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Digest - 8 Nov 2007 to 9 Nov 2007 (#2007-112)

Fri, 9 Nov 2007

There are 4 messages totalling 175 lines in this issue.

Topics of the day:

  1. FORKNI-L Digest - 7 Nov 2007 to 8 Nov 2007 (#2007-111)
  2. LaCroix's  Favorite
  3. Admin: Thanks [Also Was: "List Home"]
  4. LaCroix's Favrorite


Date:    Thu, 8 Nov 2007 18:51:49 -0500
From:    Ramona Jackson <lexyladyjax@g.......>
Subject: Re: FORKNI-L Digest - 7 Nov 2007 to 8 Nov 2007 (#2007-111)

 There are 5 messages totalling 205 lines in this issue.
> Topics of the day:
>  3. The Return of the *DEAD* Vamps
>  4. LaCroix's  Favorite
> > Or, Nick could have dreamed the whole thing . . . .
> And awakened one morning to find LaCroix in his
> shower?
> ;-)
> Laurie of the Isles

Now there's true horror!  Dallas come again!


> So, I was watching Ashes to Ashes this morning and had some thoughts ...
> everyone says that Nick is Lacroix's favorite; but why is that?? .....?
> Comments?
> Cousin Parker

> Perhaps what LaCroix was really attracted to was the Opposite of Nick's
> goodness to his personal evil, and the delight of bringing him across to the
> dark side of evil.  However, like that stubborn stain that keeps coming
> back, or that little lick of hair I have that won't stay in my braid and
> keeps escaping from it, Nick didn't remain evil.  His true nature of
> goodness keeps coming to the fore, and this just drives LaCroix crazy.  Thus
> we have the setup of the drama and the struggle between them.  As Nigel once
> said in an interview, 'the three of them (LC, Nick, and Jeanette) had been
> vaguely unhappy in the way that families are for hundreds of years.'

   They're opposite sides of the same coin.  Yin and Yang.  Mutt and Jeff.
Hope and Crosby.  Abbot and Costello.  ;-p


>     It's not so much that Nick is LaCroix's favorite as it is that LaCroix
> has a vested invested in keeping Nick under his thumb.
>     Walt Doherty
>     Phoenix, AZ
      LaCroix is the biggest control freak on the planet.  He's an
overcontrolling former Roman general from an especially nasty time in
history when parents were able to order their children to commit suicide, or
even kill them if they liked.  He considers himself to be Nick's father,
therefore he gets to run Nick's life....  into the the ground.



Date:    Thu, 8 Nov 2007 19:21:04 -0500
From:    Deborah Clarke <deb121clarke@r.......>
Subject: Re: LaCroix's  Favorite

on 11/8/07 3:17 PM, Walt at wdoherty5@COX.NET wrote:

> Cousin Parker                                . . . was watching Ashes to
> Ashes . . .
> I was thinking about how everyone says that Nick is Lacroix's favorite; but
> why is that??
> Lacroix . . . creates a son who is the complete opposite of his daughter
> . . .

Didn't LaCroix talk to Natalie about opposites fusing together like two
sides of a coin?   I always wondered if he was thinking  of himself and Nick
when he said this.

It was Divia that said that Nick was LaCroix's favourite   when she came to
tell him that she had killed Nick.



Date:    Thu, 8 Nov 2007 18:03:32 -0800
From:    Billie Williams <mccelt2003@s.......>
Subject: Admin: Thanks [Also Was: "List Home"]

OK, LOL, I'm an idiot, I just sent this to the wrong place ::::waves!!::::::
 (blush) Shall I try again; shows you how long since I posted, gosh!

McLisa said: <<I'm sure I speak for Don and Jean when I say thank you for the
 compliments on our listowning.  Take a bow yourselves, Forkni-lers -- you're
 respectful and tolerant and kind to each other, and that's why the list is like

Evening All, (Brief "delurk" here, while my computer and browser will let me do

I never took the opportunity to weigh in on Laurie of the Isles :::waves!:::
 original thread (List Home); I don't want to do just a "me too." I have been on
 this list for a number of years, mostly I lurk nowadays, for a variety of
 reasons. I have make some truly Life Long Friends I cannot imagine not having in my
 life, *ever,* and it is indeed because of this List, AND the way is is run, as a
 family.  I have also been helped through many, many a hard time by this Lists
 and some of its offshoots, again, because the Listowners make us a Family.
  What McLisa said up there is because of us, partly, sure, but, because of them
 (Listmums and Dads), as well--of this I have no doubt at all!!

I am on some other lists, where there are similar rules, but they are either
 not enforced, or, well, I believe Laurie covered all that.  I am on some that
 *are* handled well; but none as well as here--not even CLOSE.

So, I am very late in saying this, but I also thank McLisa, Don and Jean for
 creating as well as keeping *going* this safe haven for us all.  Bless __You__

And, since McL <g> is saying "Thank You," well, I sure haven't done the least
 bit anything special lately, but you are welcome, by all means <vbg!!>  :-)
  Returning you to regular lurking mode :)

Forever Yours,


Date:    Thu, 8 Nov 2007 18:24:04 -0800
From:    Billie Williams <mccelt2003@s.......>
Subject: Re: LaCroix's Favrorite

Ramona Wrote:

<<There are 5 messages totaling 205 lines in this issue.>>

Wow, that's a lot of lines and many messages; hmmmm, guess it was a *digest
 post* (I changed the topic line).

<<Topics of the day:   3. The Return of the *DEAD* Vamps  4. LaCroix's

I have always felt that Nick was Uncle's Favorite myself; though I could not
 begin to theorize why....

Then Laurie said (within this response):

<<Or, Nick could have dreamed the whole thing . . . .And awakened one morning
 to find LaCroix in his
shower?  ;-)  Laurie of the Isles>>

OHHHHH Good Gracious! LOL; that's a good one, Laurie!

To which Ramona Replied:

<<Now there's true horror!  Dallas come again!>>  Nice one, Ramona :)

Ramona, I mean utterly no disrespect whatsoever, please believe me.  I don't
 normally even **open** Digest responses, because I've no idea what I'm going to
 be reading, or what's inside.  You and one other person (sorry, I forget who;
 brain is foggy by this time of day--Cousin--something, another very good post
 indeed!!) posted some REALLY fun and interesting ones today.  I happened to read
 them, because there have been a lot more of them in recent weeks; though it does
 appear to have slowed down (thank you!).  I have absolutely ZERO Admin.
 authority; I am only asking for my own sake.

My point is, it would be an awful shame if they ended up in the "bin" because
 the topic wasn't changed so that I know what I am looking at.  It would really
 help me out if you could do that--then I won't be deleting them when I'd like to
 be reading them.

Also a **huge** welcome to all new folks :-D  :::::::::::Waves at Everyone; it
 is fun to have new input and ideas; thank you all!:::::::::::

Thanks so much!

Forever Yours,
Now Truly Back to Lurking <g>,


End of FORKNI-L Digest - 8 Nov 2007 to 9 Nov 2007 (#2007-112)

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