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FORKNI-L Digest - 5 Jul 2000 to 6 Jul 2000 - Special issue (#2000-196)

Thu, 6 Jul 2000

There are 19 messages totalling 1043 lines in this issue.

Topics in this special issue:

  1. Knight School - Ep.000 - Nick Knight (9)
  2. [[FORKNI-L] Why We Should Change the Name of Forever Knight
     University If...
  3. Fw: "Nick Knight" on DVD & VHS (3)
  4. T-shirts
  5. Translation
  6. Ep.000  The Forever Vet's Take (long)
  7. request
  8. Nick Knight problem
  9. Knight School - Ep.101 - Dark Knight Pt. 1


Date:    Wed, 5 Jul 2000 17:02:58 EDT
From:    Laudon1965@a.......
Subject: Re: Knight School - Ep.000 - Nick Knight

In a message dated 07/05/2000 1:58:53 AM US Mountain Standard Time,
raven@n....... writes:

<< pleased with "Jeanne Pierre"  >>

It should be Jean Pierre.  "Jeanne" is the woman's form of the name.

Laurie of the Isles


Date:    Wed, 5 Jul 2000 17:17:35 EDT
From:    Laudon1965@a.......
Subject: Re: Knight School - Ep.000 - Nick Knight

In a message dated 07/05/2000 1:58:53 AM US Mountain Standard Time,
raven@n....... writes:

<< Episode: 000 - Nick Knight >>

Beautiful job with the synopsis Raven, especially the touches of humor.

Laurie of the Isles


Date:    Wed, 5 Jul 2000 17:21:54 EDT
From:    Laudon1965@a.......
Subject: Re: Knight School - Ep.000 - Nick Knight

In a message dated 07/05/2000 7:15:48 AM US Mountain Standard Time,
nancykam@m....... writes:

<< I think JK's sexy no matter what shape he's in! He was actually pretty
darned good looking in his leaner days -- reference "Breakfast Club." >>

Wow, so I'm not a bizarre aberration, somebody else thinks so too!  A lot of
his appeal for me was his slightly cocky, no BS attitude towards that jerk
administrator.  I've only seen JK in a couple of things, but he's always a
real person no matter what character he's playing, someone with whom I can
easily imagine quite comfortably shooting  the breeze.

Laurie of the Isles


Date:    Tue, 6 Jul 0100 06:30:53 JAPAN
From:    raven@n.......
Subject: Re: Knight School - Ep.000 - Nick Knight

> << Episode: 000 - Nick Knight >>
> Beautiful job with the synopsis Raven, especially the touches of humor.

 =))))  I do try...actually, I think BL's silly mood infected me.

And thank you, I have made the "Jeanne" to "Jean" correction in my archived
version, along with the change from "dirty mine" to "archeological dig".

I want to thank everyone for being so understanding with me and helping me out
<g>.  I also want to thank everyone for the great laughs in their responses to
the questions...had me roaring on the floor. =)

I will post the first DK ep.(101) in about 12 hours or so...don't want to
overload anybody, and it gives me a short break...(they cancelled one of my
days off, and I was going to attack a whole bunch of eps, guess it will have to
wait) after all, one can't live on FK alone...okay, maybe they can, but it
would be an awfully short life.

Cousin Raven
Slave to the Knight!


Date:    Wed, 5 Jul 2000 14:40:29 -0700
From:    Kyer <kyer@p.......>
Subject: Re: [[FORKNI-L] Why We Should Change the Name of Forever Knight
         University If...

----- Original Message -----
From: <KnghtWtch@a.......>
> I rather like College of Forever.

College only seems like forever. ;)=

Kyer is liking this idea of a refresher course much.  Not that she ever felt
compelled to play Dragnet and "just stick with the facts", but this is good.
i.e. How can I screw it up properly if I don't know what to screw up?

(Sorry I've been quiet lately...parent's relationship is hitting a rough
spot and we're all walking on egg shells.  Prayers appreciated.)

Kyer, kyer@p.......


Date:    Thu, 6 Jul 2000 08:18:58 +0900
From:    Raven Breena <raven@n.......>
Subject: Fw: "Nick Knight" on DVD & VHS

Thought this was relevant to the current conversation.

Cousin Raven Breena
Is there any way to take caffeine intravenously?

----- Original Message -----
From: Steve Fellows <stevef@l.......>
Newsgroups: alt.tv.forever-knight
Sent: Tuesday, July 04, 2000 6:27 AM
Subject: UPDATE: "Nick Knight" on DVD & VHS and musings on other merchandise

> A couple of months ago, I posted here that Anchor Bay Entertainment was
> planning to release the "Nick Knight" TV-movie on DVD in July 2001, with
> no word on a VHS release.
> Recently, they updated the release schedule on their website.  It now
> shows NK as scheduled to be released on both DVD and VHS in December
> 2000.  Unfortunately, none of the online stores I checked list it as
> available for pre-order, but it *is* still 5 months away; maybe in
> another month or 2...
> http://www.anchorbayentertainment.com click on "Release Schedule,"
> choose DVD or VHS, and scroll down to December.
> On a completely different topic, some of you might like to know that
> Nigel Bennett's fan club's website says that the sequel to "Keeper of
> the King" is finished and should be in bookstores in April or May 2001.
> http://www.blackhatstation.com/Books/kotk.htm
> Of course, if you can't wait that long to buy something FK-ish, GWD's 2
> audiobooks have just been reissued under new titles by a new publisher
> (Tangled Web Audio went out of business last year), and of course, if
> you want a break from the horror genre, Greg Kramer (Screed) has written
> three surreal but non-horror books (only "Pursemonger of Fugu" is
> available outside Canada, though, and shop around before buying because
> some webstores [most notably Amazon] have it mispriced at US$18.99
> instead of US$14.95; of the big 3 [Amazon, B&N, Borders], Borders has it
> cheapest as of this writing).
> Adding "DVD player" to my Christmas list,
> Steve F.
> stevef@l.......


Date:    Wed, 5 Jul 2000 19:38:14 -0400
From:    "Susan M. Garrett" <susang@v.......>
Subject: T-shirts

A newbie FK fan has contacted me looking for FK T-shirts.  Does anyone know
of anyone who has any currently for sale?

Email me privately, please.

susang@v.......  -- http://www.vitinc.com/~susang
EVER Faithful Ravenette. http://www.geocities.com/Vienna/2167/fiction.htm
"Friends help you move.  Real friends help you move bodies."


Date:    Wed, 5 Jul 2000 22:00:47 -0400
From:    "Susan M. Garrett" <susang@v.......>
Subject: Translation

Could whoever wrote me a partial translation of the document on the What's
This Forever Knight Prop? webpage

I've lost your email.

susang@v.......  -- http://www.vitinc.com/~susang
EVER Faithful Ravenette. http://www.geocities.com/Vienna/2167/fiction.htm
"Friends help you move.  Real friends help you move bodies."


Date:    Sat, 5 Jul 1980 19:32:23 -0600
From:    Angela Gottfred <agottfre@t.......>
Subject: Knight School - Ep.000 - Nick Knight

Thanks, Cousin Raven, for taking on Knight School-- I really appreciate all
the effort that's clearly gone into this!

And now onto the Q&A portion of our program.

>6.  Is blood really better microwaved?
Yes.   ;-)  Just be careful not to overheat it to the point where it cooks!
Whenever I read about blood being microwaved in fanfic, I can relate to it
because I always think about my experiences heating up baby bottles in the
microwave. Once I got the setting (i.e. time & power) down, I had a perfect
bottle every time. Just make sure to shake it & test it before serving, in
case you're so groggy that you screwed up the setting. Babies can also
learn to drink formula cold from the fridge-- just reduce the heating time
verrry gradually until you're down to zero. Similarly, adults can quickly
learn to drink cold coffee or cold tea from necessity, and some folks even
learn to like it that way! But since it's just yucky old steer blood, Nick
probably drinks it cold to kill the taste...

Your humble & obedient servant,
Angela Gottfred


Date:    Wed, 5 Jul 2000 22:29:37 EDT
From:    Sss44@a.......
Subject: Re: Knight School - Ep.000 - Nick Knight

In a message dated 7/5/00 8:54:55 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
mclisa@m....... writes:

<< >8.  Is it really wise for a vampire to have a listed number?

 Nope, but then, we don't affectionately call Nick "the Brick" for nothing.
 :) Honest -- the soubriquet was given him by a Knightie.


Nope, I think it was given to him by a Ravenette, whose name I won't give,
but her initials are SG.



Date:    Wed, 5 Jul 2000 21:41:32 -0500
From:    "Janet Dornhoff, DVM" <dornhoff@p.......>
Subject: Re: Ep.000  The Forever Vet's Take (long)

Raven Breena <raven@n.......> wrote stuff with a > in front:
Great job, Raven!  By the way, do you have tapes from CBS or the
Canadian versions for the first season?  Should I dig out my
Missing Scenes transcripts?

I saw Nick Knight when it first aired, and had my VCR running from
the tail end of the finding of the goblet on.  I watched it several
times before the CrimeTime after Prime Time series picked up the
show, and I actually didn't see Dark Knight until it came up in
reruns (I started with GWD with "For I Have Sinned")

I know I'll get some shrieks of indignation, but there were some
things which were definitely better in the pilot than in the GWD
version, DK.  Maybe they were bored with the idea of redoing an
already filmed script, maybe they had tighter time constraints,
I dunno.  There were several places where the actors just seemed
to be rattling off the dialogue.  The timing was off.  (Schanke's
photography lesson comes to mind.)  Maybe it was the director.

It can't be that I was thrown off by the new actors, because as I
said, I'd already seen most of the first season before I saw DK.
I was already used to their style.

I'll elaborate as I go on...

> The 1989 initial episode that sparked FK opens in a dirty mine in South
> America where some grundgy workers discover a long sought cup.
> The blond headed Alyce Hunter appears on the scene and takes credit
> for the find.

Okay, the dig and who gets credit have already been discussed.  Years
ago, when this aired on Lifetime I think, we got into it over another
issue -- the poor archaeological technique shown.

They find the cup, and just brush all the dirt off of it.  Alyce picks
it up, dumps out the sand inside, apparently onto the ground, and dusts
it off some more.

Well, theoretically, in an arch. dig, they'd first plot out where the
cup was found in relation to other parts of the dig.  They'd take soil
samples from above, below, and to the sides, for dating.  They'd very
carefully remove it from the ground, and anything inside the cup would
be examined, in situ if possible, and the contents kept, if nothing
else then for dating purposes.  Who knows *what* little gems of
knowledge might have been placed inside that religious artifact?

The apologist within me, of course, has answers for most of this.
First off, there's a hell of a lot of wind when Alyce heads out
there.  Perhaps a sand storm is on its way, and they have a choice
between rescuing the cup while they can, and leaving it there to
be damaged or lost.  If it's an area prone to sandstorms, maybe
they've found that you can't date sand accurately.  As for the cup's
contents, well, perhaps someone *was* holding a container just below
the bottom of the screen to catch whatever was inside that cup.

Still, the flaws are probably due to the time constraints of TV.
We can forgive that, and tell ourselves that we know how it
*really* happened.  ;-)

> Whoa, Nick (Rick Springfield) in the sun bed, clad in very little (that we
> can see anyway) spends his ten minutes and freaks out at the end; too much
> ultraviolet rays on that sensitive vampire skin.

I got a giggle out of this scene...mostly from the reactions of the two
tanning parlor attendants.  If only they knew!

>  off to find Jeannie and Topper, homeless individuals
> (much older than in Dark Knight)

It was an interesting contrast.  I found the older Jeannie and Topper
to make a very sweet couple, but I think the younger pair suited the
Toronto version of the show much better.

> He makes a wonderful show of impressing the museum curator, the afore
> mentioned Alyce Hunter, with his knowledge of South American artifacts and
> glyphs.

Here's the first place where I thought the movie was much better than
the TV series.  The chemistry between Alyce and Nick was so much
stronger.  They sparkled.  The timing, the exchange of looks, the way
they both said "Edward Thomas" together later on when they exchange
quotes about the past...  The Alyce in DK lacked that sparkle, and
I honestly can't say whether it was the actress or the director.
Maybe a bit of each.

> When he leaves the museum, hordes of press push in on him, but we
> get no wonderful show of the vampire's hypnotic powers.

That's one bit that struck me as cheesy when DK first aired.  Nick would
risk hypnotizing a *reporter* in front of a crowd of other reporters,
tapes rolling??  I don't think so!

Also, considering that FK was knocked out of its CBS timeslot by
David Letterman's arrival, I find it deliciously ironic that Rick's
Nick tells the reporters, "Why don't you people go home and watch
David Letterman?  I got work to do!"  And the Canadian version,
of course, skips this too-American reference.  (Running, in some
areas, *opposite* of Dave, the could hardly give him a plug! ;-)

>  Stonetree (a much different and IMHO much less effective Stonetree)

Just remember that he *wasn't* Stonetree, he was an American captain,
and don't try to compare the two.  The dialogue, however, is another
example of needless tinkering making things worse.  The chief's
comment that "the victim profile is expanding," was, to me, a lot
better line than the one about a hole in your parachute.  This is a
cop, and he's worried that the serial killer is escalating.

> we get that famous line, "Shoot me," which Stonetree declines, but Schanke
> seems ready to oblige.

I rather liked the teasing grin on Schanke's face when he suggests
the boss take him up on it.  Struck just the right balance between
being a jerk and teasing a partner.  The chemistry between Schanke
and Rick was good, showing that they knew each other, had worked
with each other, and didn't like but *did* respect each other.

I also liked the repeated comments by Schanke about Nick needing some
experienced help.  Sure, Nick has more life experience, but Schanke
has been a cop for a long time, has worked his way up from Traffic
on pure merit, and probably *does* add a lot to the partnership.
I missed that when DK aired.

> Schanke is giving blood and is identified as having AB+ blood.  He sucks
> down some garlic and almost disables our hero with his breath.

Again, the dialogue was tinkered with here, to its detriment.  The
exchange between Schanke and Fenner in this version very neatly
introduce the basics of blood typing that we need to know later on,
as well as adding some good banter.  Motor oil, indeed!  Plus the
reaction of Fenner to Schanke's wife being O- ("That's too bad")
is an early clue about the motive.

> While cruising around in the black '59 caddy,

Another bit where Schanke comes off much better in the NK version.
He speaks *fondly* of the way his wife hides his ciggies every
morning before breakfast, instead of griping about how she nags.
Also, he comes off much more confident in his speculation about a
copycat killer.  Another place where his experience as a homicide
detective shows through.  This Nick is younger and hasn't been a
cop as long as GWD's Nick, so the contrast is greater.

>  instituting a massive search for the AWOL detective.

I never got the impression there was a massive search.  Nick made a habit
out of disappearing on his own.  Everybody was annoyed, sure, but they
didn't sound worried about him.  They seemed quite certain that he was
alright.  Jack just popped by the loft, and there he was.

> Nick scares the heck out of Alyce when he shows up soaking wet and full of
> bullet holes and then tries to play it off

Here is a scene where the chemistry between them really shows.  The
exchange of quotes, the body language between them, the way they move
in relation to each other; here, the attraction is palpable, while in
DK it isn't really even believable.

The scenes in the loft are about comparable, showing the differences
between Jack and Natalie but both equally good.  "Go back to your TV
sunrise...I'll go catch the real thing!"  Apples and oranges, I like
them both.  (I liked NK better on first viewing than the DK version,
but DK's grown on me since.)

> Thinking it might still be a vampire, suspecting LaCroix, and wanting to
> find him,

Thinking it might, nothing, Nick was *certain* it was LaCroix, so certain
that he completely missed the blood drive clue that Schanke picked up on
right away.  He'd decided it was LaCroix, and hence the series of killings
was all his fault, and he wasn't ready to consider any other possibility yet.

>  (IMHO, this Janette has much less style than our Janette)

Agreed, definitely, no arguement here.  Deb rules!

> Nick leaves and discovers Alyce is following him.  He shakes her up and he
> noticed the scar on his chest.  She puts all the pieces together and makes
> him take her with him when he goes to find LaCroix.

The scene in the caddy is one of my favorites.  Nick basically is
faced with someone who knows what he is, who even has a photo of him
that's a hundred years old, and he *talks* his way out of it!  "Tell me
something, do you do *all* your reading in the supermarket check-out line?"
He may have had centuries of experience in acting like the other person is
nuts, and he does it *very* well, very casually, very naturally.

This carries on into the excuse for his splitting earlier, again
very casually saying that the chemistry had just gone a little wacky,
and again, Alyce completely buys into his line, blaming herself for
talking too much.  This guy is *good*!

> Leaving Alyce in the car (he thinks)

This is another part of the character that they missed out on in the
remake.  When describing the theft from the museum, Alyce reveals that
after she heard gunshots, she went out to investigate them.  Nick's
reaction is disbelief -- "You heard gunshots, and you went out anyway?"
To which Alyce casually replies, "I'm a very curious woman.  Stupid,
maybe, but curious."  Which, of course, is the perfect set-up to her
leaving the safety of the caddy behind to follow him.  I'll never
understand why they left all this out the second time around.

> They start to fight and Alyce walks in on the now vamped out LaCroix who
> takes the opportunity to make Nick choose between her and the goblet (his
> chance at mortality).

This scene *wasn't* as well-done in NK as in DK; the goblet has already
broken before LaCroix tries to bite Alyce!  Poor direction, poor editing,
who knows?  But it jars.

>  (Note to self: install an anti-theft engine
> kill device with control in trunk.)


> While at the hospital, Schanke gets jerked around by the nurse

Actually, it seemed more a matter of Schanke giving a poor innocent
nurse a hard time about policies she has no control over.  But
Schanke comes off better in this exchange than in DK, where he
makes a disparaging and totally uncalled for remark about the
nurse after she's walked away.  Here, he tries to talk her out of
the information (resembling a used car salesman even more!) but he
doesn't seem offended or surprised when she won't give.  He *knows*
she's not supposed to, he's just giving it a shot anyway.

> Schanke brags about Nick's caddy to Fenner (the bad guy)

I rather liked the casual way in which Fenner asks if those are old
Caddie keys, as well as the way Schanke tells Fenner that they're
very close to catching the killer (giving Fenner a reason to go sabotage
the caddy).  The dialogue, again, flows really naturally.

And another great casual line is Jack's concern that Nick sounds weak,
and suggestion that he eat something ("Are you kidding?  Hospital food?"),
which sets up the fact that Nick needs blood so badly later on.

>  Taking an opportune moment, Nick
> slips out to confront the highly agitated Schanke with the news that he is
> *not happy* about the car, but he admits Schanke was right about the case.

Another great bit of dialogue.  The way Nick mumbles his apology the
first time, Schanke's gloating snicker before he accepts, and then
Schanke's genuine concern about Nick's apparent weakness, right up to
offering him some Jerky. ;-)  Schanke may look like a used car
salesman, and lack something in tact, but he's really a good guy!
(Plus his, "Ooh, I got my answer!" when Nick hedges about Alyce)

> (Alyce) calls the paramedics to help Jeannie, who isn't at all pleased about
> this turn of events.

Knowing that the villain works at the hospital, it's quite natural
for her to be terrified.  But she can't get the message through to
Alyce, confused and battered as she is, and she passes out before
she can say any more.  I like this actress.

> Nick and Schanke finally get the nurse to open the files and discover that
> Fenner's had some recent problems, including a mother who died due to
> hepatitis contracted from a transfusion after a car accident.  (Did you
> follow all that?)

Here is perhaps the best example of how the dialogue in this version
flows so much better than in DK.  The explanation comes in a very
natural manner, but it links all the pieces together in a logical
sequence.  The nurse in DK isn't nearly as well-spoken.  Plus, Schanke
gets to use the info on blood types that Fenner told him earlier.
And Schanke and Nick are equally coherent here, too.  A good job
of summarizing for the audience.

> Nick blasts in through the skylight, throwing Fenner against a wall.
> Jeannie, staring incredulously, thanks the kind detective for his amazing
> effort and at his insistence takes off for places less smoky.

To me, this looked like a set-up for Jeannie to be a minor continuing
character in the series, if there'd been one with Rick.  She saw what
he was, was shook up by it, but when Nick recovers and his first thought
is for her safety, she gives him this little understanding smile, that
shows she's accepted that he's still one of the good guys *and* that he
can trust her with his secret.  And nicely underplayed, too.  I *really*
like this actress!

> Alyce, wanting to be a vampire now that she knows she isn't crazy, offers
> herself to Nick, who refuses, instead attacking LaCroix.

Here's another rare spot where the DK dialogue is better than NK.
Alyce here doesn't explain, doesn't say she's a scientist and she
wants to see centuries pass.  She just says she wants it.  Maybe the
difference is supposed to be that there's a real romantic/physical
attraction in the mix here, but I still think Nick needed the extra
nudge from Alyce.  Here, he doesn't get it.  Of course, I don't really
remember anymore whether I felt that way first time through, without
DK to compare it to...

And Nick is left, at the end, almost too weak to stand, with his place
in ruins and in flames, Alyce apparently dead, LaCroix apparently
dead.  Nice touch, that we see the Captain arriving along with Jack,
concerned at seeing one of his detective's homes buring.  And of course
Jack, knowing that fire *can* kill Nick, is especially concerned.

> Schanke appears with the keys to the now fixed
> caddy, which they then scope out.

I like the fact that Schanke got the Caddy fixed, but miss the donated
blood for Nick.  Fair trade, I guess.  And I love the idea of Schanke's
vast network of relatives. <g>

> "Nick Knight" Questions
> 1.  Is blue-green really better than black in a Caddy?

Each suits their version of Nick.

> 2.  Is Schanke more or less believable as a skinny guy?

I liked Schanke better in this version of this script than in DK,
but I don't think size matters.  It's the actor who makes the
character we all know and love.  Going through the script *again*,
JK being the only repeat cast member, it's no wonder he seemed
tired of some of it in DK.  In the rest of the series, he's great,
and in this movie, he's great.

> 3.  Could you get away with calling a skinny cop "Donut"?

Reminds me of a fanfic, a crossover with Highlander, in which when
Schanke meets Duncan, he comments that it's nice to meet someone else
nicknamed "Donut."  (Dunkin' Donut?  The chain?)

> 4.  Can Rick Springfield really compare with Geraint Wyn Davies?

Apples and oranges.  In this version, it worked.  I wouldn't have
watched it so many times between '89 and '92 if it didn't.

> 5.  What *were* the casting people smoking when they cast Michael Nader as
> LaCroix?

Actually, he wasn't bad.  A very different character, that's all.
Now, whoever cast Janette is another matter... <eg>

> 6.  Is blood really better microwaved?

Tricky, to take the chill off without bursting the little red cells,
but hey, if you've been practicing since they were invented...
I once knew *exactly* how many seconds to set the microwave for to
pop my favorite brand without burning any.

> 7.  Would LaCroix be caught dead with fangs that tiny?

I'd rather these tiny fangs than the huge ones the Enforcers have!

> 8.  Is it really wise for a vampire to have a listed number?

Depends what role the vampire is playing just then.  He's supposed to
be a homicide cop; I have no idea whether the average homicide cop
has a listed or unlisted number.  I know a lot of vets with listed
numbers, and a lot with unlisted.  In my case, it depends whether you
or a close colleague has had a bad experience with listing the number.

> Further Notes:

* Women in LA fight back a lot better than women in Toronto!  The girl
at the pool kicks the gunman right in the nads and gets away on her
own (granted, getting Nick shot in the process), and Alyce, after Fenner
decked her so hard she went over the table and rolled across the floor,
kicked him square in the face when he went after her again!

* Playing with words.  "He said meet him at his place, then he flew
out of here."  "You look like death warmed over."  And a bunch of similar
throw-away gags.  Great stuff, if you catch it, and if you don't, it doesn't
jar.  Good job.

* Something about putting the loft above an abandoned movie theater
that I like.  No good reason, I just like it. :-)  And I do like
the South American motif to the place.  Since this Nick is supposed
to be younger than our Nick's 800 years, the visit to South America
is a bigger part of his life.

So, if this movie had been picked up as a series, I can sort of picture
how it would have worked.  Jack and Nick as buddies, Schanke and Nick
in a similar relationship to the familiar one.  A bit of a boys' club,
with Janette (hopefully recast) and Jeannie as the only continuing
female characters.  Plus the neck-of-the-week, knowing LA.

All-in-all, I'm glad that the series moved to Toronto and was mostly
recast, but I'm not sorry the pilot was made.  It was a good flick
then, and it's a good flick now.

-Janet   <dornhoff@p.......>
The Forever Vet: NatPack, despite the name!
"Do you have a secret you'd like to share with me?"  -Alyce to Nick


Date:    Wed, 5 Jul 2000 19:43:00 -0700
From:    Kyer <kyer@p.......>
Subject: Re: Knight School - Ep.000 - Nick Knight

> 1.  Is blue-green really better than black in a Caddy?

Are you kidding?  How many car thiefs would try to hijack a teal green caddy
versus a black one?
Proof---not once during the nighttime in a big city did anyone ever try to
steal Nick's car. <eg>
Anyways, the series people were right in that it shows up; the black just
disappears.  Which would be perfect for LaCroix who wants to remain
anonymous.  Nick wants to 'show up' in the mortal world.

> 2.  Is Schanke more or less believable as a skinny guy?

A better cop, surely?  Hard to run down criminals when your overweight and
can't fly. (she said, thankful that she's not trying out to be a cop.)

> 3.  Could you get away with calling a skinny cop "Donut"?

I'm not a donut eater, but don't they still make those twisted stick donuts?
And Schanke sure was tacky.  Aren't donuts tacky? <heckles and runs from the

> 4.  Can Rick Springfield really compare with Geraint Wyn Davies?

Only if he dyed his hair and developed his voice. <bwahaahaa!>  Okay...the
only parts of the movie I didn't like were the Neandrathal Vampire special
> 5.  What *were* the casting people smoking when they cast Michael Nader as
> LaCroix?

He was evil.  LaCroix is evil.  No prob from here.  'Cept that makeup!
Course, I feel the same way about the 'flashlight effect' during season one.

> 6.  Is blood really better microwaved?

Nothing is better microwaved.  We wouldn't have one of those monstrositys in
the house.
Fresh is Best.  Unless, of course, you're the one providing the 'take out'.

> 7.  Would LaCroix be caught dead with fangs that tiny?

Probably not.  Consider how <ahem> cowed he looked facing down the Enforcers
in Unreality TV.  Could he suffer from fang envy?  Although, he certainly
has the money for cosmetic surgery.  Unless cosmetic surgery doesn't hold up
on vamps any better than tatoos?

> 8.  Is it really wise for a vampire to have a listed number?

Does it matter?  Telemarketers and realtors tend to find you no matter what.
They are the ultimate predator.

Kyer, kyer@p.......


Date:    Wed, 5 Jul 2000 23:08:47 EDT
From:    MrsMech@a.......
Subject: Re: Fw: "Nick Knight" on DVD & VHS

Just a note to add about FK Alumni related tapes..... Recently I saw that
someone had put up a copy of 'Nick Knight' with Rick Springfield and a copy
of Ger's 'Terror Stalks The Class Reunion' at E-Bay. Both tapes were
unsealed, new copies and they were being offered together. When I saw that
they had been removed from the site, I asked the seller why she hadn't put
them back up for auction and she said that single copies of Nick Knight were
being bid on for a lot more that the two tapes she was offering as a pair. I
told her that she should put them up again as a pair and specify that both
tapes were being offered (She had only listed them under the video name Nick
Knight due to limited info space).

Apparently she had paid a lot for the Nick Knight tape and was just trying to
get at least what she paid for it, possibly a little bit extra, but people
were only bidding something like thirteen dollars for it and Ger's movie. She
said that she would think about relisting the tapes together and let me know
when/if that happened.

I thought this would be of interest to those of you who were having a hard
time getting either of those tapes (I only recently got copies from a good



Date:    Tue, 6 Jul 1999 23:28:20 -0400
From:    g4akl@c.......
Subject: request

My ISP messed up over the holiday.  Would some kind soul please
send me the forkni digests from 7/3 to 7/5.



Date:    Wed, 5 Jul 2000 20:35:18 -0700
From:    fkforever <fkforever@y.......>
Subject: Re: Fw: "Nick Knight" on DVD & VHS

If the movie sells well we may be able to use this as leverage with
sony/tristar to put the show out on vhs or dvd.


Date:    Wed, 5 Jul 2000 23:43:52 EDT
From:    KnghtWtch@a.......
Subject: Re: Knight School - Ep.000 - Nick Knight

In a message dated 7/5/00 5:32:57 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
McCelt2000@a....... writes:

 1.  Is blue-green really better than black in a Caddy?
I asked this qustion of Nicholas Grey and Jon Casser.  They both said there
was problems with photoing a black caddy at night.  ie the Pilot episode with
the 59 black caddy.  So they producers decided to use the San Ramone
Tourqouis  that we have all come to know and love.
CaddyWhacker and Die Hard


Date:    Wed, 5 Jul 2000 23:48:44 EDT
From:    KnghtWtch@a.......
Subject: Re: Knight School - Ep.000 - Nick Knight

In a message dated 7/5/00 1:47:16 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
Timp@d....... writes:

 > 1.  Is blue-green really better than black in a Caddy?
        No.  Painted black.  And if you are serious, slam it into the ground
until the rocker-panels rub.  The lower the better
No flaming the caddy please.  You'll make enemies of us CaddyWhackers.
KnightWitch ;-{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{===================


Date:    Thu, 6 Jul 2000 00:40:59 -0400
From:    mclisa@m.......
Subject: Nick Knight problem

Btw, one thing I learned at my first con, which was the GWD appearance and
the surprised Nigel appearance at Toronto Trek 1993, is that Canada doesn't
have commercial blood banks like the U.S. This means that the serial
killer's motive in NK/DK is nonsense when the setting is moved to Toronto.

But what the heck, Toronto in our universe doesn't have a vampire homicide
detective or, alas, the Nightcrawler on CERK.

Cousin McLisa  (Lisa McDavid)  "That will be Trouble."
Listowner Forkni-l, Fkfic-l, Fkv4s-l


Date:    Thu, 6 Jul 2000 18:12:25 +0900
From:    Raven Breena <raven@n.......>
Subject: Knight School - Ep.101 - Dark Knight Pt. 1

Forever Knight, Nick Knight, and the episodes described aren't mine, they
belong to Sony/Tri-Star and no copyright infringement is intended.  Thus,
anyone can archive them, but I would appreciate a link back at my FK site
(http://www.naturesong.com/raven) and credit for writing the summary.

I will only post one of these in any 24-hour period so I don't overload the
people on digest (these can get rather long).

All Knight School Episode summaries archived at

Special thanks to Billie-Lee for making this all possible (my tapes and FKC
idea), and McLisa for going along with it.  Additions and corrections

-Cousin Raven (raven@n.......)

Knight School
Episode: 101 Dark Knight Part 1
Prerequisites: None

Janette is coming down stairs, in awe over the newly created Nicholas de
Brabant, the vampire.  He kisses her and she continues to look at him with
that look.  (You know that *look*, like she wants to rip his clothes
off...*Go Deb!*)  They approach LaCroix, splendid in some kind of black cape
with a neck frill (okay, so it's actually kind of silly looking), and they
walk off.
End Flashback

Flying over Toronto, someone ends up at the museum, watching a guard,
following him through the various exhibits. The guard is carrying a radio
which he places over a case with the jade goblet within (convenient, huh?);
The watcher breaks the glass with the radio and then attacks the guard whose
frantic yells are absolutely no help.

Surrounded by press, our hero Detective Nicholas B. Knight arrives on the
scene and we are treated to a demonstration of vampire hypnotism as he gets
the reporters to leave him alone. (Kinda goofy, but you *do* notice
something is very unusual with our hero.) A few minutes later, Nick is given
pause by a crucifix on a suit of armour but shrugs it off.

Nick covers his mouth at the sight of the blood, most probably to hide his
descended fangs (IMO), but Schanke makes comment on it. The curator, the
dark-haired Alyce, warms to Nick as he impresses her with his South American
grave robbing knowledge.

Back in the lab, Nat is beginning the autopsy and tries to get Nick to drink
some green tea, which he spits out.  She makes he actually swallow some and
he doesn't like it. (I don't blame him, even I don't like green tea.)

It's discovered that this victim, the forth, has two wounds (fang marks)
while the others had only a single slash.  Nat expresses her misgivings
about his fellow creatures of the night.

Stonetree tries to break it to Nick that he's going to have to get a
partner, which Nick is *really* not pleased about.  He asks if anyone would
like to shoot him...looks at his new partner, Schanke, and then back into
the bullpen, "Please?"

On his way home, Nick brings Jeannie, Topper, and Dr. Dave (young homeless
persons) hamburgers, which they appreciate, but they refuse Nick's offer of
shelter in his garage.

He gets home to the warehouse loft and attacks the refrigerator, pours blood
from a green bottle into a cup identical to the stolen Mayan cup and drinks

LaCroix brings a young girl in, she is asleep or drugged.  Nick expresses
his hunger and the two, Janette and LaCroix, coax Nick into drinking her
Nick wakes up in a blood sweat.
End Flashback

Nick gets up and checks his answering machine and a wonderful ad starts
proclaiming how Nicholas Knight has just been selected to spend a
"sun-filled week in Hawaii", which Nick hits the [ffwd] button on.  The
machine forwards up and there's a message from Alyce saying she's going to
be working on the cup that night and to stop by if he has a chance.  The
last message is from Dr. Lambert who urges him to eat some food.  He reaches
over and finds a piece of hard, cooked but now cold hamburger, which he
tries to eat but spits out.  (Again, who can blame him?)

Schanke is just finished giving blood and his type is identified as A-.  He
eats some garlic and almost knocks our hero out with his breath.

Cruising down the street in the wonderful '62(3?) caddy, they discuss the
case and the trunk space of the caddy.  They're passing by a street and we
see 'vampire vision' of the street, Nick hears screams and turns the caddy
around.  They jump out and he approaches a woman and speaks to her in her
own language (Vietnamese?) and they call for backup and scope out the
situation.  They get the bad guy with the gun in an upstairs room, and Nick
can see that he's got a hostage in front of him.  Giving Schanke
instructions to not let him out, Nick says he's going to 'go around'.

Outside, Nick looks up at the window of the room, there is no fire escape or
any other method of getting there.  A few minutes later, a vamped out, eyes
glowing Nick floats up to the window and pulls the bad guy out through the
window and crashs him to the ground.  The guy shoots madly as our flying
hero (looking rather like a gothic superman), and Nick comes in for an

Jeannie and Topper are getting ready to sleep, but they're being watched by
someone.  In a rush, the observer attacks Topper and Jeannie screams.

Alyce is researching the cup and finds a picture with Nick in it, as one of
the workers.  She's curious so she blows the picture up to get a better
view.  Yup, it's Nick.

The aforementioned guy is flying up near the skylight, watching Alyce.  He
sneaks up on her, she screams and then hugs him in relief.  His fangs are
clearly visible and he can hear her heartbeat.  Just in time, the guard
shows up and we see another demonstration of vampire hypnotism as he
convinces the guard that he saw him come in.

Stonetree and Schanke are baffled as to how the guy who got pulled out the
window, but they brush it off.

Alyce and Nick share an embrace and he kisses her.  He tries really hard,
but his fangs have a mind of their own and they want blood.  Deciding it
would be better not to hang around, he takes off again, thoroughly confusing
his would-be victim.

Nat finds out that Nick's nowhere to be found so she drives his caddy up to
the loft to find him severly angsting on the couch.  She berates him for
drinking his vital sustenence, and he wallows some more in his guilt.  Alyce
calls and Nat finds out that Nick almost didn't keep control that night, but
she's glad he's getting closer (more able to resist?).  She leads him into a
conversation about the 'others', the other vampires, namely LaCroix.

She finds out that LaCroix had killed the other workers during the dig in
South America to stop Nick from retrieving the goblet that they both
believed would make him mortal again.  Nick expresses his concern that all
these killings were done by LaCroix as a way to 'call him out' and get him
to confront LaCroix.

A bunch of teens are playing ball and they find Topper's body in a large
metal garbage can.  At the crime scene, Nick is looking around madly for
Jeannie, knowing they would never be apart.  They discovered that the blood
mobile had been there today, and the pieces start to fall together.

In a search for knowledge, Nick goes to the Raven, there are lots of colored
lights, but at least no neon (that was just too much).  Tempted by Jantte's
'wine' he almost gives in, but instead concentrates on finding out where
LaCroix is.  She gives him a piece of paper and tells him to be careful.

Nick cruises off in his caddy, with Alyce now in hot pursuit.  He tunes his
radio into a certain radio station and the Nightcrawler comes on the air,
complaining that he hasn't seen Nicholas in a long time.

Nick zones out and remembers his first kill again, a flashback that is
thankfully interruped by a near head on collision with another vehicle.

LaCroix intones over the airwaves, "The Nightcrawler's waiting for you..."

<End Part 1>

1.  Which caddy *really* has more trunk space?

2.  Doesn't Nick portray the 'scruffy look' elegantly?

3.  Shouldn't Nick have 'refueled' before going looking for LaCroix?  I
mean, he knew he's been trying to talk LC into giving him his freedom for
how many centuries and that a little force would be necessary, it seems only
prudent that he'd have taken precautions.

4.  Which jade cup do you like better?  I favor the one in "Nick Knight"

5.  Why did they replace the first old guard that died with another old
guard?  It's pretty evident the first one didn't work out.

6.  Where did they get the idea for that frilly cape that LaCroix was
wearing and did the one who suggested it get slapped?

I'll post part two tomorrow (providing I finish it <g>)

Cousin Raven Breena
Is there any way to take caffeine intravenously?


End of FORKNI-L Digest - 5 Jul 2000 to 6 Jul 2000 - Special issue (#2000-196)

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