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Logfile LOG9606D Part 3

June 21-June 22, 1996

File: "FORKNI-L LOG9606D" Part 3

	Missing mail, how to get it
	SPOILERS: Good vs Evil, LK
	Survey of Episodes
	Ger and the new series
	Screed  (2)
	Nick is Alive!
	FK Merchandise Survey
	Horses (not Nick)  (2)
	Ger and a new series
	Blackwing, etc.
	Nick and Horses
	In need of assistance..........Please.  (4)
	Ex-Post Shrewthering Post and acting
	Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
	Help with a prank... please
	Missing Parts of Fiction....
	A question of holy symbols
	JOSTA (YKYB...?)The Fix and mortality (was: Spolers: Blackwing)
	FK actors in other things

Date:         Fri, 21 Jun 1996 18:31:34 -0500
From:         Laura Ruggiero <larug@s.......>
Subject:      Missing mail, how to get it

Yes, I too was missing a lot of mail from the 19th.  (Be glad this is
happening now and not during the war)   Here's how you can retrieve it:
I am using Fkfic-l for this example, to search a different PSUVM list, just
substitute the desired list name.
Send to <LISTSERV@p.......>
No subject
in body of message:

database search dd=rules
//rules dd *
search * in Fkfic-l from 96/06/19 to 96/06/19

(Note: Do NOT include a signature, if one is present it confuses the hamsters)

Here's what you get back:

>> search * in Fkfic-l from 96/06/19 to 96/06/19
>--> Database FKFIC-L, 23 hits.
>> index
>Item #   Date   Time  Recs   Subject
>------   ----   ----  ----   -------
>000246 96/06/19 02:58   32   LIST STUFF: Help When Needed
>000247 96/06/19 05:10  207   XOVER: PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE PT 07/? A FK/HL
>000248 96/06/19 10:24  127   Blood (1/1; spoilers for LK
>000249 96/06/19 16:18   14   War: Test Message--ignore!
>000250 96/06/19 11:04  170   The Stars in Ourselves (2/9)
>000251 96/06/19 14:33  149   The Stars in Ourselves (3/9)
>000252 96/06/19 18:20   99   Beyond the Shadows Part 4/11
>000253 96/06/19 18:21   73   Beyond the Shadows Part 6/11
>000254 96/06/19 19:07   58   Absolution (10/12)
>000255 96/06/19 20:22  297   Legacy [1/4] (fwd)
>000256 96/06/19 19:26   87   Healing:the Final Chapter Part 1a/?
>000257 96/06/19 19:27   76   Healing:the Final Chapter Part 1b/?
>000258 96/06/19 19:30  128   Healing:the Final Chapter Part 1c/?
>000259 96/06/19 19:36  167   Healing:the Final Chapter
>000260 96/06/19 19:57  368   ADULT: Spilt Milk (1/2)
>000261 96/06/19 20:18  151   Breaking Dawn (Part 7)
>000262 96/06/19 20:18  445   Happy Birthday, Susan!
>000263 96/06/19 21:40  334   ADULT: Spilt Milk (2/2)
>000264 96/06/19 22:52  286   The Apartment (1/1) *LK and AtA Spoilers*
>000265 96/06/19 20:19  343   Cats Eyes (33/35)
>000267 96/06/19 22:32  174   The Stars in Ourselves (3/9)
>000273 96/06/19 09:21  180   The Stars in Ourselves (4/9)
>000280 96/06/19 23:01  201   The Stars in Ourselves (1/9)REPOST

Now, in order to actually retrieve any posts you have missed send to:
<LISTSERV@p.......>, with No subject
in body of message (Note: Numbers present after "print" are those I was
missing, you would fill in whatever ones you needed):

Database Search DD=Rules Outlim=20000
//Rules DD   *
Search * in FKFIC-L
Print all of 236 248 252 253 255 256 257 258 259 260 263 261 262 264

(Again, use no signature)

And that's it.

Laura Ruggiero (larug@s.......)
"Temporary" Die-Hard Coordinator
Die-Hards email me if you want to be in the FKFIC-L WAR.
Date:         Fri, 21 Jun 1996 19:46:47 -0400
From:         Ann Lipton <Iocaste@a.......>
Subject:      Re: SPOILERS: Good vs Evil, LK

I haven't really been following this discussion, so if I repeat what someone
else has said, I apologize, but:

IMHO, in the world of FK, there is good and evil, and they are clearly
defined in traditional Old Testament fashion.  Why do I say this?  Because we
are shown that no matter what good Nick does, or how bad he feels, he is
objectively evil in the eyes of God.  He cannot touch a cross, and a
mysterious angel-like figure flatly tells him his soul is corrupt.  This to
me is evidence that there are no grays, no black-and-whites in
_this_particular_universe_.  So when Nick says he is evil, he is right.

Of course, nowadays most people aren't too crazy about the idea of an
absolute good and evil, and status offenses -- that is, transgressions
defined solely by your state of being -- were outlawed in America by the
Supreme Court in the '60s.  So we like Nick precisely because as much of the
world of FK may exist in black and white, we in reality believe in shades of

Maybe some of the power of the show comes from the fact that the stories are
also presented to us in shades of gray -- many of Nick's dilemmas have no
"right" or "wrong" answers, yet he does exist in a world of harshly drawn
lines.  So how can you survive in such a world, knowing that an absolute
morality exists, when half the time you can't judge which side a given action
falls on?

Well, that's my $02.

Back to your regularly scheduled .... etc.

Date:         Fri, 21 Jun 1996 19:47:41 -0400
From:         Ann Lipton <Iocaste@a.......>
Subject:      Survey of Episodes

Well, whenever there's a show with a following, someone's got to do this.

And maybe it was done very recently for FK (I've only been here for about a
week) in which case, someone tell me and I'll apologize and go home.

BUT, if it hasn't been done yet, I think it's about time for the


Yes, I am volunteering to collect the ballots.

Please tell me:

1)  Your favourite episode in each of the three seasons.  One ep per season
please, and two-parters, we will say, count as one.

2) Your least favourite episode of the series (one ep only)

3) Reasons for your choices.

I'm considering July 1st the last day of balloting, so have your answers to
me by then.  I'll post results and any interesting comments people send me.

If you have a friend whose a fan but has no access to email, you may send me
their choices.

So vote early, and vote often (just kidding, of course -- one ballot to a

Date:         Fri, 21 Jun 1996 19:52:49 -0400
From:         Dalton Spence <dalton.spence@f.......>
Subject:      Re: Ger and the new series

What I would like to see . . .

Ger is a scout of an alien infiltration force who comes to identify too
much with the people of the planet his world is planning to subjugate
(for its own good, of course). After an accident reveals his true nature
to a curious neighbor (he is a "blue blood"; pastel actually), he is on
the run from both his own people (whose plans he thwarts as his tries to
protect the humans he has come to admire) and a shadowy government org-
anization which he refuses to aid directly (since that might bring harm
to his former comrades, who would massively retaliate). He is secretly
aided by hidden sympathizers on both sides, and by friends gathered
along the way.

He has no special powers (except the ability to recognize his own, and
some advanced technical knowledge) but as a scout he prepared several
secret caches of equipment and supplies to be used in an emergency. He
can also spot the caches of other scouts, but they can spot his as well.
Fortunately, for security reasons, there is no central registry of
caches and scouts are notoriously paranoid about revealing their loca-
tion to anybody.

There is a victory condition for Ger's character. By his homeworld's own
laws, if the political and social structure of a planet meets certain
minimum standards, it cannot be dealt with as an immature culture, but
as an equal. Because a mature culture is one to be respected, the infil-
tration effort would stop immediately.

<Hey, I love sci-fi!>

Yours in Ribena,

Dalton S. Spence, B.Sc., P.Prog <ag775@f.......>
Home Page: http://www.freenet.hamilton.on.ca/~ag775/home.html
Date:         Fri, 21 Jun 1996 21:54:33 -0300
From:         "Leigh T. Johnston" <am496@c.......>
Subject:      Screed

 I figure most people will be deleting this one unread as Screed is not
the favorite character for discussion.
   I'm sitting here taping X-Files for my boyfriend and a Pizza Hut
commercial came on, I'm pretty sure that the guy who plays Screed is in
the commercial. I freaked out my r-mate 'cause I yelled "Hey, that's
Screed!" and then had to tell him who Screed is. :-)

ObFK: What is the first episode that we first see/hear of Divia? I
cancelled my cable sub so I could save money and haven't been able to see
the third season eps I missed so I'm *really* hoping she's in second
season since I still get FK re-runs on my regular channels.

- Leigh (Ghoti)
  **Immortal Beloved - Merc - Valentine**
  **Bunny of McGregor (Official Nibbler of the Radishes)**
  **Mama to Denis (10 June 1994)**
Date:         Fri, 21 Jun 1996 20:35:54 -0500
From:         TippiNB <Tippinb@i.......>
Subject:      Re: Screed

Leigh wrote:

>   I'm sitting here taping X-Files for my boyfriend and a Pizza Hut
>commercial came on, I'm pretty sure that the guy who plays Screed is in
>the commercial. I freaked out my r-mate 'cause I yelled "Hey, that's
>Screed!" and then had to tell him who Screed is. :-)

Why'd I get a sudden image of rat pizza?  Bleh!

>ObFK: What is the first episode that we first see/hear of Divia?

A More Permanent Hell.  Second season.

****Wicked Cousin Tippi****
HEY!  Want FK stuff?  Sony needs to know that you want it! Contact
Anne at TV_ShowStuff@p....... and TELL her NOW! :)
"Poetry can be so deceiving." - LC in Baby, Baby
Date:         Fri, 21 Jun 1996 09:40:00 -0400
From:         SAM RABINOWITZ <sam.rabinowitz@c.......>
Subject:      Nick is Alive!

I have absolute proof that Nick survived "Last Knight!"  In the mail
today I received a bulletin from the British Philatelic Bureau
("In-Phil," July '96, No. 139).  Under the section entitled "Olympics
'96,"  I quote:
To celebrate the centenary of the modern Olympic Games, Royal Mail will
issue a se tenent strip of five 26p stamps on 9 July 1996.  The stanmps
represent various sportsmen and women in action and carry the words:
Olympic & Paralympic Teams 1996.

The stamps, designed by Nick Knight, are horizontal in format (41mm x
30 mm) and are printed by The House of Questa in offset lithography.
So Nick pulled up stakes :) and moved to England.  I guess he
decided that designing postage stamps was less stressful than being a
cop.  Would anyone care to discuss the merits of a vampire postage
stamp designer?  So far the only thing I can think of is using fangs to
perforate the stamps!

           Sam (back to lurking)
          <*> <*> <*>  sam.rabinowitz@c.......  <*> <*> <*>

 * 1st 2.00 #4625 * I WILL AVENGE THE DEATH OF KOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Date:         Fri, 21 Jun 1996 21:15:32 -0500
From:         Laura Ruggiero <larug@s.......>
Subject:      Re: FK Merchandise Survey

>1)  Would you purchase the following? How much would you pay (US$)?
>     -- coffee mug? (black w/FK logo? another design? another color?) Maybe
>     -- comic books? (would they have to be in the FK "universe"?) No
>     -- novels? (would they have to be in the FK "universe"?) Yes and Yes
>     -- fanzines? Yes
>     -- filkbooks? Maybe
>     -- original music books/sheets? Definitly
>     -- The Raven/club stuff? (what?)
>     -- more music by Fred? (FK only?  other Fred stuff?) Anything by
>Fred, esp. more FK
>     -- trading cards w/characters photos & info   NO
>     -- technical books from the sets? scripts?  Maybe
>     -- FK fantasy art?  (what media?) (mail order?) Maybe
>     -- FK t-shirts (what on it?  what colors?) Yes, logo w/skyline,
>     -- FK halloween costuming? masks? (what? who?) no
>     -- posters?  (what shots? what groupings?) Maybe
>     -- Ribena? Yes
>     -- FK vamp stuff? (what?) Yes, Vamp teeth, Glowing eyes/contacts

--Calendars  Yes
--Videos  Yes
>2)  Would you want to see "action figures" or is that too juvenile? Is
>    this too adult a market?  If you like the idea, pls specify what
>    "attributes" you'd like your favorite to have (i.e. costume,
>    color, hair(!!!), carrying what, etc.)?  NO
>3)  Do you know where you can get Ribena locally?  Pls indicate where
>    & if you'd like to get it (retail or mail order). NO
>4)  How about FK chocolate?  Maybe
>        -- what shape?
>        -- what type of choclate? (milk, dark, semi, Belgian, etc.)
>        -- would you pay extra for it to be a good quality chocolate?
>        -- how much/pound would you pay (in US$)
>5)  Would you buy different factions' FK chocolate?  If so, please
>    indicate what flavor or filling would be most appropriate for
>    each group (i.e. what filling for cousins, perkolators, etc.)
>6)  Have you found Fred's CD in local music stores?  Have you asked
>    for it by name?  What stores/what cities?  Will they get it
>    for you? No, I got it direct
>7)  What else can we market?
>8)  How old are you?  What gender?  What profession (general)?
29, Female, Graduate Student in Archaeology/Archaebotany
>9)  In what city/state/country do you live?  Carbondale, Il
>10) Do you belive in purchasing by way of credit cards? Yes
>11) Do you order items through the mail?  Internet?  Mail, yes; Internet,
>not yet
>12) Pls indicate name/alias/email preference for tabulation only.
Laura Ruggiero (larug@s.......)
Date:         Fri, 21 Jun 1996 22:48:13 -0400
From:         Jill Gillham <jilkey@g.......>
Subject:      Horses (not Nick)

I was just about to go no mail for my wedding when I saw this and had to

Results: Suffolk County Stakes (1st Division)

1. Vashon
2. Fleur de Nuit
3. Preachersnightmare

Take about a heck of a hunch trifecta!

FK- it's everywhere and you don't even know it.

Jill Marie
jilkey@g....... jilkey@u.......
"I don't require that my patrons be human, just that they be polite"-Mike
Date:         Fri, 21 Jun 1996 21:58:53 -0500
From:         Carrie Krumtum <carriek@e.......>
Subject:      Re: Ger and a new series

Lynn Messing wrote:

> > There. I'd call it....Well, I haven't a klew what I'd call it. It sounds
> > good to me anyway.
> Isn't the title of that obvious? Why...It would be *Ger*ry Mason!
> <ducks and runs>

ROTFLOL! That is just too perfect. Now if I could just talk Fred into
scoring it ( I hate the Perry Mason theme ) we'd be all set.
Carrie, Proud Knightie
The Nurse is a hampster
I finally had some sense knocked into me
and I have the bump to prove it!
Date:         Fri, 21 Jun 1996 19:56:31 -0700
From:         Valery King <kingv@u.......>
Subject:      Re: *Blackwing, etc.*

On Fri, 21 Jun 1996, Judith Freudenthal wrote:

> Ger doesn't have to take his clothes off to do a steamy scene.  Look at the
> two N&N scenes in Night in Question.  I thought they were 2 of the steamiest
> scenes I have seen.
> Ger could give lessons to other actors, writers, directors, etc.

Where do I sign up? :)

Date:         Fri, 21 Jun 1996 23:09:37 -0700
From:         patti <patti@l.......>
Subject:      Re: Horses (not Nick)

Congratulations on your wedding!!!
 It must be NICE, to have a REAL life!!.....

Date:         Sat, 22 Jun 1996 03:29:20 GMT
From:         Karen Parker <horcgal@u.......>
Subject:      Re: Nick and Horses

Well, I don't train wild mustangs like someone said, actually they are
Paint show horses. Youngsters can get a bit rambunctious at times, other
horses might spook, and there are a few that are just plain mean....they
usually don't last long. But a horse will run over another living thing,
sometimes they even aim....Ihave the x-rays to prove it and have been to
funerals from these screws too.

To get at least a little bit back on FK track:

Some horses spook up bad at the smell of blood, particularly studs. Mind
you, not ALL horses will react to the smell of blood, some won't react at
all. But there are a few that will either show stallion like behavior (like
"some" studs around a menstruating woman) squeeling, prancing, getting
excited, etc. Others will just spook at the smell of blood. (i.e.
hanging/cleaning deer too near barn) They will snort, get all wild eyed,
bolt if not stalled or tied, etc.
Maybe that is what happened to the horses on the show. They smelled blood
on Nick, maybe on his breath or something. Doesnt mean that BOTH horses
spooked, couldve just been the one that reared up at them. When that horse
bolted the other poor guy was tied in harness next to him so he had to run
too when his buddy took off.
Well, that's a theory anyway.....
gonna go now before I start rambling....
Date:         Fri, 21 Jun 1996 20:47:36 -0700
From:         Jerimi Paul <paul9454@u.......>
Subject:      Re: In need of assistance..........Please.

I gleefully sent this!  (Gee, this is fun!)

Rampant Vaquero ~Vet student in the T.V. series "Real Life"
Keeper of the deranged hamster.  No!  I didn't say that! Back! AAAHHH!
Soon to be mother of a hopefully kinder, gentler rodent- a rat.  ;)
Date:         Fri, 21 Jun 1996 20:51:25 -0700
From:         Antonia Spadafina <asginger@i.......>
Subject:      YKYBWTMFK.&tc..

Hey hey all :>

    Two quickies...
    1) YKYBWTMFKW...a category on Jeopardy makes you LOL - the category:  The
Body Bovine.  I couldn't help myself.
    2) I recently received a book entitled _The World on Blood_.  I think
 someone had mentioned this book on the list a while back.  Well, anyway, it's
 about this vampire named Nick who runs VA (Very or Vampires Anonymous) - a
 twelve step program for giving up the red.  In a paragraph on p.5, there's a
 reference to our favorite blood source:
        'In what Whistler hoped was a stab at humor, Selene had left his
half-pint in a creamer shaped like a cow...'

    Worth reading just to see how much this author stole from FtB - and the
laugh uotient.  I've never heard of Jonathan Nasaw.  Wonder if he's an FK fan.

*Toni S.  /  asginger@i.......  _OR_   antonia_spadafina@s....... *
*new Vaquera, old Knightie from NYC                                   *
*DUM SPIRO SPERO!!                                                    *
Date:         Sat, 22 Jun 1996 00:41:07 -0400
From:         Cynthia R Ratajczak <crr2@a.......>
Subject:      Re: In need of assistance..........Please.

Help!   Can someone please send me the same information about going

Date:         Fri, 21 Jun 1996 23:47:49 -0500
From:         michael wayne jackson <mjay@n.......>
Subject:      Re: In need of assistance..........Please.

>Help!   Can someone please send me the same information about going

I sent her this.

michael wayne jackson -- mjay@n.......
Date:         Sat, 22 Jun 1996 01:05:15 -0400
From:         Melissa Puzio <miss68@p.......>

You know you've been watching way, way, way, way too much fk when:

I'm doing my daily walk around the neighborhood (for exercise, I'm not a
mailcarrier) and I'm tuned into my walkman, listening to WRRK, and I'm
singing along to "Bad Case of Loving you." (Robert Palmer version, btw)
There's this line, "Feel like Annette" (Funicello and those beach movies)
and I proudly say, I feel more like Janette!  And if you've seen my pic in
the scrapbook, that's definately true.  No beach and tan for Cousin Mel!

I see two shirts for sale, one label actually says, Nicola!  The other, I
think says, Inca wear.  But, unfortunately, it said insync.  oops!  But let
me know when Nick and the Inca start a clothing design business.

And if I see Dennis Rodman's skinny butt one more time in a thong, I'm gonna
scream!!! Auuuughhh!!!! Uncle, show him the proper way of wearing it.

I'm mad, I tell you!!

Cousin Mel
*NatVampCamp*Valentine*Chiante Drinking Member of the Thong Throng*
*High Priestess of Jagrism at Temple Nedved*
miss68@p......., Penchk68@a......., or CousinMel@p.......
Date:         Sat, 22 Jun 1996 01:03:40 -0400
From:         Will Steeves <goid@i.......>
Subject:      Re: Ex-Post Shrewthering Post and acting

Wow, I've been compared with Ger!  Where can I go from here, good grief?  :-)

Lynn Messing <messing@a.......> writes:
>Will Steeves wrote a complete and unabridged "Thank you for the
>Shrewthering". I'd like to second his "Thanks" to all who made the
>Shrewthering such a phenomenal experience...And to include Will in my "Thank


>...If anyone ever doubted there could be anyone else in the world with the
>energy and enthusiasm of Ger, they need only meet Will to have their doubts

Oh my!  Now, that is *definitely* quite a complimentary comparison!!!
(...said while blushing, and as I switch on my CD player to listen to "Touch
the Night" :-) )

>The tour he gave proved to be most enjoyable, as well. (And yes, there were
>plenty of opportunities to try out the phrase "eating a yellow light" <g>

Oh my, surely you must be kidding!  :-)   :-)

("Stop calling me Shirley!")

>... Though that phrase isn't a Philadelpianism; I first learned it when
>visiting a friend in Florida...)

Oh my!  It _actually_ comes from Florida?!?

Wow, this conspiracy goes deeper than I thought!  ("The tooth is down there

The strange this is, though, whenever I "eat a yellow light" nowadays,  I
really DO say "chomp, chomp" and quickly close and open my hand as if to
symbolise eating.  :-)  :-)  Weird!

Talk about obsessive compulsive habits, hmmmm!!

Still...I have to learn the Cousins' Mantra ... "It's not my fault, it's
Nick's.  It's not my fault, it's Nick's"...or even simpler, "Nick is a brick,
Nick is a brick, Nick is a brick, Nick is a brick".

(...replaying "Touch the Night"...)

>Just to set the record straight...The Mary Celeste in question wasn't my car;
>it was Bea Quindlen's.

Oh!  I am now appropriately chastised!

>(Anyone interested in the misadventures our carpool had in getting to Toronto
>should check out Allison Percy's Shrewthering web page.)

Anyone who hasn't read it yet, should read it WITHOUT DELAY!

It makes my misadventures with my now-dearly departed Subversive, Black Buick
Century, seem like child's play in comparison!  :-)  (of course, THAT thing
almost EXPLODED as one of the engine's pistons blew a hole right through the
rest of the engine!)

"Perky" Cousin Will aka "Grandfather"

Will Steeves, B.Sc. (Toronto, 1991), goid@i....... - "Neil Hull is GOiD"
Publisher & Managing Editor, The New Edition (U of T); Nu '96, Psi Upsilon
Ontario Area Coordinator, FREE (http://www.vix.com/free)

If possession is 9/10 of the law, what's the other 1/10? - Steeves' Laws Vol. I
Date:         Fri, 21 Jun 1996 21:33:24 -0700
From:         "N. Engle" <nengle@c.......>
Subject:      Re: In need of assistance..........Please.

I'd like to know too.  Naomi

On Sat, 22 Jun 1996, Cynthia R Ratajczak wrote:

> Help!   Can someone please send me the same information about going
> nomail?
> Thanks!
> Cynthia
> crr2@a.......
Date:         Sat, 22 Jun 1996 01:26:06 EDT
From:         Kenneth Dare <102226.1213@c.......>
Subject:      Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hay All,

Thank you all who have sent me the info for nomailing.  Wow, I think that I must
have been the only person that didn't know how to that, because all of you seem
to know how to do this. <G>  Well Thank to you all, I'll be back in two weeks
when I get back from the GWD week end.  Til then, bye.

Date:         Sat, 22 Jun 1996 00:33:19 -0500
From:         Erin Friedman <efriedm1@m.......>
Subject:      Re: Help with a prank... please

>And by the way... if anyone knows the address to get on the Highlander
>list, it would be much appreciated.
I sent her this.
Erin Friedman
Nick & Nat Packer home page- http:home.sprynet.com/sprynet/soulseek
" In Love and Faith, There is Forever"
Save FK- http://members.aol.com/CuznJamiMR
Date:         Fri, 21 Jun 1996 22:41:25 -0700
From:         Dvixen Vidi Vici <dvixen@w.......>
Subject:      Missing Parts of Fiction....

Number one!
        Going through my mail box, I appear to be missing part 33 of Cats
Eyes (by Henry ??) and part 7 of Breaking Dawn (by?? ah my aching brain.).
Did I bugger up and delete them, or did they not drop to the subscribers?
(and in either case, could someone send me them?  --ever so grateful)

Number two!
        I got my FK CD yesterday!!!  I like it.  Esp the quotes by Lacroix.
the mailer insert I got from GNP said there is a show tunes CD coming
out, and there will be a selection (or more, I pray) from FK.  Kewlness.

Number three!  (a bit off topic...  reply privately please)
        How do I say vampire in Gaelic?  Scottish Gaelic, not Irish.
Manx would be ideal, but since it is officially extinct, I am not holding
my breath.  i am mortal, after all.  or, if there is no word for vampire,
is there related fiction in Celtic/Welsh/Gaelic/Pictish... mythology?

Tapadh Leat!  (Thanks!)

-Dvixen, who cannot type this night, due to film cuts (from 35mm film,
like paper cuts, but cleaner and harder to heal!) on the inner side of the
base of three of my fingers.

I really hate it when cameras get hungry and chew the film edges to s*it.

AJ Schaafsma                            Dvixen@w.......

Version 3.1
GSS d- s+:- a-- C++ UL W+ N++ w+(-) PS+ t+(--) 5++ FK++++ X++ b+++ G e+ r%
Date:         Fri, 21 Jun 1996 22:48:20 -0700
From:         Fundenberger <fundy@t.......>
Subject:      Re: A question of holy symbols

        My personal view on the subject of which holy objects affect the
vampire is as follows.  I believe that any object that a person used as a
holy thing or symbol would be objectionable to a vampire.  Example: the
knife set in Blackwing.  I think that all religious things would hurt them,
not just ones from certain faiths.

Julie Fundenberger
Scrapper, Knightie, SKLer
I'm going to the Olympics.  Is any one else?
Date:         Sat, 22 Jun 1996 02:35:01 -0500
From:         Sandra Gray <TMP_HARKINS@d.......>
Subject:      *JOSTA (YKYB...?)*

I have an interesting new drink to recommend to you folks,
if only for the FK allusions.  It's....JOSTA!  A new soft drink
hubby picked up at the store today.  I quote from the label:

"JOSTA with GUARANA & other natural flavors.  GUARANA grows DEEP
within the jungle.  For centuries, ancient tribes believed that
GUARANA released RAW, PRIMAL POWER.  Now the legend of GUARANA has
been captured in the potent flavor of JOSTA.  UNLEASH IT."
(All capitalization on label.)

The pop is a *deep* *blood* red and has a fruity taste (UF?).  But I
died laughing when Bruce read on the bottle, "Devour by (yes, that's
what it says...DEVOUR :) ): Sep1696.  MMMMMMmmmmmmm....  Can this
be a product of LC's plantations? ;)  There's a black panther on
the label so maybe Janette's gone into a new line?  Of course, I
know they mean Sept. 16 '96 as the "Devour by" date, but it don't
have that little ' in between the 6 and the 9.

So, anybody for some RAW, PRIMAL POWER? ;)

Sandra, forever Knightie
Date:         Sat, 22 Jun 1996 03:09:09 -0400
From:         Felicia Bollin <AriCon@a.......>
Subject:      Re: The Fix and mortality (was: Spolers: Blackwing)

Mei-Wa Kwong writes, quoting Jane Credland:

>>But if Nick really had more than just gratefulness on his mind, wouldn't
>>he have kissed her on the lips, rather than the cheek? I kiss my lover on
>>the lips, my friends on the cheek.

>She wasn't his lover just yet, remember? Perhaps he didn't want to take
>liberties with her just then. Remember the age he comes from.

I think I'm lost :) .  You've already stated that you, as an N&Ner, believe
Nat is meant to be Nick's lover.... but he isn't allowed to kiss her in this
scene in "the Fix" in order to attempt to clue her in to his alleged amorous
intentions, because it would be trespassing on Nick's own particular code of
chivalry?  So how, according to the rules of this peculiar mating dance <G>,
is she supposed to _get_ to be his lover in the near or far future?  Somebody
toss me a life raft, I'm getting myself all snarled up thinking ;)

If this is part of the "Nick is feeling more than gratitude towards Nat"
argument:  then how would one explain that Nick's courtly, old-world manners
didn't at any point stop him from jumping into the spirit plane, so to speak,
with Marian Blackwing (this thread started with her, I think, once upon a
time, yes? <G>) barely 24 hours after he'd first met her?  "Taking
liberties"? "The age he comes from"?  IMO, Nick is a veritable Casanova.  Who
here would characterize Nick as _shy_ when it comes to the issue of getting
some?  What about the anonymous female vamp whose neck Nick nearly tore out
in the Raven back room in "Feeding the Beast", minutes after having met her?
 I don't think of Nick as particularly the holding-back type.  When at the
same time, Nick had known Nat at this time for about three years' JP time, to
boot?  He's on more "comfortable" terms with the two aforementioned
near-stranger females, it seems to me.

Now of course, someone is going to say in response to this, "But Nick really
*loves* Nat, while all those other women are to him are just cures, sex,
fellow vampires who understand, and/or bloodletting".  But *that* just brings
us back full circle to the original argument, and doesn't prove anything.

And we'll all get really really tired out.  And my head will hurt }:-(

Felicia Bollin
Ravenette*Immortal Beloved*MBDtK
Date:         Sat, 22 Jun 1996 04:42:19 -0500
From:         MS LYNNE R ACKERMAN <GNBV32C@p.......>
Subject:      FK actors in other things

Yes, Greg Kramer is in the pizza ad.  He plays a biker gang member.
The ad is to let people know about the new stuffed crust pizza, and
when the delivery man brings the pizza to the gang's clubhouse, they
make him taste it to demonstrate what the stuffed crust is like.  I
don't think Greg has any lines per se (or maybe one at the most), but
he's instantly recognizable.

Gary Farmer has a new movie out, it's called "Dead Man", and it also
stars Johnny Depp, Lance Henriksen, Michael Wincott, Crispin Glover,
Iggy Pop, Gabriel Byrne, John Hurt, Alfred Molina and Robert Mitchum.
The writer and director is Jim Jarmusch.  Music by Neil Young.  The
movie got pretty good reviews, and Gary Farmer gets second billing!

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