems to be multiple stab wounds: 2
in the chest, 1 in the back," she established and hit the red stop button on
her recorder.

She was about to probe a bit more when a knock sounded at the door.  She was
glad to see that Nick was there.

"Hi Nat," he greeted with a warm smile.  "The captain mentioned that you wanted
to see me about the Horowitz case."

"Right,,"  she agreed and motioned for him to join her at the table.  Using a
set of tweezers from the nearby medical tray, she revealed the broken golden
chain in his waistcoat.

"Another robbery," he surmised.

"You got it.  Looks like our group has struck again," she indicated.  "By the
way, there's a red handkerchief here just like with the other murders.

"Another red handkerchief?"   he wondered.  Now that wasn't in the report.....
He opened the file and reviewed his notes.  Sure enough, this piece of evidence
had eluded him at the crime scene.

"Just like the other five.  The killer keeps signing his work with them," she
continued her analysis.  Then, she noticed the far-off look in his eyes.  "Uh
Nick, are you there?"   she asked.

He snapped out of his reverie.  "Huh?  Oh...what did you say?"   he asked

She sighed with concern.  Like Reese, Natalie had been really concerned about
Nick for the past few weeks.  These mounting homicides had come fresh on the
heels of Tracy's situation.  Worse still, it had not yet been a full month since
Divia had terrorized the vampire community, killing many and damaging still
other psyches.  Nick and LaCroix had survived their sister/mother/daughter's
attack but not without cost.  In Nick's case, the busy caseload in addition to
Tracy's injury had given him no respite.  He definitely needed some time off.

"I said that it was just like the other five incidents.  Are you all right?"
she repeated herself.

"I'm fine.  Just a bit distracted.  I'll get over it," he assured her.

"Uh huh," she nodded, although not convinced.  "You have been through an
emotional roller coaster.  Nick, you do need some time off."

"Reese said that after this case, I could take my vacation," he noted

"And where have I heard that before?"   she thought derisively.  She looked her
friend in the eye.   "The department owes you a ton of sick time.  Don't you
think that it's time you took some of it?"   she commented candidly.

Before Nick could answer, the wall phone rang shrilly.  "Hold that thought,"
she directed and answered the call.  "Lambert."

"Doctor, it's Captain Reese.  Is Nick there yet?"   Reese asked.

"He just got here.  What's up?"   she inquired.

"I need to talk to him.  Can you put him on?"   he asked.

"Sure thing.  Hang on," she agreed and handed the phone to Nick.  "The Captain
wants to talk to you."

He nodded and put the receiver against his ear.  "Knight here.  What can I do
for you Captain?"

"I wanted to tell you that there's going to be a holdup on that report from
Downtown.  I'd rather that you take off and go home for the rest of the evening.
You obviously could use the rest.  So book off, and I'll see you tomorrow
evening.  Gotta go."  There was a click and a dial tone.

Nick hung the receiver in its cradle and turned back to Natalie.  "Report's
been held up downtown," he explained.

Sensing that there was more than that, Natalie pushed further.  "And?"

"And....he wants me to book off and go home," he shrugged.  "Apparently, he
agrees with you."

Anyone who has watched you over the past two weeks would agree with us," she
noted.  "Look, I'll stop by the loft later if I find anything.  Okay?"

He nodded.  Leave it to Nat to wrangle a compromise from this situation.
"Sounds good.  Okay."  He picked his overcoat off of a nearby stool.  "See you

"Just make sure that you go home and rest," she told him directly.  "Doctor's

He smiled and walked from the examination room.

For a long while, Natalie stared at the doorway through which he had exited the
room.  Finally, she sighed deeply and went back to work on the Horowitz body,
determined to find something positive towards this case.

Have questions, comments, or suggestions?  Please feel free to send them to
dante26@h....... .


Date:    Fri, 1 Dec 2000 01:41:29 -0000
From:    "David J. Duncan" 
Subject: Trouble in Toronto(02/13)

xover: "Trouble in Toronto" (02/13)
By David J. Duncan
November 2000

Note: For disclaimers,  please see Part 1

Chapter 2

Nick walked out of the Forensics building under a mental cloud.  True, he was
exhausted but the loft did not appeal to him.  At least not at this point.  He
looked at his watch...2:30 AM.  There was another place to drive to.  Gunning
the Caddy's ignition, Nick sped away into the night.


The Raven served the warehouse district's nighttime denizens with dance and
drinking.  Despite the recent efforts of politicians to close its doors after
an Egyptian grave robber's head was found in one of its coolers, the Gothic
nightclub had stood firm in its mission.  Once inside, the patron experienced
the rapid strobe lights, possibly the best collection of aged wines behind its
bar and a unique group of regulars.  However, there was more to this place
than  met the eye at first glance.  In addition to the mortal visitors, this
establishment also protected the vampire community.  Although no longer its
proprietor, Janette DuCharme had stopped in occasionally to readjust to life as
a vampire and to insure that others would have a place.  The new proprietor,
Lucien LaCroix, despite not sharing the same exact priority as his former
protege, did what he could to insure the community's survival.

Nick entered the club in a daze.  He looked around, absent-mindedly running his
hand along the chain link rail.  Between Divia's attack and the Fever, many of
the elder vampires had fallen by the wayside.  Now, the younger crowd danced
without care in their place.  Nick didn't recognize anyone, so he wandered down
the stairs and headed for the bar.  Janette's absence certainly left a void in
this place, he mused.

The bartender recognized Nick as he approached.  Just after the latter sat down,
a glass of cow blood was placed in front of him.  "Thank you," the vampire
detective accepted tiredly.

The vampire behind the bar nodded, "My pleasure.  Let me know if you would like
anything else."  He spotted another customer and walked off.

Nick sat for a while nursing the glass's contents.  Something certainly did
feel different .. or was it just him?  All beings changed in response to life's
challenges.  This rule applied to immortals as well as humans.  His human
friends had been wondering about the effects of the previous two weeks on him.
But was it just the past two weeks?  Or were those confrontations just the
collective spark setting off the proverbial powder keg?  He had led a double
life for the past six years, always concealing his true identity and powers
from all  save a chosen few individuals.  Such effort would tire anyone.

In addition, his fight with Divia had left him drained.  While his victory had
forced several members of the Community to realize that his quest held some
merit, the direct struggle between his vampire nature and his conscience taxed
him.  Given his blood fasting, brokering the cooperation between the two sides
almost killed him.  What was it that Jeanne had said so many years ago?  That
his faith would be there waiting for him to reclaim ?  Why was it so hard?
Then, he remembered a conversation with another exile while at Oxford in the
early 1300s.  Dante--yes, that's who it was.  The Tuscan author was in the
midst of revelations, some of which he had shared with Nick.  In particular,
the vision of the heavenly wall of fire (later forming a crucial transition in
the Purgatorio) grabbed Nick's attention.  No redemption would be had without
purging the soul.  And wasn't that the angel of light's message during his
near death experience of a year ago?

"So many questions, so few answers ", he sighed and took a healthy gulp of

Suddenly, a familiar presence broke his reverie.  He turned back towards the
door and saw Janette enter the club.  This was a surprise.  She had not made
an appearance here in a few weeks.  He watched her pick a table and settle into
an oak chair.  After a moment's hesitation, he bit the bullet and walked over
to join her.

"Excuse me Janette.... Is it all right?"  he asked nervously.  After all, she
had been upset with him for bringing her back across.

Janette looked up at her friend/former lover/new absentee master.  Certainly,
these weren't the old days when she would have greeted him enthusiastically and
provided a shoulder for him to lean on.  Now, there was a mixture of sorrow and
anger in her gaze.  She motioned for him to sit down across from her.

"I might as well ask Serena for some conversation," he thought glumly.

"You might, Nicolas," Janette replied matter-of-factly and sipped her bloodwine.
"But she won't talk to you.  No, I might have some issues with you for my
renewed condition but I do not wish you dead, mon Cher."  She let her eyes
sparkle briefly at him.  "I know that you need a balance in your life between
the doctor and myself.  And I have realized that your intention was to preserve
my very being ."

"You met Serena?"  Nick asked.

Janette allowed herself a brief ironic smile.  "Oui.  It was right after the
War.  In the midst of the celebration, I briefly ran into her outside of  a
Paris nightclub.  She asked me about my thoughts on being a vampire.  She also
asked me about how I felt about you.  When she explained her feelings, I did
not understand at that point ."

"But now you do,"  he guessed.

"Yes I do.  Oh, Nicolas, I realize that you mean well," she sighed.

He shook his head sadly.  How many people had he hurt over the centuries?

Janette placed her hand on his.  " But what is that saying--about the road to
Hell and good intentions?  You should consider others' feelings and be more
careful in your decision making,"  she advised.  "Just think about what others
truly want."

"Did you think that I wanted this?"  he flushed.  "I wanted you . I wanted
pleasure, not for LaCroix to bring me across."

She nodded knowingly.  "I know.  If you had brought me across for spite, I
would hate you for eternity.  But, during my recent travels, I have come to the
realization that you did not, nor would you do so."  She smiled.

"Then, we can be friends?"  he asked pensively.

"Of course!  Don't be silly!  I just need more time Nicola to readjust,"  she
agreed.  "On another matter, I am worried about both you and LaCroix ..," she

Nick stared at her for a moment.  "I know that the Divia situation bothered him.
But is she still on his mind?"

She shrugged.  "Since I am no longer his `daughter', I am not privy to such
things.  Go to him and talk a while.  It might help you both."

He nodded and rose from the table.  "I'll do that.  Thanks.  And thank you for
talking,"  he smiled warmly.

"My pleasure.  Do feel better," she responded and tipped her glass to his
health while he walked away.


LaCroix turned the switch off on his radio console.  It had been another
successful night for the Nightcrawler.  The topic had been about dreams--were
they reminders of the past, harbingers of the future, both, or just rubbish?
As usual, the faithful followers had rung the phone off the hook.  However, the
discussion had been more animated than the norm as opinions diverged widely.
One woman had claimed that she had foreseen meeting her current boyfriend in a
dream vision.  Another listener denied the veracity of such things.  For four
hours, the vampire DJ had listened to the mortals with great curiosity and
delight.  They were so easy to arouse, after all....  But finally, it was 3 AM:
bedtime for good little mortals.  So as the good father to all, he bade them
good night.

The discussion provided a welcome respite from his own thoughts.  For the past
month, LaCroix had been haunted by memories and visions long buried.  Memories
of his mortal life as a Roman general and citizen...past triumphs and failures.
Divia's appearance had wrought more damage than even he could have imagined.
What was worse?  Watching his daughter kill those vampires around him?  Watching
her and Nicholas reenact the ancient story of Cain and Abel?  Or watching as
Nicholas staked her?  True, it was a necessary evil...but did his failure to
help Divia indict him of the same crime that he himself had accused her?

Then there was Nicholas....  His golden child...his favorite...Always causing
such pain and grief with his quixotic search for a cure.  But lately, he had
surpassed himself.  Besides killing Divia, he had faced Francesca, another of
his blood children in a recent act of his police drama.  This drama had ended
with her...or rather the man she  had possessed...impaled through the heart.
Death had used his son as his agent.  Despite the fact that he had returned his
Janette to the fold, Nicholas was proving to be a neglectful father.  "Yes, I
will have to speak with him about  these things...,"  he decided.  After all,
a father's work was never done.....

The familiar vibration strummed itself across his senses.  He  smiled with
satisfaction.  "Nicholas....How good of you to stop by.  What is this now?
Four times this week?  You had best be careful.  One might think that this
newly rediscovered attraction for your kind might be addictive..,"  he baited
to the darkness without turning.

Nick stood in the doorway sensing his former master's presence even before the
latter's verbal barb had stung him.  "Why do I put myself through this?"  he
sighed and started to turn away.

LaCroix gained a sense of his protege's depression.  These mortals were
dragging Nicholas down....especially the Doctor with her constant futile
attempts to cure him.  "Nicholas...please....do stay,"  he requested.

Nick turned to face the elder vampire.  "I listened to your show tonight....,"
he started.

LaCroix smiled.  "How flattering.  Quite a discussion tonight, was it not?"

"Indeed it was,"  Nick agreed.  "Quite a range of views in the audience."

"As on most nights," LaCroix shrugged and took another sip of wine.  "Get to
the point."

"I was wondering....I have been getting strange feelings from you lately," Nick
noted honestly.

LaCroix's brow arched. This was definitely noteworthy.  "Continue...What have
you been feeling?"  he inquired.

"You have been having the dreams again.  I remember then from our first days
together.  About Greece... Corinth... Pompey...Rome and Gaul.  I also see a
woman fighting you sword to sword," Nick explained.

This observation definitely encouraged LaCroix.  Was this a sign that Nicholas
was drawing closer to him once again?  No...leave the question for now.  The
boy was definitely on a roll.  He had been tuned into his thoughts.  For that
very dream had caused him to bring the topic up on the Nightcrawler program
that evening.

"Yes....I did fight in those places, first as a Roman centurion and then as
a  general.  The woman you saw...her name was Xena. She definitely had

Nick observed disappointment on his counterpart's face.  "But..?"  he
interrupted the other's thoughts.

"But...she overcame her dark purpose, no thanks to her companion, an overly
talkative bard named Gabrielle,"  he continued as scorn crept across his face.
"Xena and I faced each other at Corinth.  She wanted revenge for what my army
had done to the Gauls."  He smiled.  "What a battle.  She thought me dead."

"But obviously, you were not..,"  Nick prodded.

"No, my vampire nature saved me.  I was incapacitated for a while but not
permanently injured," LaCroix explained.  "It was my last battle however....my
time to move on."  He let those words drag in the air.

Nick shook his head.  He could see a lecture coming and it would be something

"Is it time, Nicholas?"  LaCroix posed the question thoughtfully.  "Is it time
for you to move on?  So much pain...agony."

"I have my friends...my life," Nick countered.

"Your so-called life is but a play thing.  How many times must  I tell you
that?"  LaCroix patiently advised.  "No, over stay your welcome and you will
get hurt."

"That's not it," Nick denied vehemently.  "I have been wondering about good and
evil.  Where is the line?"

"'Line'?"  LaCroix looked at him slightly confused.

"The boundary between them," Nick clarified his meaning.

Now LaCroix grasped his son's intent.  "Yes.  I see," he started and took
another gulp of wine.  It was so amusing when Nicholas tried his hand at
philosophy. "Good and evil are mortal concepts, Nicholas.  We are above them.
Who can say whether our intentions are one or the other?  It is only from our
point of view....Now, I see where your depression is coming from.  Still trying
to separate the guilty from the innocent, are we?"  Another sip and more
words....  "Get over it.  We have bigger worries...you and I,"  he continued.

Nick looked at the clock and saw that it was getting on towards 5 AM.  "Well,
sunrise is coming so I'll be leaving,"  he sought to extricate himself from
this conversation .

"Yes....I suppose," LaCroix suggested.  "Thank you for stopping by Nicholas.
Do take care."

Nick nodded and left the room and the restaurant.  While driving home, he
certainly had a great deal to think about.  A great deal indeed.....

Have questions, comments or suggestions, if so, please send them to
dante26@h....... .


Date:    Fri, 1 Dec 2000 16:43:15 +1300
From:    Knightraven 
Subject: Re: Help!  Need quote

> Thanks for all the quote help! I want to see if I can get a t-shirt or
> polo done with it.  It would be
> perfect for desert living.  Bwahahahaha! Hey, Knightraven!  can this be done?
> http://weirdknight2.homestead.com/polologo.html  :)= Kyer, kyer@p.......

But of course!

FK clothing available here!


Date:    Fri, 1 Dec 2000 04:40:33 -0000
From:    "David J. Duncan" 
Subject: Re: Trouble in Toronto (0/13)

Hi Everyone:

I wanted to apologize for posting the first three chapters of "Trouble" to
the main list!  (Thanks to the folks who pointed my error out to me.)  I did
mean these postings to go to the fic list instead.

Mea culpa.... I'll definitely be more careful next time.

Thanks for understanding everyone and once again, sorry for getting my
headings mixed up.....




Date:    Thu, 30 Nov 2000 23:45:01 -0500
From:    "A. Percy" 
Subject: Top of the Food Chain / Invasion!


"Top of the Food Chain" is being released on DVD and VHS here in the
U.S.  This is the hilarious sci-fi film written by Phil Bedard &
Larry Lalond and starring among others Nigel Bennett.

The VHS version is still priced for rental (read: expensive), but the
DVD price is quite affordable.  However the film has been renamed
"Invasion!" for release here in the States.  So you'll need to search
under that title.  (If Larry hadn't mentioned this title change to me
I would never have found it!)

Retail on the DVD is $24.99 or thereabouts.  According to Bigstar,
the DVD will be available 12/5/00 and their discount price is $19.99.
The DVD can also be found at other retailers such as Amazon.com.

Here's a URL for the DVD at Bigstar:

Happy viewing!


Date:    Thu, 30 Nov 2000 14:07:57 -0600
From:    Carla Martinek 
Subject: Re: YKYBWTMFKW....

Lorin wrote:

> ...and you can't help thinking that LaCroix would have a field day with
> that... flying out over the countryside, glancing down to see a felled
> cow with a pair of black jean-clad legs sticking out from underneath
> it...

Cow tipping....
the tragic, inevitable result of "tipping cow."


("tipping" being another  word for drinking.... just in case any of you are from
Florida and just don't *get it*.)  :-)


Date:    Fri, 1 Dec 2000 09:32:39 -0700
From:    Rose Thatcher 
Subject: Re: YKYBWTMFKW....

Carla wrote
>Cow tipping....
>the tragic, inevitable result of "tipping cow."

>("tipping" being another  word for drinking.... just in case any of you are
>Florida and just don't *get it*.)  :-)

Grooooaaaannnn.  That was just bad. :p 


Date:    Fri, 1 Dec 2000 09:36:47 -0700
From:    Kyer 
Subject: Re: YKYBWTMFKW....

Carla wrote:  > ("tipping" being another  word for drinking.... just in case
any of you are from Florida and just don't *get it*.)  :-)

Um... Carla?  I hate to tell you this, but Don aka ListDaddy is from

(Kyer watches as Die Hard Enforcers disappear into the horizon with Carla in

Kyer, kyer@p.......


Date:    Fri, 1 Dec 2000 12:51:43 -0500
From:    Portia 1 
Subject: Re: YKYBWTMFKW....

Um... Carla?  I hate to tell you this, but Don aka ListDaddy is from
(Kyer watches as Die Hard Enforcers disappear into the horizon with Carla in

Oooh, maybe now, while he's distracted, I can get away with something!
Hmmm....just don't know what....

Oh...yeah.  Uh, hey, List Mommy!  Nothing going on here -- just being a good
little Portia, like always.... (whew! that was close!)


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