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Digest - 15 Mar 2000 - Special issue (#2000-77)

Wed, 15 Mar 2000

There are 9 messages totalling 5083 lines in this issue.

<Archiver's note:  Most of this was a binary file, which I've deleted.>

Topics in this special issue:

  1. Make some FK $$$ for charity TODAY!!!
  2. YKYBW...
  3. What we *really* need to do to help FK
  4. Converts and Canonical Gaps
  5. FK Hotbars (2)
  6. More fanfic Q's: Cohen's precinct and color of roses (2)
  7. Requesting beta readers for long, adult fanfic currently in progress


Date:    Tue, 14 Mar 2000 16:06:32 -0600
From:    Carla Martinek <copper6500@y.......>
Subject: Make some FK $$$ for charity TODAY!!!

OK, a friend just informed me of this., else I would have done this
sooner.    It hit me after I signed up that this would be a great way to
make some $$ for FK charities.  I hope this isn't violating any list
policies, but it seemed like such a good idea.

A lot of us do online auction buying and selling, and if so, you should
definitely check out PayPal.

Right now, PayPal is offering a $10 signing bonus for both signee's and
referrers. I'm challanging everyone on the list over 18 to sign up now,
and I will donate any bonus bucks I receive to our favorite FK charity,
Pediatric Aids.  You must have a bank account and credit card.

However, it should to be done TODAY, March 15, in order to maximize
profits.  Tomorrow, their referral/signup bonus goes down to $5.  And,
send me an email stating that you did this, so I can record it and
credit you properly when I let the list know.  :-)

Of course, if you can't do it until tomorrow or whenever, that's fine.
I'll still keep track of and donate any credits!

Even if you have no intention of ever using the service, you can still
sign up and take advantage of their offer.

To do this, use this SECURE link:


Again, I promise to donate any referral bonuses that come from FK
members to the Pediatric Aids foundation, in the name of Forever Knight
Fans.   Every little bit helps.

I give my permission to pass this on to other FK lists.  However, please
be sure to include the link above, and drop me a line letting me know
you did so.

N&N Packer, among other things


Date:    Wed, 15 Mar 2000 17:47:07 EST
From:    Amanda Berendt <debrabant@h.......>
Subject: YKYBW...

Well, I can't say 'watching' cuz it isn't on and even if it were, I am at
work all day....so.....
At work today this patient comes in, he was a little boy and his
registration form said his name was "Ger."  Then while they were waiting,
his father was talking to him and pronounced it like GWD does.  I thought
Also, the hospital where I work is having construction done (and considering
I just started a month ago) i just found out what it is.  They are building
a new wing to house a "Children's Hospital."  And I thought, Wow, I can
donate money like I have in the past and I can acturally see it working.
So needless to say I had a very Ger day. :)

"Peace over anger. Honor over hate. Strength over fear."


Date:    Wed, 15 Mar 2000 17:21:54 -0600
From:    Kristin Harris <kris1228@s.......>
Subject: What we *really* need to do to help FK

Sorry if this repeats to you. This is for FK's benefit and I'm trying to
reach all. Please read carefully...

I was just thinking, and relized that what we can do to get FK to REALLY
climb is to get **NEW** voters on the Global 100.

What determines FK's position is the point system. All of us each have a
Maximum of *5* points to contribute. Re-newing those points so they remain
100% is also helpful. FK currently has 52611 points. It needs 79728 points
to be #1. In the beginning it was #1 unofficially. I'm not sure what
happened to make it drop so much, but we CAN make it climb back.

One thing I DO know is that everyone needs to add their 5 points for FK. ALL
of you on this list please vote even if it is just once, just as long as you
add your votes. Forever Knight needs all of us to reach that spot. Even if
you believe these charts are a waste of time, just contribute your 5 points
to make the ones who don't think it's a waste happier. If we ALL do this
together we can show how much we LOVE FK and how much we would like to see
more of it. SHOW TPTB you care by voting for FK!

Once again, Susan Field IS sending this chart to the powers that be SHOWING
them FK's popularity. So please help by adding your 5 points.

Anyone on here who has not voted is *desperately* needed. Your NEW points
can REALLY help! If you have any questions how to vote just drop me an
e-mail (kris1228@s.......) and I'll tell you all you need to know.

Other wise just go HERE to add your helpful 5 points:


Please re-new them when you can, so they remain 100%, but *atleast* vote
once. This is for our Knight!

Thank you for helping!


Date:    Wed, 15 Mar 2000 17:59:44 EST
From:    Ceily Trog <Fk4ever1228@a.......>
Subject: Re: Converts and Canonical Gaps

Amy wrote: <<However, canonically speaking, it's not an invalid argument.  If
one wished, for whatever reason, to begin with the hypothesis that Nick's
vampire skills are not all they should be, one could take what some
characterize as a poor record of conversions -- Elizabeth, Gerald, Roger
(perhaps even Janette, to stretch a point) all "out of control" or
"insane," his difficulty sensing Serena and Alexandra (assuming he has a
link to Alexandra), dead Alyssa and Natalie.>>

It should be noted that Nick did not kill Natalie.  He was only supposed to
take a "little bit" in the hope that he would become human ALA Janette in the
Human Factor.  When he said he took too much, this is what he was referring
to.  Nat was still alive and could have been brought across, but Nick refused
to condemn her to becoming a vampire.  Instead, to keep his promise that they
would be together, he asked LaCroix to kill him with the stake.

I am enjoying this discussion immensely!

returning to lurkdom


Date:    Thu, 16 Mar 2000 08:28:39 +0900
From:    Raven Breena <raven@n.......>
Subject: FK Hotbars


Not sure if everyone has heard of hotbar, but it's a way to "skin" your
browser (know it works with internet explorer, and it should work with
netscape).  I've made a few fk skins (and will make more per request, please
be specific) and they're at : www.naturesong.com/raven/hotbars.htm.
Directions for installing them are included on the page.

There are still screensavers and backgrounds on the other pages...and
requests are still taken (now that my exams are about to be over).

Hugs to all!

Cousin Raven


Date:    Wed, 15 Mar 2000 15:55:27 -0800
From:    "D. K. Kraft" <cat@e.......>
Subject: More fanfic Q's: Cohen's precinct and color of roses

Once more tapping the online knowledge base:

        I'm seeking the following info:  the precinct number where Cohen is
(and where Nick is assigned in BMV); and the color of that rose bouquet that
Lacroix sends Nat.  I'm asking the latter because I can't tell if they're pale
yellow or white.  I'm leaning toward pale yellow.

        The story progresses.  In fact, it feels like it's burning a hole in my
brain: I've got to write it out to get any sleep!  My muse is working
overtime, apparently...

Paws in the Ink --
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       ~       Lynnwood, WA     |
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Date:    Wed, 15 Mar 2000 16:02:26 -0800
From:    "D. K. Kraft" <cat@e.......>
Subject: Requesting beta readers for long, adult fanfic currently in progress

A Request:

        Due to the length and complexity of the fanfic story I'm working on, I
it would benefit from a once-over by a beta reader or readers.  The story is
of an adult nature, so be warned.

        I hope to have the tale at least 50% completed by this weekend.  Please
me know if you are interested, and when the draft is finished, I will e-mail
you a copy for your most excellent input and editorial comments.

Paws in the Ink --
     /\ /\                      |  "Thousands of years ago, cats were
     ^o o^     D.K. "Cat" Kraft |   worshipped as gods.  Cats have
     ->T<-     cat@e.......   |   never forgotten this."
       ~       Lynnwood, WA     |
___oOO___OOo___                 |                        -- Anonymous


Date:    Wed, 15 Mar 2000 19:04:31 -0500
From:    br1035@i.......
Subject: Re: More fanfic Q's: Cohen's precinct and color of roses

D.K. Kraft wrote:

<snip>I'm seeking the following info: the precinct number where Cohen is captain
>(and where Nick is assigned in BMV);<snip>

96th Precinct. Reese is the same. Stonetree was the 27th.

<snip> and the color of that rose bouquet that
>Lacroix sends Nat. <snip>

White, all through the episode.


Bonnie Rutledge......<br1035@i.......>......Evil - The Puppy Says So!
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Date:    Wed, 15 Mar 2000 18:58:57 -0600
From:    Kristin Harris <kris1228@s.......>
Subject: Re: FK Hotbars

Yes, I knew about those, but don't use Hotbar. I made one myself as a BMP
file. If you have Internet Explorer to add it just go to the file menu when
you open explorer. Click on Tools, Toolbar Wallpaper, then click show
desktop wallpaper in list. You should then be able to select the file from
the list. Make sure it is saved under your c:/windows/ directory.

You may be able to add the picture with Hotbar too, but I am not sure how.
Above it the way I do it. I attached the toolbar wallpaper I made. I hope
you like it! I have had it for a while but never thought about giving it to


<binary file snipped>

End of FORKNI-L Digest - 15 Mar 2000 - Special issue (#2000-77)

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