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FORKNI-L Digest - 14 Aug 2000 (#2000-249)

Mon, 14 Aug 2000

There are 9 messages totalling 340 lines in this issue.

Topics of the day:

  1. Two questions.
  2. Need vict...uh...volunteers!
  3. FK/GER Tapes.
  4. [Re: "Come to me"]
  5. List MIA's
  6. Religions and FK (was I have a question)
  7. Interesting bit of trivia...
  8. I Have A Question...


Date:    Mon, 14 Aug 2000 09:27:13 -0700
From:    Chettina Cook <n9qqq@j.......>
Subject: Two questions.

Hi everyone,

Just 2 questions:

I put out a call for Grammar beta readers a couple weeks ago and I had 2
responses, one was Amand-R (thanks so much!) and the other I'm afraid I
can't remember who you were!  I lost my entire address book a few days
ago and I had you marked down and well, it was deleted.  So Sorry!
So, if you are still out here somewhere and are still interested, mail me
back offlist and let me know who you are.  I promise to backup, backup,
backup this time!
And question #2:  Someone had mentioned recently about finding local FK
fans (see McLisa, there's an FK mention...  Don't shoot me!  And welcome
back as well! I had Nothing to do with ...Er...  placement of the missing
thong -yet). <EG>  I'd like to ask if there are any Fk fans from
North/Central Illinois.

Thanks a lot again!
NightAngel (in a field of tall corn)


Date:    Mon, 14 Aug 2000 10:48:10 -0400
From:    Bonnie Rutledge <br1035@i.......>
Subject: Need vict...uh...volunteers!

Calling all Not-So-Vestal-Virgins and Nunkies Scouts!

Dust off your uniforms! I need a few NunkAnon members for a short fic.
When I say short, I really, REALLY mean it this time.

I also need one highly devoted FoD volunteer.

If interested, contact me at the address in my sig.


Bonnie Rutledge.......<br1035@i.......>.......Single and Fabulous!
 "No one here is interested in that information." - 'Sex and the City'
    "I'm damaged...just like a grocery store can." - Cousin Jules


Date:    Mon, 14 Aug 2000 10:15:05 -0500
From:    Lauren <lauren1228@m.......>
Subject: Re: FK/GER Tapes.

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Sent: Sunday, August 13, 2000 11:03 PM
Subject: Re: FK/GER Tapes.

> In a message dated 8/13/00 8:56:22 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
> Libratsie@a....... writes:
> << officially - it is The Thing We Do ***NOT*** Have. So see, we really don't
>  have the second season bloopers. >>
> I've heard that there was a Thing We Do Not Have for the first season, too,
> but I don't think any of the FK fen have ever seen it. Of course, if anybody
> ever did have it, we would NEVER think of copying it like mad and
> distributing it widely to FK fans everywhere in the known universe. Never.
> Ever.
> Which may be why nobody ever let us see The First Thing We Do Not Have.
> Wouldn't it be nice if somebody would issue first season Canadian eps
> professionally, and include the 1st season bloopers on it as a bonus? <sigh>
> I'd buy it.

Okay, thanks. :) Yes, I wish they would realese the 1st season as a bunos!
  Lauren <G>
> Scottie
> sss44@a.......
> "Oh, I want him." -- Janette, Near Death


Date:    Mon, 14 Aug 2000 10:51:10 CDT
From:    Emily <emily.m.hanson@u.......>
Subject: Re: [Re: "Come to me"]

One of the fan sites has a how-to page on making iron-on T-shirts.
I can send you an URL later if you want.

Anyone ever make a cow shirt with "Got Blood?"  That would be hilarious to
wear to a convention.



>Speaking of Knighties, did anybody ever make up a Knightie t-shirt? If so, I
>don't have one. :-)
>"Oh, I want him." -- Janette, Near Death

Emily M. Hanson
email: emily.m.hanson@u.......
Visit my homepage at http://www.starbase-eprime.com


Date:    Mon, 14 Aug 2000 09:23:03 -0700
From:    Cloud <clouddancer@h.......>
Subject: Re: List MIA's

Phoenix348@a....... wrote:
> ...I couldn't help but wonder about whatever happened to Rosebud. I
> think her name was actually Jerri, and she was president of the Fred
> Mollin Fan Club.

Fred Mollin Fan Club  (as in the FK CD's)

You can reach the FMFC Prez, Jeri Friedman, through the link at the
bottom of the home page.



Date:    Mon, 14 Aug 2000 11:28:20 CDT
From:    Emily <emily.m.hanson@u.......>
Subject: Religions and FK (was I have a question)

I find this ironic, particularly since Gene Roddenberry did not want anything
to have to do with religion in the classic series or Next Gen.
However, IMHO the various fantasy religions portrayed are what gave the show
an extra needed dimension, and even served as the major storyline for DS9.

Hmm . . . perhaps Nick should convert to Klingon-style ancestor worship or the
Bajoran Prophets?



(reluctantly snipping a truly interesting debate)

In fact, I had to do a term paper and talked the professer into letting
me prove "Star Trek" fandom can be a religion under the definition of what a
religion is as set forth in the class.


Emily M. Hanson
email: emily.m.hanson@u.......
Visit my homepage at http://www.starbase-eprime.com


Date:    Mon, 14 Aug 2000 14:34:39 -0500
From:    Tim Phillips <Timp@d.......>
Subject: Re: Interesting bit of trivia...

> And then there is Screed. He not only USES slang, he invents it on his own.
> Screed may not be the highest form of vampire, but, by golly, I'd like to see
> anyone TRY to outslang him! (Not to mention just understand him!)
here are times, Libs, when you are channeling for Screed that I've
felt I needed subtitles.  So far, I've just shook my head and said
"He's speaking English - sort of... - I can understand this. Maybe."

It might be funny to team my programming skills with your ear for
accent and build a English <=> Screed translator.   It could be put
on all the major FK websites and SNIXCO could carry it in their
catalogue   :-)

 Got to get back to work,

 Tim Phillips


Date:    Mon, 14 Aug 2000 16:22:01 EDT
From:    Doņa Angel <donaangel@h.......>
Subject: Re: I Have A Question...

Regarding the Cross and the "Native American sacred obsidian knife" in the
'Blackwing' ep--  I think it was called a "Ceremonial Raven Knife", wasn't
it? Apparently religious articles DO affect FK (and some other non-FK
vampires) regardless of whether or not they do or in mortal life, embrace
the particular faith/beliefs-- remember in the beginning of season 2 "Killer
Instinct" ep when Nick held 2 pieces of wood together making a cross-- and
it may have bothered him, but it REALLY bothered LaCroix, who in mortal life
I assume had not been a Christian. According to "The Vampire Encyclopedia"
by Matthew Bunson, copyright 1993, even a sword with a handle shaped like a
cross and, also, even if a sword is broken, one CAN hold 2 of the pieces of
that sword together in the shape of a cross-- these can also be used as
protection against the unwanted attentions of a vampire. Seems that in FK
the cross was, as in much folklore and traditions regarding vampires, was a
deterrent, and even harmful to vampires-- regardless of the religious
beliefs of the vampires or the mortals involved. [IIRC, in VTM, unlike FK,
the power of the cross as to defend oneself from a vampire varies according
to the faith of the mortal using it against a vampire. I do not know what
part, if any, the opposing vampire's faith has, though.] HOWEVER, I think
that the FK vampires' reactions to the cross and the cross' effect on the
particular vamp varied with how GOOD or EVIL the vampire personally is-- LC
actually FLEW out of the room and left Nick in KI, when Nick only held 2
pieces of wood together like a cross-- LC most likely not have been a
Christian in his mortal life. Nick could at least hold crosses with some
discomfort, but he COULD at least hold them now, which he may not have been
able to do much earlier in his unlife-- as now he has made a sincere effort
to be good, turned from the dark side of being a vampire.

Regarding the knife in BW, I do not know what Gary Blackwing and his tribe
specifically believed about the Raven, but that particular knife may have
been a religious article for his tribe and/or him. ***Native
American/American Indian religious and spiritual beliefs are not necessarily
the same for all tribes-- some are "universal"-- e.g. the eagle, IIRC, is
considered a messenger between the Creator and people-- and therefore is so
powerful that NO clan is named after it, among some tribes there may be a
Turtle clan, a Wolf clan, etc., but, from what I was recently told there are
NO Eagle clans in any {North} American Indian Tribe. OTOH, some beliefs
vary-- many tribes hold the wolf to be good, even refer to the wolf as "the
Guardian of the Night" and some tribes look negatively at the owl as a
messenger to tell of someone dying. However, I have also recently been told
by the Chief of a band of Pennacook-Abenaki just the opposite. Among the
Abenaki People/Nation [in New England and part of Canada], which includes
among others, the Abenaki, Pennacook, and Penobscot tribes, the wolf is
considered evil and I recently spoke with a gentleman from Maine who is
Penobscot (which is an Eastern Abenaki tribe) who said the same thing. Also,
among the Abenaki, the owl is NOT considered 'negative'. The Native American
beliefs regarding the RAVEN and its cousin, the CROW may vary as well.

In regards to vampires in general, the raven, apparently is not a problem
and on pg. 220 of the book "The Vampire Encyclopedia" by Matthew Bunson,
copyright 1993, the RAVEN is "A highly intelligent member of the crow family
found in North America and northern Europe and Asia; a carrion eater not
necessarily deemed an evil bird. Its cousin the crow, is honored for its
ability to fight vampires. The raven can serve as a familiar for a witch or
sorcerer and can be a suitable shape for a vampire, because of its dark
wings, ability to fly, keen eyesight, sharp beak, and predisposition to
blood and to the flesh of the dead or dying." ***So, maybe, the problem Nick
experiences may be a result of the relationship of the raven to the crow,
i.e., the anti-vampiric nature of the black-winged bird-- "the CROW is
honored for its ability to fight vampires."-- If you saw John Carpenter's
movie "Vampires" the head vampire hunter -coincidentally?!- had the last
name "Crow"--I think he was named "Jack Crow", right?)

Angel a.k.a. Doņa Angel
Vaquera/Willing Slave of THE Glorious Spaniard/Future Proud Vaq
Check out BBFC Web site: http://www.benbassfanclub.com


Date:    Mon, 14 Aug 2000 16:58:24 -0400
From:    Chaya-Baila Adler <cbailaa@t.......>
Subject: YKYGFKOTBW...

<lurker alert>

...you read the following bit of trivia:

4.) The liquid inside young coconuts can be used as a substitute for blood

...and wonder if the FK vamps would agree (blood lite?) <g>

</lurker alert>

cbailaa@i.......  <== new addy


End of FORKNI-L Digest - 14 Aug 2000 (#2000-249)

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