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Digest - 2 Apr 2000 to 3 Apr 2000 (#2000-99)

Mon, 3 Apr 2000

There are 13 messages totalling 753 lines in this issue.

Topics of the day:

  1. FK/Touched by an Angel xover
  2. AWARDS:  1999 FK Fan Fiction Awards - Final Ballot Nominees
  3. NB in The Skulls (5)
  4. If Elvises were Vampires...
  5. Xoom sites unreachable ?? (4)
  6. Roma


Date:    Sun, 2 Apr 2000 14:33:56 -0700
From:    KYER <KYER@p.......>
Subject: Re: FK/Touched by an Angel xover

Cindy Clark wrote:  I can see Tracy being attracted to Andrew, making Vachon
realized just howmuch he really does care for her.  A truly jealous Vachon
could make for avery interesting story.

Judy wrote: Kyer, you have to write this story!!! I love the ideas you
mentioned in your post.  The idea of Andrew with fangs is a riot. I can see
both Nat and Janette being attracted to him.

I do hereby free up the idea to anybody who has the inclination and time to
write it up.  Better yet, how about multiple write ups?  That little promo
could go in so many directions.

Kyer, kyer@p.......


Date:    Sun, 2 Apr 2000 18:52:30 -0400
From:    FK Awards <fkawards@f.......>
Subject: AWARDS:  1999 FK Fan Fiction Awards - Final Ballot Nominees

Feel free to forward as needed...


It's taken me longer than expected to get all the information
gathered, people notified, nomination information verified,
web pages designed, etc., but at long last, I bring to you
the FINAL BALLOT LISTINGS for All Categories in the
1999 FK Fan Fiction Awards.

Now linked to the Awards main webpage
( http://www.fkfanfic.com/awards  )
you can find links to all three Final Ballot Listings as well as
webpages listing all of the other nominated stories for this
year's awards.  The Final Ballot Listings contain the list of all
stories making the final ballots in their category, with links
to the author's preferred web-accessible link to each story,
to facilitate reading, as well as author names and email address
links to allow you to write feedback to he authors.

The Final Voting Ballots and Special Categories Results are NOT
BALLOTS are ready.  In the meantime, get started reading all of
the nominated stories!!

Thanks for your support and patience for this year's Awards. Be sure
to read all of the nominated stories, write comments to the other authors,
and vote in the Awards, as this will greatly impact whether the Awards
will continue in the future.

Many congratulations to ALL OF THE NOMINEES and GOOD LUCK
to those making the FINAL BALLOTs.  Do these wonderful authors a
huge favor... read their stories and write them feedback, their email
addresses are linked on the Final Ballot Listing pages.

For all questions regarding the Awards, obtaining a Voter Id, which
is required for Voting, etc., please check out the Awards FAQ at
http://www.fkfanfic.com/awards/awardsfaq.htm   or feel free to
email me at fkawards@f.......

<drumroll please...........>

I now present....

The 1999 Forever Knight Fan Fiction Awards....


1999 NonAdult Vignette

Anymore                         Shana Nolan
Cousin Mary Must Die!           Cousin Mary Jenkins
End of the Innocense            Renee Miller
Forbidden Fruit                 Mary Combs
Heart's Desire                  Cindy Ingram
Must Have Been Indigestion      Sue Clark
Some Souvenirs are More Useful Than Others
                                Nancy Kaminski

1999 NonAdult Short Story

Blood Will Tell                 Mary Combs
But I Might...                  Kathy Whelton
Department of Fate              Cindy Ingram
Dona Nobis Pacem                Nancy Kaminski
Indigo Rain                     Mary Lou Manzie
Journey's End                   Mary Combs
Love Conquers All               C. Brady
Selective Hearing               Cindy Ingram

1999 NonAdult Novelette

Choices                         Dorothy Elggren
Daddy Doesn't Live Here Anymore
                                Susan Bennett
For Better or Worse             StormyNite
Fortune's Wheel                 Mary Combs
The Last Dance                  Lorelei Sieja
No Requiem                      Jean Graham
Viva Las Vegas!                 Cousin Mary Jenkins
When Darkness Falls             Diane Harris

1999 NonAdult Novella

Black Moves                     Kylie Coleman Tucker
Coming Across                   Cousin Mary Jenkins
Dance of the Undead             Lorelei Sieja
Dance with the Devil            Lorelei Sieja
Dreams and Reality              Karen Gunther
The Path Not Taken              Gwenn Musicante

1999 NonAdult Novel

The Darkness of the Soul        Dorothy Elggren
Desperate Measures              Mel Moser
The Hands of Time               Stephen Lansing
Hope                            Gwenn Musicante
A Question of the Soul          Catherine Foster
Seize the Knight                J. L. Kerr

1999 NonAdult Poem

A Candle for Remembrance        Debi McK
Frater                          Leslie GrantSmith
His Eyes                        Laura Griffin
I dream...                      Leslie GrantSmith
The Last Sunrise                Libby Singleton
Longer Than The Medicis         Amy R.
Natalie                         Susan Bennett
You Could Have Said I Love You Just Once
                                Gwenn Musicante

1999 NonAdult Filk

Don't Rain on My Crusade        Cindy Ingram
My Vamp                         Cindy Ingram
The Toronto Bloodsuckers--a Filk
                                Kyer en Ysh

Historic NonAdult Vignette

Blue                            M. E. Orive
Losses                          Anne Jensen
Ne-m' oubliez-pas               M. E. Orive
Prelude                         Mary Lou Manzie

Historic NonAdult Short Story

Cold Night on the Graveyard Shift
                                Jean Graham
Color of the Night              Valerie Meachum
De'Tour                         Mary Combs
Eve of All Saints               Mary Combs
For All Eternity                Nancy Taylor
Promises Kept                   Nancy Kaminski
Purgatorio                      Erika Wilson
Shadows and Ghosts              Dorothy Elggren
Welcome to the Family           Imajiru

Historic NonAdult Novelette

Bedside Manners                 Mel Moser
Blood Feud                      Kylie Coleman-Tucker
Full Circle                     Dorothy Elggren
Requiem For A Knight            Dorothy Elggren
Shepherds                       Mary Combs
A State of Grace                Jean Graham

Historic NonAdult Novella

Clarus                          Kylie Coleman-Tucker
Darkened Beings                 Kusine Kaninchen
Deja Vu                         Nancy Kaminski
Fortune's Favor                 Nancy Taylor
My Evil Twin Is A Vampire       Christina Kamnikar
The Only Constant Is Change     Kylie Coleman-Tucker
Silent Echoes                   Dorothy Elggren
Song Without Words              Lorelei Sieja
Witness                         StormyNite

Historic NonAdult Novel

Consequences                    Christine Hantzopulos Hunt
Devastation                     Judith Freudenthal
Nightmare                       Judith Freudenthal
The Other Side of Evil          Christine Hantzopulos Hunt
Resurrection                    Susan M. Garrett
Somehow                         Dorothy Elggren
The Unselfish Partner           Bonnie Rutledge

Historic NonAdult Poem

Confession                      Shelia
Dark Night                      Sandra Gray
Sonnet for Nicholas             Laudon

Historic NonAdult Filk

Black Toes                      Susan Bennett
The Caddy                       Brenda Bell
Dark Knight Before Christmas    Bob Cradock
Isle de Brabant                 Shelia
Vampire on the Roof             Lynn Messing

Withdrawn from the NonAdult
Final Ballot by Author Request

Historic Short Story   ...what's an arcsecond?           Imajiru
Historic Novelette     Last Chance Before the Cliff      Dorothy Elggren
Historic Novel         Evidence                          Dorothy Elggren
Historic Filk          Another Vampire on the Roof Filk  Lynn Messing
1999 Short Story       Through the Fire                  Cindy Ingram
1999 Novelette         A Question of Trust               StormyNite
1999 Novella           The Persecuted                    Lorelei Sieja


1999 & Historic* Some Adult Vignette
* Categories Combined

A Dangerous Thing               Sue Clark
Natalie Lambert, Outlaw         Sue Clark
The Object of Her Affection     Cindy Ingram

1999 Some Adult Short Story

Everything Happens for a Reason
Just Desserts                   Tammy Morrison
Monsieur Grumpy                 Tyra
Pleasure Choices                Tyra
Unexpected Liaison              Kylie Coleman-Tucker
Valentine Reflections           Nancy Taylor

1999 Some Adult Novelette

A Beginning                     Nightlady
Circles Unbroken                Tyra
Eyes of a Child                 James Walkswithwind
Faith                           Micki Lynn McCormick
Her Scent Upon The Pillow       Kylie Coleman-Tucker
New Beginnings                  Carla Martinek
Past Sins                       StormyNite
Pictures From Hell              StormyNite

1999 Some Adult Novella

As Sure as the Heavens          Kylie Coleman-Tucker
Fear                            StormyNite
Forgotten Promise               Nightlady
Knightmares                     Rebecca Chessman
Like Father Like Son            StormyNite
Tis The Season                  Cousin Mary Jenkins

1999 Some Adult Novel

Dreams and a New Life   Karen Gunter
Legacy of Evil:  Inklings       Rebecca Chessman
Legacy of Evil:  Resolutions    Rebecca Chessman
Legacy of Evil:  Revelations    Rebecca Chessman

Historic Some Adult Vignette
* Combined with 1999 Some Adult Vignette

Historic Some Adult Short Story

A Broken Citadel                Nancy Kaminski
Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know
Masquerade                      Iocaste
You Oughta Know                 Stephanie Babbitt

Historic Some Adult Novelette
* Combined with 1999 Some Adult Novelette

Historic Some Adult Novella

Dreams to Reality               StormyNite
A Gilded Cage                   Amie LaRouche
It's All Coming Back To Me Now
                                Mel Moser
Unfinished Busines              Kathy Whelton

Historic Some Adult Novel

Didacts and Narpets             Ian David Galloway
Knight Confessions              Carrie Krumtum
The Phoenix                     Nancy Warlocke
Small Gestures                  Amanda Sullivan
Transitions                     Marcia Tucker
Un Acte de Foi                  Mary Lou Manzie
A Week at the Bed and Bloodfest
                                Patt Elmore

Withdrawn from the Some Adult
Final Ballot by Author Request

1999 Short Story     Dolenti Parole                  Kylie Coleman-Tucker
1999 Novelette       The Faithful Few                Kylie Coleman-Tucker
1999 Novelette       I Thee Wed                      Kylie Coleman-Tucker
1999 Novella         The Eyes of Truth               StormyNite


1999 All Adult Vignette

Beyond Popcorn                  Shelia
Caddywhacked                    Nancy Taylor
Come Down                       Shelia
Housesitting with Nick and Nat
                                Sue Clark
Matinee                         Sue Clark
Nick and Nat Play Cards         Sue Clark
A Slow Night                    Sue Clark
Start of a New Day              Sue Clark
Sweet Torture                   Shelia
With My Hands Bound             Shelia

1999 All Adult Short Story

The Ayes Have It                Jan Wiles
Edge of Darkness                Shelia
Forever In My Heart             C. Brady
A Magnificent Miracle of Modern Medicine
                                Mel Moser
Morgue Madness                  C. Brady
The Phone Call                  Kylie Coleman-Tucker

1999 All Adult Novelette

The Aftermath                   Nancy Taylor
Enough                          Ophelia Paradise
One Fine Morning                Mistress V
Till Death                      Ophelia Paradise
Twas a Dark and Lonely Heart Knight
                                Mel Moser

1999 All Adult Novella

Out of the Ashes                elfin
Picasso of Pain                 elfin

Historic All Adult Vignette

Forever, My Love                Mel Moser
I'll Be                         Shelia
Longview - Nat                  Shelia
Tip of the Iceberg, or A Snip of Fate
                                Kathy Whelton

Historic All Adult Short Story

All in Love is Fair             Kathy Whelton
Another Saturday Night          Nyx Fixx
Everytime I Fall Back           Texasbrat
Hagen-Dazs                      Nyx Fixx
I Smell Sex and Candy           Shelia
A Midsummer Knight's Dream      Mel Moser
Perspective                     Shelia
The Same Saturday Night         Nyx Fixx

Historic All Adult Novelette

Lead Us Not into Temptation     Ophelia Paradise
When In Rome                    April Hackett & Susan Field

Historic All Adult Novella

Living Fantasy                  Tyra
A Splash of Gold                elfin
What Love Endures               Ophelia Paradise

Withdrawn from the All Adult
Final Ballot by Author Request

1999 Short Story        The Rewards of Jealousy         C. Brady
1999 Short Story        Sofa, So Good                   Mel Moser
1999 Novelette          The Assault                     Nancy Taylor
Historic Short Story    A Special Treatment             Mel Moser
Historic Novella        Taking Care                     Ophelia Paradise
Historic Novella        To Err Is Human                 Ophelia Paradise
1999 Forever Knight Fan Fiction Awards


Date:    Sun, 2 Apr 2000 17:46:18 -0700
From:    "Miranda (AC Tong)" <specmir@h.......>
Subject: Re: NB in The Skulls

Lori wrote:

> I was told today by someone who WOULD lie to me just to see me get all
> ecstatic and goofy that Nigel Bennett is in "The Skulls" with Joshua
> Jackson.
> Is this true?  Has anyone else heard this?  Am I being taunted?

No, it's not an April Fools joke :) <glares at a whole bunch of DPs that
gave me a mind attack yesterday>

It's true, and it's a fairly bigger role than I imagined it to be. He
plays a fairly large role in the end, plays duel master in a duel. I
loved it when he was yelling: "Where's my bag?" bwahahaha... Just goes
to show you.. even if he's counting down from 10, it's still melts one
when they listen IMHO.

Anywayz, he's look good, there's this one scene where his character is
so smug I was about to laugh out of my seat. :)

I'm just surprised he wasn't, hasn't, and isn't being listed in the
official site or America reviews. Pshaw... Craig T. Nelson... I'd rather
see NB's name listed. <growl>

Miranda  Level 2 AC Tong
specmir@h.......       http://www.flarn.com/miranda/      ICQ: 19120648
RCACS 692 Air Canada Squadron     Falcon Flight Rocks!!!
[20:11] <KnaraKat> Math is the basis of everything.  Physics is a
reality-filter for math.  Chemistry is a scripting language for
physics.  Biology is a GUI for chemstry >=)


Date:    Sun, 2 Apr 2000 22:44:59 EDT
From:    Laudon1965@a.......
Subject: Re: NB in The Skulls

In a message dated 04/02/2000 5:47:57 PM US Mountain Standard Time,
specmir@h....... writes:

Re: Nigel Bennett in "Skulls"

<< It's true, and it's a fairly bigger role than I imagined it to be. He
 plays a fairly large role in the end, plays duel master in a duel. I
 loved it when he was yelling: "Where's my bag?" bwahahaha.. >>

I don't know what to think because Roger Ebert and whoever his side-kick of
the week is just gave "Skulls"   "Two thumbs *way* down".   I get the feeling
Nigel's the best thing about the picture.

Laurie of the Isles


Date:    Sun, 2 Apr 2000 23:51:47 CDT
From:    Thomas Lambert <eternaltl@h.......>
Subject: Re: NB in The Skulls

But then you have to remember.. Roger Ebert is just one person.. and what he
doesn't like, you might love. I haven't agreed with anything he and Siskel
have said in a LONG time.


>I don't know what to think because Roger Ebert and whoever his side-kick of
>the week is just gave "Skulls"   "Two thumbs *way* down".   I get the
>feeling Nigel's the best thing about the picture.
>Laurie of the Isles


Date:    Mon, 3 Apr 2000 02:11:43 EDT
From:    PF820@a.......
Subject: Re: NB in The Skulls

    I am a native Chicagoin and have been reading Rober Ebert for years in
the paper he writes for here.  95% of the time the movies he gives two thumbs
down to are some of my favorites!!!!  I havn't heard much about The Skulls,
but in spite of Roger, I am going to give it a shot and make up my own mind.


Date:    Mon, 3 Apr 2000 07:11:50 -0500
From:    "Brenda F. Bell" <webwarren@e.......>
Subject: Re: If Elvises were Vampires...

At 11:20 PM 4/1/00 -0500, Tracy Sue wrote:

>Come to think of it, [Elvis's "I Can't Help Falling in Love With You"]
> should be the unofficial song for most FK
>Characters.  It nicely fits with most relationships.

Interesting item: the original title of the music is "Plaisir d'Amour"
("The Joy of Love"); the (English language) lyrics I learned are about a
man in love bemoaning his beloved's infidelity. Unfortunately, I don't know
the original French lyrics...

>How many of our beloved FK Characters "Rushed In" to a relationship?
>And how many more "Can't help" falling in Love?

        The joy of love may not have long to stay,
        But all through life runs the sorrow of love's dismay.

The next couplet reminds one of Lacroix, post-Fleur:

        I say farewell to the whims of my Sylvia's heart;
        She has already made another start.

>It seems to me like the two mortals on my short list fall in the can't help
>category.  They know what they're in for, but they can't help but fall.  While
>most of the vamps rushed into an ill conceved or unwanted relationship.  Or
>one that led to unhappiness for one of them due to their lack of foresight.

Recalls the second verse:

        I heard her say that as long as the stream
        Should sweetly flow across the land alluring,
        Her love would be equally strong and true to me.
        Still flows the stream; her love is less enduring.

>I got a little deeper than I planned with that one.

So did all of the vamps... and in the end, Nat as well...

Brenda F. Bell   webwarren@e.......   /nick TMana     IM: n2kye
Arctophile, computer addict, TREKker, stealth photographer...
        UA, PoCBS, FKPagan; Neon-Green GlowWorm
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Date:    Mon, 3 Apr 2000 10:51:38 -0400
From:    Cindy Clark <clarkcindy@e.......>
Subject: Re: NB in The Skulls

I just saw on the Today Show this morning that The Skulls came in third
place for earnings for this weekend.


Date:    Mon, 3 Apr 2000 19:06:23 CEST
From:    Simone Nicole Dornecker <moonwing@h.......>
Subject: Xoom sites unreachable ??

Has anybody the last days succeded to open one of the sites that start with
members.xoom.com/ ??? I wasn't able to reach either Tyra's site, nor Kristin
Harris' site or even my own. Does Anybody know what has happened? Or is it
just my PC?


Simone Nicole Dornecker     Zwei Seelen wohnen ach! in meiner Brust,
Simone_Dornecker@y.......   Die eine will sich von der andern trennen;
Moonwing@h.......           Die eine haelt, in derber Liebeslust,
                            Sich an die Welt mit klammernden Organen;
                            Die andre hebt gewaltsam sich vom Dust
                            Zu den Gefilden hoher Ahnen.   (Faust)


Date:    Mon, 3 Apr 2000 13:11:32 EDT
From:    Dolpfin220@a.......
Subject: Re: Xoom sites unreachable ??

In a message dated 04/03/2000 12:07:48 PM Central Daylight Time,
moonwing@h....... writes:

> Has anybody the last days succeded to open one of the sites that start with
>  members.xoom.com/ ??? I wasn't able to reach either Tyra's site, nor Kristin
>  Harris' site or even my own. Does Anybody know what has happened? Or is it
>  just my PC?

This has been happening periodically to me too.  Sometimes it will come up if
I reload, but often I just have to try later and hope I can get through....
It has been frustrating....

<A HREF="Dolpfin220@a.......">Dolpfin220@a.......</A>

There is nothing so disagreeable, that a patient mind cannot find some solace
for it. -Lucius Annaeus Seneca, Roman philosopher (BC 3-65 AD)


Date:    Mon, 3 Apr 2000 13:52:26 -0500
From:    deb <totoq@r.......>
Subject: Re: Xoom sites unreachable ??

I have our Horror_Lit site on Xoom also.  They are having server
problems and the latest (after almost a week) is that it should be fully
operational within the next 24 hours...we'll see.



Date:    Mon, 3 Apr 2000 15:05:15 -0500
From:    Kristin Harris <kris1228@s.......>
Subject: Re: Xoom sites unreachable ??

I can get to Xoom sites including my own, but Xoom is not bringing up
everything, so I have to go back then forward or hit refresh to bring
everything up. It's also slower than normal. It's been this way several
days, except later at night, which I noticed last weekend. Then it was
functioning normally, nice speed bringing up everything. Right now though
Xoom states that some member servives may be expericancing difficulities for
the homepages under their site status: http://xoom.com/sitestatus/

So hopefully it will get better soon.



Date:    Mon, 3 Apr 2000 16:25:24 -0400
From:    Dorothy Spirito <spiritod@t.......>
Subject: Roma

Just *have* to tell you all, I just got back from Rome yesterday, after
flying there a week ago to configure three switches for a customer.  Went
from speaking a little Italian to speaking a *lot*.  (Fluency soon.)

Did I think about LaCroix when I finally got to do the sight-seeing thing
Friday afternoon and saw all those statues?  Absolutely!




End of FORKNI-L Digest - 2 Apr 2000 to 3 Apr 2000 (#2000-99)

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