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FORKNI-L Digest - 3 Aug 2000 - Special issue (#2000-236)

Thu, 3 Aug 2000

There are 25 messages totalling 1003 lines in this issue.

Topics in this special issue:

  1. Sorry Everyone
  2. On Holy Ground novel
  3. I'm embarassed
  4. Feedback (was: I'm embarrassed...)
  5. quick fanfic question (5)
  6. what the card said (2)
  7. Another old listee remembers...
  8. Even more on the feedback issue
  9. FK on Global 100, and more...
 10. I'm embarrassed to be a FK fan
 11. Next war (2)
 13. Card challenge
 14. Help! Info needed (3)
 15. Nigel Bennett alert
 16. KtK Update 7-31-2000 (2)


Date:    Thu, 3 Aug 2000 21:08:34 GMT
From:    Gwenn Musicante <gwennm@h.......>
Subject: Sorry Everyone

That last message was meant for Mary Combs.  I'm sorry that I sent it out to
the whole list.

                       Gwenn Musicante


Date:    Thu, 3 Aug 2000 19:06:34 EDT
From:    JeanG477@a.......
Subject: On Holy Ground novel

With apologies...

If Gary Snorek is on this list, could you please contact me, preferably via a
viable account? For unknown reasons, your email address re your query about
ON HOLY GROUND is bouncing my efforts to reply. (Argh!)  Alternately, you can
check my website for ordering info: http://members.aol.com/JeanB7.  The book
is still available.

Thank you to the listmembers for their kind responses to (and nice reviews
of!) the novel thus far. :-)

Now I'll stop abusing Lisa's benevolence in allowing me to continue posting
on this topic and go back to lurking (and writing).

  --Jean Graham


Date:    Thu, 3 Aug 2000 17:02:23 -0700
From:    Susan Clark <sclark@b.......>
Subject: Re: I'm embarassed

Scottie wrote:
>And speaking of Lacroix, what kind of fiction do you think he reads?

History books. And I think he finds them quite amusing.

Several people have mentioned writing and feedback. I also agree that I
don't think I've gotten any bad feedback. I've had a few people disagree
with my character interpretations, but I think that's to be expected. This
is especially true with some of the humor pieces, since I've gone for
exaggeration of character traits (real or imagined).

Overall, I've gotten a lot of great comments back and for that, I'm most



Date:    Thu, 3 Aug 2000 19:53:07 -0500
From:    Cindy Ingram <cgi271@a.......>
Subject: Re: Feedback (was: I'm embarrassed...)

Warning: If you're not in the mood for yet another post about fanfic
writing and constructive criticism/feedback, bail out now. <g>

Lorelei Sieja wrote:

>I can take constructive criticism.  At the appropriate time.  I send out
>every story to between two and ten different beta-readers...

Every writer has his or her own approach to the craft of writing. There are
no right or wrong answers, only what works for you. Lorelei (or any other
author who feels that way) shouldn't feel guilty for prefering to work in a
certain fashion. It's their right, unless they're being paid to write for a
professional publication, and then you have to do things the way the
editors want, even if you don't agree.

As for me or any other writer who hopes to improve his/her writing skills,
I have to say that *any* time is the appropriate time for constructive
criticism, whether the story is in its first draft or was written years
ago. That's how writers learn and grow. No story is perfect, and any piece
can be improved upon.

That's what lured me into writing FK fanfic in the first place. Before I
started, I hadn't written a fiction piece since college. This fandom gave
me the chance to exercise those long-unused creative writing muscles and
satisfy the hunger for instant feedback.

When I look back at articles I wrote ten years ago, I cringe. As I read, I
see all the ways they could have been improved upon, if only I'd had the
know-how I've gained since that time. This "know-how" was developed
primarily through constructive criticism and by reading and re-reading
well-written articles. The same is true of my FK fanfic. I would hope my
writing has improved over the last two years or so. If it has, then it's
largely thanks to everyone who has ever sent me feedback of any kind and to
an endless stream of thought-provoking list discussions.

Even if you don't always agree with the opinions stated (and who does?
<g>), at the very least, it gives you something to consider when writing
future stories and maybe helps you look at things in a way you might not
have done otherwise. That's not necessarily a bad thing.

But as others have already pointed out, feedback is only as good as the
intent behind it. If the sole purpose of a message is to express the
reader's displeasure with a given story/author in as hurtful a way as
possible (i.e. a flame), then that *is* a bad thing. Then again, that
person probably won't care what anyone else thinks about his behavior, so
the best course is simply to ignore it and move on. Easier said than done?
Sure. But we have to roll with the punches and keep things in their proper

> but once
>something is finished and posted to the web, I consider it done. It's too
>late to go back and rewrite it.

Not necessarily. <g>

I think it all depends on what you're trying to do. If your only goal is to
write for your own enjoyment and the enjoyment of others who appreciate
your pieces, then that's fine. But for those on the list who may not have
written professionally but are interested in doing so, it's important to
remember that it's never too late to rewrite something. As one who is
rarely satisfied with her own stuff, I've taken old feature columns already
published and totally rewritten them, not only with an eye to improving
them for future publication should the opportunity arise, but also as a
writing exercise. Learning from my own past mistakes, so to speak.

In terms of fanfic, that's even more likely to happen. Speaking for myself,
I've often gone back over my stories after they've been posted to the list
and made changes before they're archived on my fiction page. (I've even had
some replaced that were already archived, and Nancy's never complained,
bless her heart. <g>) It may be a simple matter of cleaning up typos I
missed the first time around or polishing up wording that I thought could
be improved upon. But every now and then, I've included additional
dialogue/narrative to clarify a point that may have confused readers or
that added a dramatic element I hadn't considered until after the story was
posted. This sometimes comes about from my own review of the piece, and
sometimes from feedback I receive on the story. Yet another reason to value
the latter.

Beta readers, as talented as they may be, don't always catch everything,
especially if they're privvy to your thoughts and intent as a story
develops. I know this because I've been a beta reader, too. <g> Also, if an
author and his/her beta readers have similar views on things, then they
might not question something that Jane Q. Reader would.

Writing a story is very much like giving birth. It can be painful and scary
but ultimately very rewarding. I sincerely hope newbie writers who might
want to try their hand at posting a fanfic story won't let themselves be
scared off by the prospect of receiving negative feedback.

>  If someone doesn't like it, then they don't
>need to read it.

Absolutely. Something we would all do well to remember. I have no problem
respecting an author's wishes on that score. But unless that's specified at
the beginning or end of a story, a reader may not realize that you no
longer consider it an appropriate time for constructive criticism.
(Emphasis being on "constructive" rather than simply malicious. That kind
of message helps no one, least of all the person sending it.)

Bottom line is, if you can't offer helpful suggestions in a civil fashion,
then perhaps it's best to say nothing. You'll never get your point across
by being openly antagonistic.

By the same token, if an author doesn't want to receive feedback on how the
story might have been improved (in that person's opinion), then it might be
a good idea to say as much, as Lorelei has. Otherwise, as someone else
pointed out, when you post your work publically, it's an open invitation.

>  What I discussed in my original posting was more about how
>rude and thoughtless some FK fans have become, rather than a plea for
>glowing praise.

That's a very important point. The problem is that, except in extreme cases
(which Lorelei's obviously was), what some people consider rude and
thoughtless may be seen by others (including the poster) as an honest
evaluation intended to help. Whenever I edit a newspaper article, I find it
more effective to remember that my writers have egos that are just as
easily bruised as my own, and I'm always careful to offer up a healthy dose
of praise along with the necessary corrections. But we also need to be
aware that not everyone thinks that way.

Maybe, with a little help from this discussion thread, they'll reconsider
their approach.

Or not. <G>

(And there I go getting long-winded again. Darn!)

Cindy Ingram

"I will not be the toy of irresponsible events!" -- Christopher Fry, "The
Lady's Not For Burning"


Date:    Thu, 3 Aug 2000 20:59:47 -0400
From:    Diane Harris <dharris@h.......>
Subject: quick fanfic question

People have probably asked this a zillion times already, but do they read you
anything similar to the Miranda rights in Canada?  You know "you have the right
to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court
of law...  yadda yadda..."

Diane (dharris@h.......)
Proud NNPacker, Knightie, FoDs, and budding CoTKer.


Date:    Thu, 3 Aug 2000 21:18:12 -0400
From:    Mary Combs <mcombs@e.......>
Subject: Re: what the card said

Permission granted to Mel Moser to archive at the Fkfanfic site and to
Stephanie to archive at the ftp site.

 I'm sorry.
 No excuses.
 You'd think that after 800 years I would know what you needed to hear
 what you deserved to hear.
 But in all these centuries, I've never cared for anyone as I care for
 I belong to the camp that believes that he kissed her as soon as the
 commercial started ! <gr>

mcombs@e....... N&Npacker


Date:    Thu, 3 Aug 2000 21:13:34 -0700
From:    Lynne Levine <gelana@g.......>
Subject: Another old listee remembers...

*creak!*  (Sound of ancient listee slowly hobbling toward her almost as
ancient computer!)

Reading the old listees thread has been really fun!  I was among the first
list members, and will add a few more recollections:

First season was all that existed.  And it was discussed endlessly, every
nuance, every hidden meaning, every historical reference.

The list was so small it felt like we all knew each other.  And it seemed
like most of the list was comprised of librarians. :-)

I remember hating David Letterman, on principle, because if his show hadn't
moved to CBS, Crimetime after Primetime wouldn't have been canceled.

I remember when the first few fanfic stories started appearing on list (and
there was only one list - no fic list yet!)  Remember the first NC-17 story
was posted anonymously.  (It was good, too.)

I remember our slowly discovering the Canadians were getting seven minutes
more FK than we were!  A Canadian (I forget who, I'm bad with names) posted
written transcripts of the "missing scenes" for us deprived folks in the
States.  I remember finally, getting to see them when a listee brought a
tape of *just* the missing scenes to Dead of Winter 1 (the first FK con!)
And how we watched them, while chanting "I hate CBS!"

Well, that's enough out of me.  *creak*  Time to slink back into the
shadows of The Raven.

(one of the first Ravenettes)


Date:    Thu, 3 Aug 2000 21:28:24 -0400
From:    Bonnie Rutledge <br1035@i.......>
Subject: Even more on the feedback issue

The first time I dared to post a piece of FK fanfic, I was overwhelmed with the
positive response I got. While this was nice for the ego, the feedback I got the
most out of was the one that listed, in detail, my misspellings and grammatical
mistakes. This didn't make me feel I was a bad writer, but it confirmed my 
suspicion that I was a bad typist. <g> It taught me to never post something off 
the cuff just because I was eager, but to always have it beta read. It was a 
lesson that improved my fiction, and it didn't come from the most flattering of 
feedbacks I've received, but it was definitely one of the best pieces of feedback 
I've received over the years.

All criticism has its place, whether it's pedantic, illogical, founded in truth
or challenging. Sometimes you just have to laugh, sometimes shrug it off as
inconsequential to the goal you had for your story, and sometimes you have to
take to heart a valid point and change the way you approach things if you want
to improve.

I can wholeheartedly say that the degree of effort, research, blood, sweat and
tears I put into a piece of FK fanfic comes back to me tenfold. Not all the
reactions are positive, but the most passionate ones are the biggest kick.
I've written items of fanfic so long that if a person wades through the entire thing
and still has the energy to write me to tall me what they hated, I salute them.
The point is that they read it, and I made them feel something strong enough
that they had to write me. That is so cool. That's why I write fanfic.

Lastly, I have to say that if I ever have any doubts that FK fans can be patient
and supportive, all I have to do is look at my regular feedback posse. They
hang out at my webpage, they snap up the scraps of unfinished fanfic that I
post there with an enthusiasm that amazes me, they keep after me to finish
projects that I've let dangle, and, when I'm bad, they give me crap. You folks
know who you are, and you're fabulous!

So that's my opinion: learn from your critics, love your fans, and never, never
trust the integrity of your typing skills.


Bonnie Rutledge.......<br1035@i.......>.......Single and Fabulous!
     "Enjoy your flows, ladies." - Samantha in 'Sex and the City'
       "In Maine? What? Were they migrant blueberry pickers!?"
     "You'll catch Hell for that." "Then Hell should run faster."


Date:    Thu, 3 Aug 2000 20:29:33 +0000
From:    Kristin <kris1228@s.......>
Subject: FK on Global 100, and more...


This is simply a reminder to vote for FK on Global 100. This month it didn't
climb or drop but stayed at #7. We CAN make it climb though!

If you haven't voted for FK please go here to do so:

Voting Tips/Instructions:

To sign up for voting click "I'm a new user." then follow the easy steps to

There are different levels on Global 100 Charts. If you are a Low Level
voter you can select up to 10 points. Normal Level voters can select up to
20 points. "High Level" voters can select up to 30 points. These will
determine how much your votes are worth, so please strive for as much as
possible and be a High Level Voter. They DO track same ISP addresses also,
so don't repeat voting with multiple e-mail addresses. It will only lower
your weight on the chart.

Note: You can increase your level on your Personal Card. This is where you
can store information about yourself. Some of this data is used in the
voting process to improve the quality of the charts. When you're new you
start at the Low level. You can increase your level when your e-mail address
has been verified. The higher your level the more weight your votes have in
the charts. If you answer the questions about your 'gender', 'birthday',
'location' and 'public address', you will get a High level.

*Click HERE to vote for FK as your favorite T.V. show!!*


#1. IMPORTANT: Those of you who are not on "High Levels" please simply
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The DON'Ts::

#1. DON'T repeat with multiple e-mail addresses either! They recognize your
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#2. DON'T be an Anonymous! Please actually sign up and follow the easy steps
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With your help we can make it #1! When ever you guys write your letters to
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Thanks for supporting the Knight!

P.S. You can also vote for Geraint Wyn Davies on the Male charts...go here:

AND if you like please vote for my website under hompages. I'd be so happy!
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Date:    Thu, 3 Aug 2000 21:56:55 EDT
From:    Urchin Knight <UrchinKnight@a.......>
Subject: Re: I'm embarrassed to be a FK fan

In a message dated 8/1/00 1:43:40 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
gwennm@h....... writes:

<< I am not nor will I ever be embarrassed to be a Forever Knight fan!  We, the
 fans, are not of one mind.  We are not to be praised nor condemned as one. >>

First off, I'm not quoting this piece to respond to Gwenn's post.  I just
pulled it out as a representative thing for the whole argument.

I agree.  I will never be ashamed of being an FK fan.  This list is comprised
of great people sharing something they love and generally trying to do good
things for each other.

However, we all know that we can get a little overzealous at times.  If the
networks ever had a chance to see the way we will tear into each other over
things like "Nick the Brick," the UF issue, Nat vs. Janette, Schanke vs.
Tracy, or the true ending to Last Knight, they would certainly not be shocked
to see postings that are a bit vehement on the bulletin boards.

No, it is not all FK fans.  It is not all Packers, all Valentines, all UFers,
all NAs, all Vaqueras, all FoDs, all Cousins, all Ravenettes, all Perks or
DPs, all Urchins, all Caddywhacks, all Ratpackers, or all Die Hards.  It's
not even all the FoSiLs, and you know how easy it is to rile them up. All six
of them.  (humor)  It isn't all of us, no.  But the thing is, we are
attempting to represent ourselves as a group.  We are running campaigns,
writing letters, trying our damnedest for a common goal, and I think we owe
it to each other to think of the other people on this list or in the fandom,
people who want FK back and are willing to work for it, before we say
anything or write anything that could damage the way the group as a whole is



Date:    Thu, 3 Aug 2000 21:57:02 EDT
From:    Sss44@a.......
Subject: Re: Next war

In a message dated 8/3/00 9:41:28 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
emily.m.hanson@u....... writes:

<< Just curious.  Is there going to be a fkfic war anytime soon? >>

And a question from me--anybody know where the archives are for Wars 6, 8, &

"Oh, I want him." -- Janette, Near Death


Date:    Thu, 3 Aug 2000 19:14:36 -0700
From:    tigrlady2u@j.......
Subject: YKYATAFKW...

 You know you are thinking about FK when...
   I was at the grocery store and noticed the lady in front of me had a
twelve pack of LaCroix bottled flavored seltzer water.  Needless to say,
I had to run over and buy a pack!  Not bad!
 Also, I was shopping and saw these really cute cow patterned pj's for
women (satiny shorts and a cute matching tank style top) and think that
Nick would *love* to see Natalie in those... >G<

KC Smith
Nick/Natpacker with Dark Knightie tendencies.
"I've never met a chocolate I didn't like."


Date:    Fri, 4 Aug 2000 02:20:35 GMT
From:    Lorelei Sieja <lorisieja@h.......>
Subject: Re: quick fanfic question

Dear Diane,

You know, that's a great question!  I never really thought about it.  I
don't know for sure, but I would guess that they do.  The person to ask
might be mytoronto.  do you have her addy?  She is on the #forevernightfans
chatroom in yahoo/clubs.com every night, just about.  I just icqued her to
ask, and if she gets back to me, I will either post the answer to list, or
send it to you, or both.

I live in Wisconsin.  I've driven through Canada on the way to Maine a few
times, but I have to ask mytoronto all my Canadian questions. <G>.

Forever fans,


Date:    Fri, 4 Aug 2000 02:21:26 GMT
From:    Lorelei Sieja <lorisieja@h.......>
Subject: Re: quick fanfic question

oopps, another "I thought this was private" blooper.  Sorry folks.


Date:    Thu, 3 Aug 2000 21:25:53 -0500
From:    "Nancy E. Kaminski" <nancykam@m.......>
Subject: Re: quick fanfic question

> From Lorelei Sieja

> You know, that's a great question!  I never really thought
> about it.  I don't know for sure, but I would guess that they do.  The
> person to ask might be mytoronto.  do you have her addy?

That would be Marg Yamanaka. Her email addy is mytoronto@s........

Nancy Kaminski


Date:    Thu, 3 Aug 2000 22:30:03 -0400
From:    Mary Combs <mcombs@e.......>
Subject: Re: Card challenge

Sss44@a....... wrote (inadvertantly to FKFIC, so I'm posting my reply to
> Don't know if many of you remember the best answer *ever* to the earlier card
> challenge. It was authored by Maddog, and consisted of one sentence. I still
> laugh every time I think about. Maybe it's archived on the jadfe site?

Yes. It's there.
If you're 18 or older, go to the Jadfe site
And look under the Nick/Natalie heading for "The Card."
mcombs@e....... N&Npacker


Date:    Thu, 3 Aug 2000 22:40:52 EDT
From:    Laudon1965@a.......
Subject: Help! Info needed

What is the address at the loft?  I know it was given at least once on the
series, but I'm drawing a complete blank.

Thanks in advance,

Laurie of the Isles


Date:    Thu, 3 Aug 2000 22:41:17 EDT
From:    Laudon1965@a.......
Subject: what the card said

Okay, here's my .02.

Dear Ms. Lambert,

You may already be a winner in the Vampire Clearing House Sweepstakes.
Please come to---- to enter the final drawing and collect your complimentary


Date:    Thu, 3 Aug 2000 22:33:03 -0400
From:    Marg Yamanaka <mytoronto@h.......>
Subject: Re: quick fanfic question

Diane Harris wrote:
> People have probably asked this a zillion times already, but do they read
> you
> anything similar to the Miranda rights in Canada?

Section 29(2) of the Criminal Code of Canada reads:

"Notice: It is the duty of every one who arrests a person, whether
with or without a warrant, to give notice to that person, where it
is feasible to do so, of:
a) the process or warrant under which he makes the arrest; or
b) the reason for the arrest."

This is the usual form of Arrest for Ontario:

"I am arresting you for ________ (briefly describe the reasons). It
is my duty to inform you that you have the right to retain and
instruct counsel without delay. You have the right to telephone any
lawyer you wish. You also have the right to free advice from a legal
aid lawyer. If you are charged with an offence, you may apply to the
Ontario Legal Aid Plan for assistance. ...... and ..... are
toll-free numbers that will put you in contact with a Legal Aid Duty
Counsel Lawyer for free legal advice right now. Do you understand?
Do you wish to call a lawyer now?"

Caution to a Charged Person:

" You (are charged, will be charged) with ______. Do you wish to say
anything in answer to the charge? You are not obliged to say
anything unless you wish to do so, but whatever you say may be given
in evidence. Do you understand?"

There is a slightly different for of address if the person is being
charged under the Young Offenders Act.

Probably a lot more than you wanted to know <g>

Marg, in Toronto, the City of the Knight  <mytoronto@h.......>
Please visit the Upper Canada Connection -
A Canadian Tribute to Geraint Wyn Davies:


Date:    Thu, 3 Aug 2000 21:50:23 -0500
From:    CLone Star Software <cstar@a.......>
Subject: Re: Help! Info needed

I think it's 101 Gateway.

Marci C

At 10:40 PM 8/3/2000 EDT, you wrote:
>What is the address at the loft?  I know it was given at least once on the
>series, but I'm drawing a complete blank.
>Thanks in advance,
>Laurie of the Isles


Date:    Wed, 4 Aug 1999 23:07:58 -0400
From:    g4akl@c.......
Subject: Re: Next war

At 09:57 PM 8/3/2000 EDT, Scottie wrote:
>And a question from me--anybody know where the archives are for Wars 6, 8,
& 9?

I believe war 6 was the campaign to save the series
not a fkfic war and so doesn't have an archive.

The archive for war 8 is at:

Don Fasig has a page with links to the web sites of various
faction's posts in war 9 and to zip files of each day's
posts at:

hope this helps,


Date:    Thu, 3 Aug 2000 22:21:53 -0500
From:    Karen Heasley <karen@j.......>
Subject: Nigel Bennett alert

*creeping out of lurkdom again*

Don't know if this has been posted yet, since I'm behind on list mail, but
I was surfing through some different sites for Lexx, including the US
and UK Sci-Fi site (uk.scifi.com) which has an episode guide including
guest stars, and it looks like the 4 third season episodes with Nigel in
them start showing on Sci-Fi in the US on Aug. 18 at 10pm ET/ 7pm PT with
the episode "Fire and Water".

Karen Heasley


Date:    Fri, 4 Aug 2000 03:29:12 GMT
From:    Lorelei Sieja <lorisieja@h.......>
Subject: Re: Help! Info needed

----Original Message Follows----
I think it's 101 Gateway.

Marci C

Gateway makes computers... do you suppose Nick owns the company?


Date:    Thu, 3 Aug 2000 23:38:47 EDT
From:    Javiette@a.......
Subject: KtK Update 7-31-2000

Greeting everyone,

We are adding 37 letters for the months of June and July, bringing the year
2000 total to 103 letters in all.  We're falling a little behind last years
numbers, but I'm sure we can rebound in this second half of the year!  Let's
make that goal of 500 letters in 2000!

This time lots and lots of thanks go to:  Amanda Wyn Bleiddn, Marla K., Gwenn
Musicante, Gale Carol Georgalas, Lori Isabella, Deb McK, and Horacesth.
Thanks bunches gang!!

As always, e-mail me off-loop (Javiette@a.......) with "KtK:  Letters" in your
heading if you wish to be included in the count (and let me know if you wish
to remain anonymous or first name only).  Please include whom you sent the
letters to and which faction you want to receive credit for your letters.
Please remember, choose only ONE faction or please include how you want the
letters split up.




  If you are too busy to write the letters yourself
  or just don't know what to write, contact one of
  the following people and they will write for you:

  Lori Isabella at LDukie913@a.......
  Sherry Hartly at SherryH@i.......
  Susan Ellen Field at SField8067@a.......

  Tell them who you are, your address, and which
  faction (if any) you want your letters credited to,
  and they will do the work for you.

 Here are the totals

                                 Total           Total          Total
                             7-31-2000       5-31-2000           2000

Total letters written:         37                 66             103

 Universal:                                        1               1
 USA:                           7                 17              24
 TriStar:                       4                  7              11
 Sci-Fi:                        7                 18              25
 Sony:                          1                  2               3
 Sony Prod. Dev.:               4                  1               5
 Sony Publishing:               3                  3               6
 Crescendo:                     1                                  1
 Boulevard Books:               3                  2               5
 Sky One:                                          1               1
 Columbia House Video:          3                  6               9
 Renaissance Media:
 Seagrams:                      2                  5               7
 800-Trekker:                   2                  1               3
 Cult Times
 Other:                                            2               2
 Letters written:              37                 66             103

 By faction:
                                  Total          Total          Total
                             7-31-2000       5-31-2000           2000

 Undeclared:                     12               35               47
 Unnamed:                         4                1                5
 NNP:                                              3                3
 Cousins:                                          6                6
 Knighties:                      12                4               16
 Dark Knighties:                                   7                7
 Vaqueros:                                         1                1
 Diehards:                                         8                8
 Glow Worms:
 Nat Pack:
 Immortal Beloveds:
 Dark Perks:
 Rainbow Knights:
 Light Cousins:                                   1                 1
 Nick's Harem
 Texas Knight Dreamers:          9                                  9
 Mortal Siblings:
 The Phoenix:

Letters written:                37              66                103


 ****Where to write:****

For more FK:

  Edgar Bronfman Jr.
  CEO & President
  The Seagram Co. Ltd.
  375  Park Avenue
  New York, New York  10152-0192

  Mr. Stephen Chao *****(VERY IMPORTANT)*****
  USA Networks
  2049 Century Plaza East, Suite 2550
  Los Angeles, CA  90067

  Bonnie Hammer ****(VERY IMPORTANT)****
  Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Sci-Fi Channel
  Sci Fi Channel
  1230 Avenue of the Americas
  New York, NY  10020

  Mel Harris *****(VERY IMPORTANT)*****
  Chief Operating Officer - Television
  Sony Pictures Entertainment
  10202 W. Washington Blvd.
  Culver City, CA  90232

(Alot of Forever Knight fans have requested that we try asking another
network about FK, to see if there might be an interest, and so, we have
decided to test the waters...
This month we are adding TNT to the list of Addresses to write to.

  Vice-President of Programming
  1010 Techwood Drive, NW
  Atlanta, GA 30318

For more FK merchandise:

  Marci Gordon
  Sony Product Development
  TriStar Building, 3rd Floor
  10102 W. Washington Blvd.,
  Culver City, CA  90232

  If you want more FK merchandise, this is the person
  to write to, and she's going to need to hear from
  more than the 175 people who've already sent her letters
  to convince her that there is a viable market out there.

  P.O. Box 13131
  Reading, PA 19612-3131

For more FK books:

  Grace Ressler
  Publishing Manager
  Sony Signatures
  Tristar Building, 3rd Fl.
  10102 W. Washington
  Culver City, CA 90232

  Boulevard Books
  The Berkley Publishing Group
  200 Madison Avenue
  New York, NY 10016

For FK on video:

  Columbia House Video Library
  1400 Fruitridge Avenue
  Terre Haute, IN 47811

For fans in the U.K.:

  Customer Relations Department
  British Sky Broadcasting PLC
  Subscriber Management Centre
  PO Box 43
  West Lothian
  EH54 7DD

  The Sci Fi Channel
  77 Charlotte Street
  W1P 2DD


  Please support Kelly Green's students' web site:
  Pop Tops for Humanity: A Holocaust Memorial


Date:    Thu, 3 Aug 2000 23:43:40 EDT
From:    BrandyKitt@a.......
Subject: Re: KtK Update 7-31-2000

having you been watching leno this week?  he has these two
ditzy oklahoma girls at the convention.  i bet they're rehearsed,
because no one can be that ditzy!


End of FORKNI-L Digest - 3 Aug 2000 - Special issue (#2000-236)

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